Tuesday, May 31, 2016


For what it’s worth, recent events suggest that the next POTUS will likely be Joe Biden.

On the Democrat side, evidence continues to amass that between the email scandal, irregularities in the Clinton Foundation and the soon to be released conclusions of the Benghazi investigation, the POTUS can’t afford to keep supporting Bill Clinton’s wife. Because, if he does, dissatisfied voters jeopardize the continuation of his “legacy,” whatever that may be.

As far as Sanders is concerned, he’s now made enough noise to gain some leverage in the party’s platform, but his chances of being actually being elected are probably near zero.

In the Republican’s case, although they seem to be on track to coalesce behind Trump, key figures such as Bill Kristol are intent on preventing cohesion. Talk of a third party has begun, which would undo the Republicans altogether. And, in any case, it would absolutely insure the impossibility of a win.

Along the same lines, a growing number of senior GOP figures, including former presidents, governors and senators are vowing to skip the upcoming convention in Cleveland. Among the notables, former Presidents George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush have said they will not attend. So have John McCain, Mitt Romney and Jeb Bush. All of which weakens the party further.

In the meanwhile, for whatever reason, the POTUS’s approval rating is slowly increasing, recently rising above 50%. And whereas an incumbent president has significant impact on voter’s decision-making, for the reasons stated above, by bringing Biden in as a last minute party savior, it almost virtually guarantees an election win for Obama’s current vice president.    

As far as the POTUS is concerned, a friend sent this today: