Thursday, September 30, 2010

BloggeRhythms 9/30/2010

A problem for "experts" who have no expertise is that they get involved in things they know less than nothing about. A good example is the latest backfire in the unthought out Congressional overhaul of healthcare.

It seems McDonald's Corp. has notified federal regulators its employee's health insurance plan isn't compatible with a new requirement of the new law. As a result, nearly 30,000 hourly restaurant workers will likely see their benefits cut in half. The reason is a requirement for "mini-med" plans that offer limited benefits to some 1.4 million Americans all told.

What these plans do is require that at least 80 to 85 percent of premium revenue be spent on medical care. That was done to prevent executors and managers from taking too much revenue out of the plans for themselves. However, since McDonald's, and other operations like them, have so much employee turnover and huge numbers of minor claims the administrative costs are immense.

Consequently, since these employers can't cover their costs due to the cap on management revenue, they're going to halve the benefit's instead. Right now, a single worker can pay $14 a week for a plan that caps annual benefits at $2,000, or about $32 a week to get coverage up to $10,000 a year. So, in one fell swoop, the government screwed 1.4 million citizens out of half of their health care coverage. What a country!

Aside from that, I think there's a possibility I'm finally losing my mind. Because just this week I wrote an entry about how I thought the Democrats were scheming to vote for extension of tax cuts before the election break, to show their constituents how sympathetic they are to their plights, while they knew full well the Senate would later do the reverse. And, who was in front, leading the charge for extensions in the House? None other than Nancy Pelosi.

Then this morning I read that "Speaker Pelosi did renew her pledge that the House would extend the middle class tax cuts. It remains to be seen if Democratic revolts on both sides of the Capitol throw yet another wrench into those plans resulting in another "do almost nothing" work period." the same article I also read that "In the House, Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif, was forced to cast a rare vote when 39 of her Democrats revolted and joined Republicans on a measure that would have forced a vote on the tax issue."

So, in the same Congress, on the same day, and even in the same article in a publication, Ms Pelosi vowed to insure that the House would vote for the extension of tax cuts, and then went and cast a rare vote herself to insure that they wouldn't happen.

Therefore, if there's no blog entry here tomorrow, or perhaps evermore, it's because I'm checking myself into an institution for the terminally confused and plan to stay there for the duration.

That's it for today folks.


Wednesday, September 29, 2010

BloggeRhythms 9/29/2010

Either I'm too dense to understand what's really going on currently in the Democrat's campaigns for re-election, or the president's trying to insure that his party loses every major congressional seat up for grabs in November. Because it seems that every Dem candidate with an ounce of sense is avoiding him like some kind of plague, yet he insists on showing up to make speeches on their behalf's, and costing them more and more votes every time he opens his yap.

He's appeared in a slew of interviews and campaign stops, trying to fire Dems up to vote and avoid what looks likely to be a Republican takeover in the House of Representatives, maybe even the Senate. However, the smart candidates understand that the economy's recovering at a snail's pace and unemployment's still near 10 percent and don't want to be seen anywhere near him at all.

The topper is the president's claiming deep frustration that he and Democrats are getting little credit for moving through reforms of health care, financial regulation and a financial stimulus package that prevented, most economists think, the economy from plunging even further.

But on the other hand, the candidates are out in the field actually talking to their constituents for once, and hearing that not a single issue they've jammed into law is thought to be any good for anyone except for economists who wouldn't recognize the real world if it had a neon sign on it a thousand feet tall.

So here we have this catch-22, or 44, 66, 88 or whatever, where the guy who's caused all the problems feels he's losing his grip, and he's upset because his former cronies don't want to accompany him down the chute, they'd rather try to hold onto their proverbial "seats."

I guess in the end he'll wind up going back to his church in Chicago, after he himself is voted out two years from now. Except, they might not let him back in either because right now, it looks like he hasn't got any kind of a "prayer" at all.

That's it for today folks.


Tuesday, September 28, 2010

BloggeRhythms 9/28/2010

Yesterday I mentioned this new powerful computer code, Stuxnet, that's attacking industrial facilities around the world, mainly in Iran. And that according to Symantec Corp., it took a highly sophisticated group of very bright people to create and implement a computer virus of that magnitude.

Well, this morning I woke up at about 4AM, because I'd just had a thought in my sleep. Considering the fact that it took some kind of real genius to infect Iran's computer systems from outside the country -in fact the virus could have come from anywhere in the world- and it's able to remotely disrupt and re-route very complex, well-secured hidden electronic programs and codes -if you were an Iranian scientist or technician...would you push the button to send a nuclear missile off?

So, maybe this is the ultimate retribution that heavenly Deity's have in mind for all those suicide bombers that have been dispatched around the world. Instead of some skirmishes, wars or many more years of bombastic diatribes and sanctions in the U.N., there'll just be these big puffs of smoke seen in the Middle-East when Iran pushes those launching buttons to test it's missiles and blows itself off the planet completely.

Then there's some likely good news for Republicans in November. Because it seems the president has taken his party to task, especially "progressives" whom he says are upset because they've not gotten everything they wanted passed and are reluctant to vote in the midterm election. He said, "The idea that we've got a lack of enthusiasm in the Democratic base, that people are sitting on their hands complaining is just irresponsible."

He thinks they're angry and applying their "trademark bitterness" toward the health care package because "it didn't have every bell and whistle that we wanted" like a government-run insurance option. But he urged them to "wake up," and recognize that he's signed on everything from health care to financial regulation to student loans and to consider that Republican leadership is "to the right" of former President George W. Bush.

So, the good news for Republicans is that he's likely missed the entire point once again. Because regardless of the left's desires to have everything handed to them and a completely free ride, I think that even they can see all the damage that's already been done to the U.S. financially, and if they want to have anything left at all, they've got to vote incumbent Democrats out. Consequently, I think in the end any wage earning Democrat with half-a-brain will absolutely vote in November -however I also think they'll all be pulling Republican levers.

That's it for today folks.


Monday, September 27, 2010

BloggeRhythms 9/27/2010

I didn't see too much of Gang Green last night because I fell asleep before the first quarter ended. But, I somehow awoke for the end of the game. And having watched them since their inception, I've got to say, if nothing else they're the most consistent team I've ever seen.

Because, no matter who they're playing or where, they never put games away early. It seems they always let their opponents have a chance to win at the end, regardless. And last night was no exception. Miami had plenty of time to come back and tie, or even win the game flat out, in regulation.

So maybe I proved a point to myself last night -that I really don't need to watch the first ninety-six percent of any Jet games in the future, just the last two minutes. Because that's what it always seems to come down to for that team. Which means that, maybe, they're in the wrong league. Perhaps they should just move their franchise over to the NBA, New York hasn't had a team for years and years.

Then there was this item in the news. There's a powerful computer code called Stuxnet attacking industrial facilities around the world, mainly in Iran. Top security analysts think it was probably created by experts working for a country or a well-funded private group.

The code was designed to go after several "high-value targets," according to Symantec Corp., but they and government experts say there's no proof it was developed to target nuclear plants in Iran, despite recent speculation from some researchers. Creation likely required a team of five to ten highly educated and well-funded hackers, but government experts and outside analysts say they haven't been able to determine who developed it or why.

Now, let's all sit back a minute and think. What do we know so far? Let's see. Well, we know the code attacks industrial facilities, such as those that manufacture missles and rockets. We also know that it took a few brilliant people to create and implement the code. Beyond that, most of the targets have been in Iran. Lastly, there's not a trace of who could possibly be behind the scheme, but it cost megabucks to fund.

So, let's do some theorizing and see if we can figure this out. First, who'd benefit most from this plan? Probably some nation that senses some kind of threat from the Iranians. I guess that leaves out Kenya and Sri Lanka. How about Luxembourg? So, one by one we can around the globe and try to guess who it might be. But, we'll never find the answer. Because I think Israelis are a lot like our president. When it comes to their own survival, they'll never disclose where anything or anyone was really born.

That's it for today folks.


Sunday, September 26, 2010

BloggeRhythms 9/26/2010

Quick entry because I spent most of today the time reading a great book, 61 Hours by Lee Child. Gang Green doesn't suit up till tonight.

But I did notice that Barney Frank in Massachusetts is "campaigning" which he hasn't the felt the need to do in quite a long time. It's because he's not doing so hot against a newcomer, Republican Sean Bielat, a former Marine and businessman. Now, that in itself may not be so odd, but apparently Bill Clinton's been asked to help, and that's what got me to thinking.

My thoughts aren't so much about Frank because his track record speaks for itself and if people don't know who and what he is by now, they must live in some kind of vacuum sealed pouch, because he gets always gets huge press. So, what I'm wondering about is why would he ask Bill Clinton for help. Because Frank's problems are all about ethics, or rather their lack. So why go to a world renown known liar and cheat for endorsement? It's like John Dillinger saying "I didn't rob that bank. Just ask Willy Sutton...he'll vouch for me."

In Clinton's case, two charges against him passed in the House, one for perjury the other for obstruction of justice. In January 2001 Clinton reached an agreement under which he was ordered to pay $25,000 in fines to Arkansas state's bar officials and his Arkansas law license was suspended for five years. Then he was suspended by the Supreme Court in October 2001, and, facing disbarment from that court he resigned from the Supreme Court bar in November.

So, in keeping with my theme of late, I have to keep thinking that folks today are too well-informed and aware. And I think that means that a guy who's in trouble with his constituents because of his actions and arrogance can no longer make a speech belying what everyone's seen live and in color. And, while I'm surprised to see someone like Frank in trouble, because I thought he was a permanent fixture, maybe this time around the voters will be gay, and not just the former incumbent.

That's it for today folks.


Saturday, September 25, 2010

BloggeRhythms 9/25/2010

In some ways you have to believe that politicians are sometimes capable of intellectualizing or thought. And that's especially true when they think their publicly paid for gravy train is about to wreck.

Her Dumbness (well, it should be her title) Nancy Pelosi announced that the House will likely vote on the tax bill issues before the November elections. That's a change in plan from waiting until after the elections are over.

Now, that can only mean one thing coming from a Democrat "leader." Since, everyone in the country knows that it's the Democrat credo to tax and spend irrationally, regardless, why would they want the public to hear about higher taxes right before pulling election levers?

The answer is obvious. What Her Dumbness has worked out is that the House will vote for lower taxes, additional breaks and retention of the Bush tax relief plan. That way, the electorate will feel much better about the Dem's and they'll recover all kinds of presently lost votes. Then, after the election, the Dem senators will vote as usual, thereby neutralizing the vote in the House. And, of course, the president will happily go along with any plan that increases taxes, or, veto any bill that wont.

So this is another case where the Dem's have come up with a plan that fits their operating style. It's equivalent to the salesman hawking "low-price" top-line men's-wear who went in back to tell his tailor, "Turn on the blue light Cecil, the man wants a blue suit."

But, as I wrote yesterday, this time around I'm not so sure the public will buy it, because huge access to immediate information has made them too aware of how politicians lie, cheat and steal.

But, what would be most amusing is that when Congress turns over in November and the new Republican arrivals show up in DC, they find that, of all people, Nancy Pelosi had already done the heavy lifting on the tax cuts issues for them.

That's it for today folks.


Friday, September 24, 2010

BloggeRhythms 9/24/2010

Yesterday's entry began running long, so I left a few blogworthy items out regarding the Republican's new "Pledge to America"promise.

After they listed the new planks in their platform (still appropriately surrounded in a lumber yard by other types of planks for platforms that really have some value) Bill Hemmer of Fox News made an interesting comment to Chris Wallace. After saying something about the platform itself, he went on to mention that what seemed different about the promises that had just been made was, if they're not delivered on, the promiser's would quickly be voted out next time around.

Hemmer's comment struck me because I completely agree, and have written about the premise often before. A dramatic change has taken place nationwide because of the public's instantaneous access to information, which seems to have completely been missed by the clowns that populate DC, regardless of party. Because, today folks simply have to log on to the Internet or find an alternative source of news, likely talk radio or cable TV, and they simultaneously know exactly the same stuff as the poltico's. And that immediate public access to information has huge impact and implications.

That's why I wonder sometimes about how the president can deliver some of his endless gobbledygook with a straight face. Because while he's parading around with that microphone he's had surgically attached to his palm, telling captive audiences how his bailouts have spurred the economy, watching at home you can see the stock tickers in the corner of the screen simultaneously dropping like rocks tossed off high-rise buildings. It's almost the same as Saddam's minister of news telling you on CNN how badly the US infidel invaders were doing, while our Marines were hauling the guy out of the building to jail, live and in color.

Moving on with some of the things promised by Republicans, another key item I left out from yesterday's "Pledge" was immediate action to seal the borders. Now, that one alone has to be worth thousands upon thousands of votes, because whether they live in vulnerable states or not, folks who were born here, and lived all their lives by the rules have to resent Harry Reid's idea of funding long-term illegal's way to school. Of course, that's after paying for their birth, medical care and welfare simply to buy their parents illegal votes. As I sit here and type the words, I've got to conclude that Harry Reid's insane, suicidal, or on some kind of mind-altering drugs.

Then there was House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's response to the Republican's pledge. She's the one who thought the new health care law was a wonderful bill, regardless of admitting she'd never read it nor planned to. Ms Pelosi didn't have much to say about the pledge itself, preferring to promise raises to social security funding in the future.

But the best news of all is what Bill Hemmer pointed out in the beginning. Even the dimmest-witted politician (boy, wouldn't that be a contest) has now got to see that their world has changed and for the first time, they've got to measure up or get out. And the truth is, they can't measure up at all. That means every politico's on a short fuse. So, as far as the population's concerned, it's now likely that every two years will see huge turnover and a new bunch of schlemiels in office. Therefore, if they keep cancelling each other's legislation...we'll all probably make out just fine.

That's it for today folks.


Thursday, September 23, 2010

BloggeRhythms 9/23/2010

The Republicans introduced their "Pledge to America" today, which contains the basic agenda they plan to pursue in Congress. However, what I thought was more interesting than the pledge itself, was the site where they chose to meet.

The location was a lumber yard in Virginia, wherein they'd set up a stage for the fifteen or so presenters in front of several rows of chairs for the press. And the first thought I had was how appropriate that was, because it's likely they all felt subliminally comfortable amid all those stacks of other dead wood.

As far as their agenda went, it was pretty much the same old conservative, same old, except if they can really deliver on it, it might do the country some good.

House Minority Leader John Boehner, said they're calling for reining in federal spending, permanently extending all Bush-era tax cuts, and repealing Obama's health care law. There was one interesting addition, I thought. They want to prevent tagging riders onto any bills, by examining the constitutionality of every item individually. That way, they say, many parts of the health care law, for example, never would have passed in the first place because they're unlawful. Such as requiring people to purchase particular insurance.

They also want to reform tort laws which is something that's been needed forever. Because ambulance chasing lawyers, who now merrily troll for suckers unimpeded in TV ads, alone add billions to health care costs and every other kind of real or perceived damage they can dream up.

A good start would be to lock up all those low-life dirtbag mouthpieces. The problem is that about 98% of politicians are lawyers, and about 75% of them rely on lawyers to keep them out of Leavenworth, debtor's prison or family court and practically all of them are on the take regarding campaign contributions from the legal "profession." So, I wouldn't start holding my breath on reform of any kind.

While all this was going on the president made a speech at the U.N. in New York. And that got me to thinking, because I began to realize that that's all this guy really does. He speaks. It seems that he's got a microphone in his hand about twenty hours a day, and he's always parading up and down, yammering about something or other. In fact, I'm almost curious enough to turn my TV sound on, because, what on Earth could cause somebody to produce about two hundred tons of hot air on a daily basis?

But, don't worry folks. My records intact. Obama's been around for a few years now, and I've still never heard his voice. And, aside from that, if I really cared and wanted to know what the president was talking about, I'd listen to George Soros..the guy who actually puts the words in the president's mouth.

That's it for today folks.


Wednesday, September 22, 2010

BloggeRhythms 9/22/2010

I have to admit that I don't always do lot's of "homework" regarding public figures, I prefer to look at results. So sometimes I'm totally unaware of where folks come from, resume-wise or historically speaking. That's why today, as I glanced through the news, an item hit me right between the eyes and a blazing light of understanding flashed on.

It seems that the White House said Tuesday (I cut and pasted this paragraph into the blog, so I want readers to understand that's it not me who's stating that buildings can talk) that Lawrence Summers, director of the National Economic Council, would leave at the end of the year to return to Harvard University. And that's what rang my bell.

Because now I know why the administration hasn't a clue to fixing the economy, and why their policies have damn near tanked every viable business in the country. It's simply because the guy calling the shots has never held a real job in his life, never had to meet a payroll and never had to "work" a day in his so-called "professional" career.

He became one of the youngest professors to receive tenure at Harvard when he was 28. He served in the Clinton Cabinet in 2001, then went back to Harvard as its new president, resigning in 2006. His reputation is that he's a brilliant, if occasionally smug, economist.

So, what do we have here? A guy calling the economic shots who's been locked in an ivory tower for practically his entire life. And while it's highly likely he could write a perfect thesis, nary a word mis-spelled, on the similarities between the cost of goods in Guatemala in 1923 and the fiscal collapse in Mongolia in 1514, it's highly unlikely he knows how to operate a lemonade stand profitably today.

And that in a nutshell is the problem with the whole current administration. Starting at the very top, then all the way through, there's nothing but babbling theorists who haven't a clue as to how the real world works financially and never will. Throw in a couple of babes who've reached their lofty positions due to their husband's successes and the morass gets deeper. Add to that a mission of increasing aid to the weak, stupid, and lazy at the expense of the producers and you get the quagmire we're in today. In summary, this isn't an administration at all, it's a hugely expensive farce.

The good news is, as each day goes by it becomes more and more obvious that November will change the governmental balance and the losses will likely begin to stem. The bad news is, there'll be a whole new bag of misguided drivel to deal with and other issues imposing on people's lives. So, I'm going to keep banging my latest political drum that says, every election, regardless of all incumbents out.

That's it for today folks.


Tuesday, September 21, 2010

BloggeRhythms 9/21/2010

It's been proven many times over, but today's repercussions against government underscore the point that most politicians are totally out of sync with the real world. And, in that regard, they live in their own insulated vacuums.

It used to be that politico's spent most of their time inside the "beltway," periodically going back home to prove to their constituents that they were still alive and breathing. And, for the most part, that was enough, because the constituents only knew what they were exposed to in outdated newspaper accounts, snail-mail communications and perhaps occasional broadcasts or TV spots.

What's more, the general lack of knowledge amongst the voting public permitted political hucksters to squirm out when they were caught stealing, lying, philandering or simply screwing up due to stupidity, arrogance, ignorance, or more likely, all of the above.

Yet, although today things have changed dramatically due to the public's instant access to information, these same political dead-heads don't seem to notice. Because they're all out there denying association with those who're taken this country down the tubes educationally, health, businesswise and in international standing, although their constituents can now see them live and in full color instantaneously all day long on the tube or via Internet hookup.

So, I guess you have to wonder what these incumbents really think. And no matter how hard it is to imagine, it seems obvious that they still believe they can stand up in front of people who can now actually see them killing their country, yet try to blame someone else.

But, if the polls are any indication of what's in store for incumbents, the days of talking their way out of the disasters they've caused are over. And folks who vote are more than fed up. Nonetheless, as I've been repeating more and more lately, this isn't a revolt against any particular party, it's a revolt against politicians regardless. Thus, no matter the party affiliation, if things don't change to voter's individual satisfaction, the smart newcomers to office in DC will rent their abodes, not buy.

That's it for today folks.


Monday, September 20, 2010

BloggeRhythms 9/20/2010

Yesterday I noted that I didn't think it would be anytime soon that I'd be writing about the Jets, because not having an NFL quarterback didn't bode well for their season. Then, lo and behold, somewhere around the second half of the second quarter, a real quarterback did arrive on the field in Mark Sanchez's uniform. And in the second half, that guy blew the Pats back to New England. In fact, Tom Brady probably went home and racked up another Audi in Back Bay in anger.

Now, obviously, I don't really know what lit Sanchez up yesterday afternoon, but for about forty minutes of the game he looked like the guy that Pete Carroll nurtured at USC. Beyond that, some four hundred pound lineman landed on Sanchez's bad knee and the kid walked off the hit, came right back and slung a thirty yard pass right on the money. So, maybe he's not as fragile as everyone thinks. We'll see.

But, as for me, I've been a fan of Gang Green for a very long time, and have been through "saviors," "boy wonders," and "phenoms" countless times with this team. So, before we have a parade and start selling Super Bowl tickets let's see what happens next week in Miami, and then the week after that at the Bills. As a matter of fact, let's wait until February 7, 2011, when we'll really know what happened good or bad for the Jets all season, and write our opinions then.

In the meantime Republicans everywhere are talking and projecting about what they'll do after election day to overturn all the legislation the Dem's have rammed through since gaining a majority in Congress. They're especially focused on repealing the health care bill, cutting taxes, and slashing spending. Now, that all sounds good and might even help the country, but they're making a huge mistake by sounding off.

Everyone, especially politicians, knows that the American population is made up of the most impatient people in the world. We all want instant gratification and immediate, if not sooner, results. So, as election day draws nearer,and in anticipation of a Republican win, folks are beginning to act as if the events have already taken place. Some businesses are starting to hire, the stock markets inching up and the next thing you know, banks might even start to lend again.

But, this is only September. And if things keep looking good for the next few weeks, who'll take the credit for the anticipated turnaround? The Democrats now in office of course. And that may mean, since things are rosier, many Dem's might be re-elected who other wise would have lost.

So, I'll go back to my comment yesterday, about Ms O'Donnell in Delaware declining interview invitations on national TV. If the Republicans really want to win in November they should follow her example, simply sit on their hands, keep quiet and stay out of the public eye. Because, they're not front-running because of their policies or plans, they're leading because they're not incumbents. And, as for whatever it is they're babbling about, nobody gives a damn.

That's it for today folks.


Sunday, September 19, 2010

BloggeRhythms 9/19/2010

Now that the Pro football season's started, I know there will be very little about the sport mentioned in my writings. Because, if nothing else, my goal is to try to keep this blog interesting. And as a Jet fan, from what I've seen so far, there's nothing remotely of interest about them, and unless they find a quarterback somewhere, somehow, there won't be any time soon.

But, I think maybe I've discovered something else, and it's truly remarkable. As improbable as it seems, it's just possible that there's an intelligent politician (I never thought I'd ever type those two words so close together.) Christine O'Donnell, tea party Republican primary winner in Delaware's Senate race "shocked the GOP" by cancelling her appearances on two national news shows, "Face the Nation" on CBS and "Fox News Sunday."

Her campaign spokeswoman told the AP that O'Donnell canceled so she could attend previously scheduled events, including a Republican picnic. She also said O'Donnell would love to appear on the shows in the future.

So, maybe this lady's wised up to the fact that talking of any kind can only get you in trouble, especially on nationally broadcast TV shows. Because, its almost a certainty that if politicians have to think and talk at the same time, as during an interview or Q&A session, anyone with an iota of brains is going to eat them alive. And although TV talking heads aren't the brightest bulbs in anyone's chandelier, they're certainly smarter than any politician. But, then again so were my puppies.

The bad news for most other candidates running this year is that they'll probably keep yakking their drivel and lessening their chance of election every time they open their mouths. On the other hand, though, if Ms O'Donnell keeps going to picnics or simply stays locked up in her home and silent, she'll likely win in a landslide like her party's never seen before.

That's it for today folks.


Saturday, September 18, 2010

BloggeRhythms 9/18/2010

Really trying not to be redundant, but the same themes seem to keep cropping up regarding politicians. And, most often lately, I seem to keep asking if these people are really that dumb, or are they so subtle, sophisticated and clever that what they do is simply over the heads of mere mortals like me to comprehend.

In that vein, it seems Jimmy Carter has written a new book, "White House Diary," and the Associated Press bought a pre-release copy and published some of the content.

Sorting through all the stuff in the AP recap, such as Carter's problems with the Kennedy's, Tip O'Neil and other politicos on both sides of the aisle, actually pretty boring same old, same old, he said a couple of things that led me to write my opening comment today.

First and foremost he suggested that a lot of his problems stemmed from the fact that a lot of his constituents didn't agree with his ideas and decisions after he was elected, but he apparently didn't learn that till after he was later voted out of office. Primarily because, while serving as president, he didn't ask them what they thought, just moved ahead on his own agenda.

He also said he was disappointed by how many Jewish folks don't like him, and gives the impression that if they're going to judge him solely on his track record, they're wrong. Because, despite the fact that he's been trying to do them in forever, he thinks they should be more understanding of him. And just because he's a fervent supporter of Israel's enemies doesn't mean Jews shouldn't like him.

However, the part I liked best was when he apparently said he's surprised at how many of the problems he faced when president, Obama's confronting now. So, let's see. Why should that still be the case thirty-four years later? Could it be that two unprepared idealists attempted to pursue agendas serving no one but themselves and their totally misguided beliefs?

Or could it be that both guys went down roads that made neither political or economic sense to try to fulfill some upside-down cause to make the United States weaker and homogenize us with the rest of the world?

And, as I typed that last line, another thought hit me that I remember well since I was in the finance business when Carter presided. He served from 1977 to 1981 and on December 19, 1980 the prime lending rate hit 21.5%, the highest it's ever been recorded and lending came to a halt. The country went through a period of "stagflation," with prices rising rapidly and business, more or less, standing still.

I recall the man I was working for at the time, a world class financial genius, saying that we were closing our equipment financing operation because he wouldn't lend money to any business that would pay those kind of those rates.

So, now let's review the similarities that Mr. Carter sees between his administration and Obama's. Both marched to their own tune while in office, both have little regard for business and no understanding of finance or economics, both want the current Middle East power structure to fail, primarily Israel, both have no regard for so-called constituents in congress and both are surprised that their popularity dropped like a rock during their first terms in office.

Well, they say that history repeats itself, and I think that's been proven many times over. So, thirty-four years from now I guess another book will hit the shelves wherein former president Obama explains his surprise at another incumbent's misfortune in office while trying to implement sixty-four year old imbecilic ideas.

That's it for today folks.


Friday, September 17, 2010

BloggeRhythms 9/17/2010

You sometimes have to wonder how far out of touch politicians can get. Because, most often, they realize the most obvious things right before election day, when it's, hopefully, too late.

For example there's this clown, Brett Carter, from Tennessee who said today that "For the good of the country," and his congressional campaign, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi should leave her post next year and resign. He sent her a letter urging her to publicly announce that she will not seek the speakership next year.

Evidently, he bluntly wrote that the voters in his district just don't like her and that she should step aside so Republicans can stop using her leadership as ammo against Democrats.

Well, my question is, exactly what kind of fog has this guy been in for the last two years. Because, every time Nancy Pelosi opens her mouth anyone with half a brain realizes she's dumber than a fire hydrant and hasn't a clue as to what's going on in the world. This is the oaf who said she hadn't read the new health care law, didn't know what was in it, but was sure that everyone would love it.

Periodically over the year, I've noted things she's done, so I won't re-list them here. But suffice it to say, it's amazing that a political party can be so sure of itself that it ignores the moronic things that their "leadership" says and does, blindly assuming they'll be reelected by magic.

Well, the good news is, according to the polls, these dolts are on their way out in droves. And of all of them the least upset will be Ms Pekosi. Because when they tell her she's no longer Speaker of the House she'll probably say something like "Oh. When was I that?"

That's it for today folks.


Thursday, September 16, 2010

BloggeRhythms 9/16/2010

This line headed a news item this morning. "Feds find minimal impacts on jobs, oil production from Gulf deepwater drilling moratorium."

However, local folks, including two U.S. senators disagree, saying the area's a disaster job-wise and people are suffering miserably. Add that situation to the new health care law and the illegal immigration issue and you really have to wonder what the administration's actually all about. Because it seems there's some kind of agenda at work here that's moving full steam ahead to reach goals completely at odds with the desires and welfare of the general population.

On the other hand, many legislators seem to have woken up to realize their political futures are over, but nonetheless, they're making last ditch futile attempts to divorce themselves from D.C. and all it currently stands for. But the problem really seems to be that nobody, including administration leadership, seems to know what the overall goal actually is. Because, when you add it all up, nobody's being helped regardless of social status, party affiliation, religious beliefs or any other criteria you can think of. To wit, at the moment, everybody's losing everything.

For the last two years of the prior administration, and the first two years of the new one, the unemployment rate's skyrocketed, the middle class has almost disappeared, sinking downward, the real estate market's gone down the chute, oil prices have escalated, illegal immigration's gone out of control, unemployment hasn't been this high since the Carter administration, health care costs will soon escalate, education's close to evaporation, we've walked away from an unfinished war and increased our commitment to a military struggle that not only can never be won, if by some chance we do, it has no strategic value at all.

Now, this isn't the first time that something like this has happened. Several administrations have made total disasters of their time in office. And, on those occasions a successor's arrived, made necessary repairs and the country's recovered and moved forward. But, it doesn't look that rosy this time around. Because while I have little doubt that incumbents will be replaced in great numbers, I don't see anyone on the bench or in the bullpen that will come in and save this game.

In fact, the folks waiting to take over have far more on their agenda than simply turning the economy around or insuring our military supremacy. There's a whole array of social issues on their side of the coin that have nothing to do with our economy, world status, taxes, or base issues affecting our daily lives, yet those issues will be pushed because they're driven by groups with particular axes to grind. And, there's one thing that's certain, very few politicians have spine. So, good, bad or indifferent they'll do what they're told.

What that means for us is, perhaps a change in voting habits. Because if nothing else, what's now clear is that every election in the future has to clean house (no pun intended) and blow ALL incumbents out, no matter.

That's it for today folks


Wednesday, September 15, 2010

BloggeRhythms 9/15/2010

Maybe it's just me, but I certainly can't figure out what makes inane politicians tick. Because I've always been under the impression that those elected to office are supposed to represent those who elected them, and act on their behalf's. Yet, Harry Reid, U.S. Senate Majority Leader from Nevada said Tuesday he wants to attach an amendment to a defense policy bill that would help young people in the United States illegally become legal U.S. residents

Legislation known as the DREAM Act, would allow young people who attend college or join the military to become legal U.S. residents. They must have come here when under 16 years of age and have been in the country five years. Those who join the military must serve at least two years and complete two years of college.

