Tuesday, May 26, 2020


Just a quick one today, to put it on the record.

A glance at the Dow futures this morning at 7:15 AM shows a projected opening of 500 points or so on the plus side to roughly 25,000, give or take.

Back on February 19, 2020 a record high was reached at 29,551.42. Thirty days later, in reaction to the Corona 19 debacle, on March 19th, the Dow hit a record low of 19,898.92, a drop of 9653 points.

Today’s “futures” expectations mean that as of this morning, 5102 points have been already regained, almost 53% of the loss, with most pundits predicting a significant rebound yet to come predicated on pent up demand. Therefore, calendar-wise, the Dow should be back at record highs somewhere around July, two months before the presidential race campaigning heats up in September. That timetable suggests an incredibly huge landslide in the reelection of Donald Trump.

What that indicates to this observer is that with last weeks “you ain’t black” gaffe, added to what already amounted to a continuum of world class senility, the left can’t possibly stay with Biden as their candidate (if they truly want to win.)

And what that means is, the drafting of a reluctant (yeah right) Michelle O. She’s the only real hope in the pile of intellectual vapidity that still remains. (I was going to write that she’s the only real leftist hope that the left has left, but you can see how confusing that would have been.)

Anyhow, as stated up top, just wanted to put it on the record.

That’s it for today folks.