My simple question is, what part of ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT doesn't Mr. Reid understand. Because, so far as I know, his constituents want the border sealed and all those here illegally sent home. My next question is, if these folks are by definition illegal, how'd they stay around here for five years? And if even they did, how would they get into college in the first place? Unless maybe, all U.S. colleges would next be forced to teach all courses in rudimentary Spanish.

Beyond that, how would they get into our military at all? Or is this another attempt to water our troops down from a representative of a party that doesn't believe the U.S. has a right to defend itself or react to potential threats. I'd say this guy was dumber than a rock, but that would be an insult to stones. Then again, his own son wouldn't use his last name when running for office, for fear that he'd be laughed off the ticket.

Then again, it isn't just Democrats that aren't too bright. Because yesterday the primary elections show that incumbents in general are on their way out of office, regardless of party affiliation. Nonetheless, it seems that Republicans are making headway, simply because they're the minority party. Yet, I doubt they'll get anywhere unless they simply shut up and leave voters alone. Because, every time a politician speaks, especially along party lines they create more and more animosity and alienation.

A good example is Christine O'Donnell who had an upset win in Delaware. By her own admission she's not a politician and is totally inexperienced, yet she knocked out a long term incumbent. Well, in her case the voters have now spoken and she's won. So that means they're okay with her novice status. Consequently, the best thing she can do between now and election day is keep quiet and she'll likely win again.

But, that won't happen. Mark my words. She'll make all kinds of noise about this being a referendum and signal for a new beginning and yada yada yada. And, unfortunately for her, her inexperience will show through and she'll make herself vulnerable to loss for absolutely no reason at all.

Yet, when all's said and done, none of those winning this time around need a platform at all. They're winning simply because they're not incumbents and the voting public wants to clean house. So, it's senseless for them to get carried away on their political agendas and worse yet, to believe their own smoke and hype. Because the next time they run, they're going to lose too. Because, political incumbency itself is over and unlikely to ever come back.

That's it for today folks.


Tuesday, September 14, 2010

BloggeRhythms 9/14/2010

A friend and I often discuss the dismal morass of vapidity education's become in the U.S. And whether it's due to ineptitude of teachers, watering down of curricula to nothingness, or leveling the classrooms to accommodate the lowest denominators doesn't really matter, because the results the same: generation after generation leaves our schools, as the great Green Bay Packer fullback Jimmy Taylor said, "unscathed by education."

To that end, one of my favorite recent topics is how little people know about finance today. And that not only extends to the general public, it applies to those actively engaged in the business. Because, having spent most of my career in that arena, I can certainly see the changes for the worse.

During my financial education, for example, subjects of the most importance included accounting, financial analysis and particularly, a thorough understanding of profits, losses and debt. I can still see and hear in my mind educators railing on about assets, liabilities, net worth's, and management of borrowed funds. And through it all, above all else...the need to absolutely stay out of the "red."

Later on in my business career, which involved lending funds, financial analysts too were quick to avoid businesses in the red, because in accounting terms, red equates to losses. On the other hand, successful operations were in the "black." The color differences existed primarily because financial statements were written in ink, and black meant profit, red meant loss.

Now today, even though most financial accounting is computerized, the terminology hasn't changed and you'd think that folks with any kind of financial acumen would know that "red" means bad. Yet, there's a major insurance company that puts all of its clients under a red umbrella of losses, as I interpret their ads. Then there's a bank that claims to be ranked first or second in the nation, who's name is proudly emblazoned under a red slash. Maybe they've lost so much money, they're proud of being over-achievers in finding new ways to fail.

But the good news for them is, most people don't realize that these financial institutions have reached the pinnacle of boobdom, and even if they did, they really don't care. Because one more illustration of banker's ineptitude doesn't matter a blip.

Yet, financial institutions aren't alone when it comes to ignorance and vapidity. Because here's another one. Sears is reportedly under fire for selling T-shirts depicting images of the Twin Towers with the word "Gotcha" emblazoned on the front of the clothing. They pulled the September 11-related shirts from shelves in Kansas City, Mo., after customer complaints the clothing was disturbing.

A Sears employee said, "Seeing that and what it means is upsetting, very heartbreaking."

As it turns out, Gotcha is a company that made the clothing, printing its brand name on the front of the shirts. But Sears executives claim the word "Gotcha" was never meant to be attached to images of the World Trade Center towers. "We began removing this T-shirt from stores earlier in the week when the image was brought to our attention. We expect to have it removed from all stores as quickly as possible. We apologize for the oversight."

Well, all of that rhetoric's great, but really, how could this situation have gotten this far? Are we to believe that the manufacturer produced however many thousand shirts and never looked at one? Or that when the stuff arrived at the stores, no one realized a thing until customers started complaining? The funny (sad) thing is, that in today's day and age it's possible that it really all was just accidental, and mistakes compounded mistakes.

But, if we start believing that the whole Sears fiasco was just oversight and unintentional, the next thing you know a president could tell us he attended a church for twenty years and never listened to a single sermon. What's worse, lots of folks would believe him.

That's it for today folks.


Monday, September 13, 2010

BloggeRhythms 9/13/2010

An article caught my eye this morning about an Illinois congressman who cold calls constituents seven days a week, year round except for Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter. He insists he waits until afternoon to call, so not to disturb constituent's mornings.

The reason I had some interest was, I too get occasional calls from politicians. I don't really know what party they're from because I hang right up, but I still form an opinion. And, my opinion's pretty simple to form. Because these clowns who serve almost no purpose at all not only screw the country up all day long from wherever they happen to be at the time, but beyond that, they want to disturb my peace at home to boot.

Now, reading on about this guy, Timothy Johnson, a Republican representing Illinois' 15th district, when he's pestering people, dialing for votes, he says most folks he calls are shocked because they "are not used to government reaching out to them." He also says he's seeing more of a disconnect between elected officials and the people they represent.

But, the fact is, I think this guy's got it upside down. I'll bet that most that he calls have better things to do than listen to some individualized campaign speech and are likely just too polite to tell him to go suck on a sock and leave them alone. Because, if nothing else, elected officials of any kind have proven indelibly that they couldn't care less about what their constituents think, want or need and never will.

However, the topper was a comment from this guy's Democrat opponent. And that's what prompted me to write this entry. Now, get this one. According to David Gill, Johnson's opponent in November, "There is a tremendous workload involved in being a responsible U.S. representative, and I would like to see Mr. Johnson approach some of the other work his job entails with the same zeal with which he approaches these cold calls."

Well, I'm not going to call this guy Gill to ask, but he piqued my curiosity. Because I'd like to know what "work" he was talking about regarding politicians. I know I've heard many words and terms used in regard to those folks, but never that one. And if the condition this country's in right now is resultant of their "work" efforts, we'd all be far, far better off if they were all unemployed.

So, in a way, this guy Johnson's doing us all a service. Because if others followed his example and only did harm to one constituent at a time by phone all day long, the whole rest of the United States might have a chance to recover.

That's it for today folks.


Sunday, September 12, 2010

BloggeRhythms 9/12/2010

Writing about the twin towers yesterday reminded me of the first time I really "saw" them. Because, growing up in the city and spending all of my life in the area, I certainly knew about them being built, and where they were, but they were simply bigger buildings to me. I paid them no attention at all.

Then in April of 1976 my father-in-law called me one morning to say that he had two invitations to the opening day luncheon at Windows on the World restaurant on the 106th floor of the North Tower. The friend who he'd planned to meet couldn't make it, so he asked me to join him there.

I changed my schedule around, drove downtown and, for the first time saw those buildings close up. They were awesome. After parking in the underground garage, I made my way to the cavernous lobby and walked what seemed hundreds of yards through hallways and lobbies trying to find the right elevators. Through the whole trek, I was surrounded by more marble, brass and glass than I'd thought existed on Earth.

Finally finding the right elevator I stepped into a high-ceilinged cab that held more than a bus-load of people, and we began our ascent. And, let me tell you, 106 stories is a pretty long ride. When we finally reached our destination though, the trip was certainly worth it.

As I said at the outset, I had no real idea of where I was headed when I agreed to go to lunch. After all, I'd lived in and around Manhattan all my life, and by that time, like all born and bred New Yorkers, I thought I was going to another big-name what? A lunch's just a lunch, free or not. And boy, was I ever wrong.

The restaurant itself was huge, 50,000 square feet and it's name said it all, because wherever you looked were magnificent, wide, floor to ceiling windows. From the bar you could see the southern tip of Manhattan and beyond, northern New Jersey off to the right. Below you, right nearby, the Statue of Liberty. Inside the main dining room proper, the views were North and East. Gazing uptown, your sight-line actually angled down while viewing the Empire State Building. That alone is pretty amazing.

Yet, despite the huge size of the place overall, the magnificent decor and the overwhelming outside sights, a quite surprising thing to me was that somehow or other the table placements afforded real privacy. It wasn't as if a great number of folks were crowded into a sightseeing bus, oohing and aahing out the windows. It was instead, well-spaced tables, separated from others that happened to be surrounded by some of the most incredible views on the planet. And, since the floors were cleverly stepped, no matter where you sat there was an unobstructed view from your table.

As for the food and menu, I thought they rated with most fine city restaurants. But, as I learned long ago, food, its preparation and taste are very personal things. So what seems good to me doesn't matter at all to others, and thus, I know I liked it, but can't speak for anyone else and don't plan to try.

After its auspicious opening, the restaurant went on to become one of the most popular in the country. It closed for three years, after the 1993 World Trade Center bombing, underwent a $25 million renovation and reopened in 1996. 2000 was its final full year of operation, reporting revenues of $37 million, making it the highest-grossing restaurant in the United States.

The reason writing this memory today was important to me is that the twin towers were institutions, wherein housing one of the world's best restaurants was just one symbol of the achievement and success they represented. And if some semi-literate dirt bags can simply hijack some aircraft in trying to undo the greatest country on earth, then something's got to be done to stop that. So, if we go out and blow the whole middle-east off the map, I'm not going to complain...because, I really loved that restaurant and all that it stood for.

That's it for today folks.


Saturday, September 11, 2010

BloggeRhythms 9/11/2010

Very sad, mournful morning, watching clip after clip from 2001 as the twin tower buildings slowly burned, then disintegrated before the nation's eyes.

And there's a very strong message in re-living those horrifying, heart rending hours as our country was attacked. Because even the most cynical, pacifistic, and anti-war zealots can't deny the events. Proof positive was delivered that day that the U.S. is hated by countless numbers, and remains the target of extremist malevolence who'll keep striking, every chance they get.

Yet, when all was said and done in the aftermath, too good a job might have been done in the recovery. Because, today, nine years later much of our citizenry nationwide needs a reminder that the attacks even took place. Aside from the hubbub in Manhattan over the Imam's extortion plan to fleece whoever he can out of millions of bucks via his bogus Mosque, little's heard about terrorists at all.

Nonetheless, I can still remember Mayor Giuliani in his command post, working twenty-four hours a day trying to restore calm to a panicked populace, who for the first time in the country's history had been threatened inside its own shores. Then there was the president, "W," standing solemnly at a microphone vowing to seek and destroy any and all who tried to harm us.

In the aftermath, the country indeed buckled up and went to work to insure no such event would ever occur here again. And, though folks complain loudly every day as they inch through scanners in buildings, ballparks, theaters and such, and before boarding airplanes, the good news is...every threatened attempt to date since 9/11 has been thwarted in the bud.

While the examples of what's been done here security-wise since 9/11 could be listed for pages, the important thing is remembering the day and attacks themselves. Because, at times it seems we've become so spoiled by the great security job that's been done to date, that we act as if the disaster never happened. And the tragic mistake about that is, the moment we truly forget, God forbid, is the day it will happen again.

That's it for today folks.


Friday, September 10, 2010

BloggeRhythms 9/10/2010

It seems I keep typing about the same premise fairly often regarding politicians. Because, since they don’t come up with anything new, I keep rehashing the same old, same old. And, yesterday was no exception.

In remarks about something, somewhere, yesterday the president chastised Republicans, saying that they never come up with new ideas, and simply criticize all that’s been done by Democrats to try to stem the fiscal bleeding that’s strangling the country.

Now, let’s think about that for a moment.

What he’s basically saying is that he concedes that the country’s two-thirds down the chute financially, and that he’s pushing for another stimulus package, but since the Republican’s are trying their best to prevent the bill’s passage he thinks they’re simply obstructionist and don’t want to see progress.

Well, as I mentioned in yesterday’s entry, since the Dem’s have had control of the administration and Congress, they’ve run up almost $14 trillion in new debt and haven’t budged the economy upward an inch. Aside from that, additional information’s been published regarding the new health care bill, citing that for most middle-income young folks their medical costs will increase significantly.

The increase stems from the fact that particular medical tests are required, such as scans and diagnostics which will be done at pre-established rates with no competition. So, this is a double-whammy, because most folks in that age range wouldn’t have these tests done at all, because the instances of illness is quite low…and then, they have no alternative place to shop for the service. Therefore, many “experts” now say that although it’s likely health care quality will diminish under the new law, coverage and treatment costs will absolutely go up.

And that brings me back to the current situation. Because Republican’s have indeed been offering comments and making attempts to help turn the economy around and have voted consistently against every Democrat plan to date, because those are key factors taking the country financially down the tubes. Billions of dollars are being thrown away with no rhyme or reason and now, the president wants to waste anther $50 billion or so to boot.

You almost have to hope that there’s some hidden Democrat agenda here that the public simply doesn’t understand. Because, if there isn’t, and these folks are really as dumb as they’ve led us to believe, this country isn’t just in trouble leadership-wise, it’s over altogether.

That’s it for today folks


Thursday, September 9, 2010

BloggeRhythms 9/9/2010

TNBNT for a change.

But, there was a small blurb in the news this AM saying that, "The group planning to build a 13-story Islamic center and mosque near Ground Zero appears plagued by divisions, and one major investor says he'll sell some or all of the site if the price is right."

Aside from that, the Imam who's been steadfast, that the project will not be stopped or relocated now says that if he'd known how much of an uproar the building would cause, he wouldn't have picked that site. So, I guess that's a half-step toward backing away, which I think, one way or another will happen.

Because, as I've written in entries before, I think this is a case where the fundamental rule in All the President's Men has applied from the start...follow the money. And, the longer this issue takes to resolve, the higher the ante will get, and then when the pot's big enough, the builders will all sell out and go home.

But in the end it was actually Roberto Duran the boxer who foresaw all this coming back in his championship fight with Sugar Ray Leonard in 1980. Way back then, he threw in the towel, crying "No Mosque, No Mosque." At least, that's what I think he said, but it could have been, "No mas, No mas."

Then in another news item, according to The World Economic Forum's Global Competitiveness report the U.S. economy ranks 4th in the world, after Switzerland, Sweden and Singapore. The major reasons for our fall from first place are lack of political leadership and more than $13 trillion in debt. The Forum's feeling is that the U.S. can't afford its unbridled spending, won't be able to defend itself militarily if attacked, and is under incompetent leadership. So, it sounds to me like the Forum's been reading my blogs.

That's it for today folks.


Wednesday, September 8, 2010

BloggeRhythms 9/8/2010

TNBNT, but as I was looking for interesting items, and finding none, I happened to see a clip of the president's ride for a trip to Ohio to push for his new stimulus plan.

And, what struck me was, that like like they say, in most situations it's the "little things" that count. Because, as I noted yesterday, the deficit's now almost 14 trillion (that's with a "t" not a "b") dollars. And it's rising rapidly every day, with no real hope for recovery in sight. Yet, our leader's on his way to make a speech in a helicopter that looks like it can carry about forty people, likely cost the taxpayers a few million to buy and probably burns fifty gallons of high octane fuel just to get off the ground.

So, why not just sit in his office and babble the same exact words he's going to waste in Ohio, from behind his desk? The cameras and crew are already there in the White House, and have nothing else to do, so why not save some taxpayer bucks?

Or, perhaps, I'm missing the "big" picture economically speaking. After all, there will be limousines on arrival, drivers, military and police personnel, escort vehicles, motorcycles, maybe even aerial surveillance of the venue. And so, I guess, there will be lot's of payroll too.

As I sit here and type, and re-read my own words I think I'm beginning to see how this whole economic thing really works. The presidents actually trickling funds and jobs down to a distressed few who certainly need economic help, and when the couple of million in taxpayer funds, covering the cost of the trip, are added to the $14,000,000,000,000 in national debt already owed it's hardly a blip.

And I guess the approach the presidents taking, spending blindly and piling debt upon debt, is something he learned from watching big businesses operate when they were in financial trouble. As I recall there were quite a few to learn from, Pacific Gas & Electric, Enron, Global Crossing, Adelphia Communications, WorldCom, Tyco Int'l., US Airways, Conesco, Trump Entertainment Resorts, Delta Airlines, Northeast Airlines, Delphi, Refco, Indy Mac Bancorp, SEM Group, Lehman Brothers, Washington Mutual, Tribune Group, General Growth Properties, Chrysler and GM, all of them bankrupt. The only difference in their failures was, they didn't have their hands directly inside the American taxpayers pockets to bail themselves out.

That's it for today folks.


Tuesday, September 7, 2010

BloggeRhythms 9/7/21010

You really have to hand it to politicians, because for people who seem and act brain-dead 99.9% of the time, they come up with some ingenious stuff if their incumbency's threatened.

Because, right now we have a Congress that should, and likely will, be tossed out on it's collective ear from the House in November, with an unexpectedly large turnover happening in the Senate too. That's because folks are fed up with getting nothing but inane lip service from "leaders" who couldn't get a Girl Scout troop out of a park, much less the woods, with a pack of guide dogs, radar tracking devices, geo-guidance systems hook-ups, Sherpa guides and a self-reading compass.

So, what does the president do when he realizes his majority's over and in twenty-four months or so he'll be sliding a greased rail out of D.C. too? Well, for starters he's going to pump another $50 billion of taxpayer money into an infrastructure rebuild that will likely help no one but a targeted few. (See yesterday's entry for details.) And, then today he added a 100% deduction for business investment in "growth."

Now, whether these two Republican-like plans can help the economy or not remains to be seen, but what's critical to the administration is the timing. Because these two plans will be banged around for a while before being enacted, which should bring their kick-off dates near or right after election day. Consequently, when everything turns around because Congress has been blown out and businesses start to hire again, banks start to lend and job markets open, the administrations plan will run right along with the tide and the guy with the biggest pulpit in the world will take credit for all that will happen positively and continue to seek re-election.

The really good news though, is that I'm not really too bright. So, if I can see what's being done to manipulate the public's mind, so can everyone else. And that means the administration's story won't likely be bought by voters.

The really bad news is that the cost to the taxpayers so far by the administration and Congress is almost $14 trillion dollars. And even though all of us have now learned explicitly to the nth degree to never trust any politician, the tuition's awfully expensive.

That's it for today folks.


Monday, September 6, 2010

BloggeRhythms 9/6/2010

I was going to add a few more thoughts about public education in the U.S. today, because I believe it's current worthless existence and monetary drain on the system is a critically important subject. But then a news item caught my eye that's worth a couple of keystrokes.

It seems the president wants to spend some more taxpayer funds in the following way. "Vowing to find new ways to stimulate the sputtering economy, President Obama will call for long-term investments in the nation's roads, railways and airports that would cost at least $50 billion, administration officials say."

Now, if the administration really thought about it, where would that money actually go? Well, right off the top about 40% would likely go directly into the pockets of the major contractors (as profits) who'd win artificially rigged bids, and I'd guess about half or more of that would kick right back to the big-time politicos who allowed and greased the bid-rigging. And that $20 billion or so wouldn't hit our economy at all, because it would go right into some off-shore accounts to avoid discovery, or worse yet...taxes.

Of course, that still leaves $30 billion to play with. Well, between licenses, permits, filings, hearings, court costs and fees, let's say $10 billion will be spent in local jurisdictions, legislatures, offices and courts allowing politicos and shakers and movers down the line to share in the windfall. Naturally then, there's a chance that some of that money might wind up in local bars and restaurants where the payoffs would be made under the tables. So, I guess, with all those new bucks in play, a few waitresses will see an increase tips.

Then, naturally, there'd be a need for plans, designs, architectural drawings, schematics, blueprints, forms and supporting paperwork. So, I guess, some out-of-work architects, engineers and technicians might get some temporary employment while the plans are drawn up, and then hit the streets again looking for permanent jobs. In all, perhaps this might add up to five or ten million bucks in government spending to a group of highly-skilled folks.

Then of course there are the folks who operate the big equipment, bull-dozers, cranes, earth movers, scrapers, back-hoes, lift trucks, even vans and trucks. At their wage-rates the costs would be substantial, even after their unions took 10% or so off the top to re-line their coffers. So, let's say another $5 billion gets spent here, some of which due to items like mortgage payments and food might even trickle back into the economy.

If my arithmetic's correct, then, there's still about $14.5 billion to play with. And, lets see...what jobs are left? The one's where all the work is of course. There'll be a huge need for people to swing picks and shovel dirt all day long, to make the roads nice and smooth, and others to hammer spikes into railroad ties or put cones on the road during construction. Unless you're an Indian or some other kind of unique person that can accomplish the difficult high steel work on bridges, which would put you into a greatly needed class of your own.

And that brings me right back to education in the U. S., because now I completely understand our public school system. Our brilliant, foresightful educators knew that this fiscal debacle was coming and thus, prepared their students for it by making sure that every recess included some time spent in a sandbox with a pail and shovel. And in that way they insured that when the government opened the floodgates to a world of opportunity in highway construction, their students were well trained in earth-moving and ready for it.

That's it for today folks.


Sunday, September 5, 2010

BloggeRhythms 8/5/2010

Since there's still TNBNT, I can continue yesterday's theme. Because although I meant what I wrote about the public education vacuum, some might have thought my beliefs a bit extreme. But then I was talking to a friend last evening who not only agreed with my conclusions, but began a discussion questioning about how kids really learn today.

After I'd considered his question a moment, a light went on. Because many of today's kids seem well-informed for their ages, know accurate details and facts, yet aren't getting that input from teachers. So, where's the knowledge coming from? The obvious answer, staring me right in the face even as I sit here and type, is computerization and the Internet.

And, as I said to my friend yesterday, that led me to another question to which I think I found an interesting answer. What single person has done more for education in the U.S. today than the entire 4,685,708 individuals in the public school system put together. The obvious answer: Bill Gates.

Because, between computer programs operating on software he created and providing access to the Internet, theres' more information available to kids today than in any library I've ever heard of. Even the Library of Congress's volumes have been digitized, one way or another. They can pick any subject they want, do a Google search and the most current information appears instantaneously on their screens. In most cases, they'll find access to hundreds of thousands of pages, some going back for years and years. In fact, that's often how I double check the accuracy of the data in my own daily BloggeRhythms.

What's more, as compared to the value of information doled out in today's schools, downloaded information's far more accurate and timely than what's in any outdated textbooks written by some biased "educators." Because, for the sake of "political correctness," avoidance of lawsuits for slander, and poorly smoke-screened political agendas the pap published in academia is so watered down, slanted, biased and downright untrue it's not worth the paper its printed on. Consequently, the kids aren't being educated at all in school, they're being brain-washed.

And, aside from the value of instant access to just about any information one could reasonably need, what else has Mr. Gates accomplished, teaching wise? Well, in order to gain access to the wonders of mind-stimulating programs and information, even if it's only to play games, kids have to read. Better yet, they have to learn how to type. And, the only way they can get better, or out-score themselves is to read and type still better and faster. So, what do you think the average kid's going to prefer, going sword to sword with Darth Vader in a digitized struggle of life and death, or trudging through some endless tome about some huckleberry named Finn?

So, I guess the questions really are, what do today's kids have to learn to survive and succeed and then, where do they acquire the necessary knowledge? As for me, I further disbelieve their education's deriving from schools, because computer savvy kids seem considerably brighter and more articulate than most of the teachers I've ever encountered. Beyond that, computerization gives kids access to information they need and want, not some archaic curricula chosen by elitist esthete's.

I myself, for example took a chemistry course in high school, and except for the hours in class can't think of a time where I've ever needed, wanted or used a formula ever since, with the exception of the bottles of it I gave to my infant kids. Aside from that, the only dissected frogs I've seen outside of a park or in the woods since school came on a plate (legs only) smothered in garlic butter, herbs and spices and cost about twenty bucks. Then again, I might have saved that money had I studied French on-line and known what I'd ordered, because it was a really bad mistake...those leg things are just awful.

I'm sure that the longer I sit here, the stronger I can support my point, but I believe I've already made it. And, going back to yesterday's entry, while my jotting might have seemed a bit extreme when I typed it, reading back my own words today makes me conclude once more that if all the public school educators suddenly disappeared for whatever, no one would notice at all or care.

That's it for today folks.


Saturday, September 4, 2010

BloggeRhythms 9/5/2010

TNBNT, but yesterday's entry got me thinking about re-deploying funds to help the economy. Because it seems to me that it's pretty clear that no one in the private sector with any money at all is going to risk investing or expansion until the current administration and Congress are gone for good.

What my arithmetic demonstrated was that by eliminating the 165,413 folks involved in government, it's support or related occupations, amounting to .00055138 of the population, some 28,800,000 unemployed, or 9.6%, in the general public would likely have a chance of getting hired almost overnight.

Well, it dawned on me this morning that my idea sounds a lot like Socialism or Communism, where wealth and assets are seized by those in power and redistributed across the population rather than earned. And, that certainly wasn't my point. All I was trying to do was, come up with a way to remove those from the economic system who get paid but either don't work or are incapable of doing anything worthwhile. And, the most obvious folks in that category are anyone involved in politics or its support, most especially the ones holding office.

But, taking my idea a step further today, I was thinking about where else there was a category of folks who were worthless, yet bringing in considerable incomes (notice I didn't say "working".) And right there, staring me in the face was a humongous source of money if redirected in a positive way. Because, according to there are currently 4,685,708 individuals in the public school system.

There are 873,477 Administrators nationwide, 3,609,955 Instructional Staff, and 202,276 Non-instructional personnel, all told. And, not only are these folks draining money out of the public's pockets every day, for doing absolutely nothing, they continually seek higher wages. Beyond that, when they retire from doing nothing to doing even less, they keep getting paid handsomely, no matter.

So, now it seems, my funds re-deployment idea might be getting somewhere because by eliminating 4,851,127 (4,685,708 in schools, 165,413 governmental) people who are drains on the economy and worthless, 28,800,000 who are looking for work would now have a much better chance, because businesses would hire, banks would lend and the country's economy would start churning again.

And, as far as the 4,851,127 are concerned, I guess they'd have to start really yelling and screaming about their terminations to get some attention, because if they don't, no one will notice they're gone.

That's it for today folks


Friday, September 3, 2010

BloggeRhythms 9/3/2010

Since it's still a case of TNBNT, I was thinking about the president's plan for another, smaller, stimulus package. That got me to thinking about why the plans already in effect haven't helped the economy at all. And that brings me to an obvious conclusion: This administration has created its own Catch 22's.

The situation is that there's plenty of money already in the hands of those who can help the economy, such as big business, but they won't spend any of it until the current Congress and administration are gone, and unable to damage them any more. On the other side of that coin, small business which employs the majority of the work force, can't hire because the banks won't lend them any money. And the banks won't lend at all until the current administration and Congress are gone, because of their fear of both entities ineptitude and inane policies.

So, I guess the answer is, if Congress and the administration truly wanted to stimulate the economy, and do something for people as they promised while running for office, they'd all resign and then the economy would likely boom.

Because, according to LegiStorm Data "nearly 2,000 House of Representatives staffers pulled down six-figure salaries in 2009, including 43 staffers who earned the maximum $172,500 — or more than three times the median U.S. household income. …Though a small percentage of the overall congressional work force, their numbers are growing at a rapid rate under the Democratic Congress. The number of staffers earning within the upper 3 percent of House salaries — currently $163,358 or more — has increased by nearly 39 percent in the past four years."

Then, out of curiosity I did some more homework to try to find the areas where jobs are really plentiful, and people are well compensated, if not overly so. As it turns out there are 34,750 lobbyists currently in Washington,DC. That averages to more than 79 folks per Congressperson, if my math's right. On top of that there are approximately 16,766 staffers employed. 10,000 by the House and 6,766 by the Senate according to the Cato Institute.

The Washingtonian says that there are about 80,000 attorneys practicing in greater DC right now, and the DC Bar Association boasts 91,865 members all told. The Office of Executive Personnel Management estimated that there are 32,797 people in non-government, but related or supported jobs. And last of all, only a dinky 1100 political consultants -2.05 per member of Congress aside from their staffs.

Well, as they say, you can't make an omelet without breaking some eggs and lot's of good comes from sacrifice. So, a little bit more arithmetic tells me that the total number of 165,413 folks listed above in government support or related occupations equates to .00055138 of the population. At the same time, there are 9.6% or 28,800,000 unemployed in the general public. Thus, 165,413 resignations will create almost 29 million jobs practically overnight.

Now, realistically, I know that the resignations won't happen, primarily because those in office don't really give a damn about what's good for their constituents or country and never will. But not to worry, because in November at least there'll be a solution for the current crop of incumbents. The only problem is that the unemployment rate will rise again.

That's it for today folks.


Thursday, September 2, 2010

BloggeRhythms 9/2/2010


A friend and I often discuss the way professional sports, and especially athlete's attitudes, have changed over the years. In my case, I believe that the "pro's" have become such one way streets, caring only about themselves, I've simply given up. Because, for years, I lived and died with my teams, ferociously supporting their efforts and rooting my heart out, but today, with the exception of golf and football, I watch no sports at all and care nothing at all about any of them.

It's hard for me to say precisely which sport I cared about most when younger. Because I played several and loved them all. But I guess the two leaders would be baseball and basketball, playing incessantly all summer and continuing indoor basketball through the winter.

I also swam competitively, and did some diving (no triple gainers or back flips off thirty foot boards though.) A little pick-up football here and there, though nothing really worth mentioning. And, later in life, though I don't really think it's a "sport" but more of a pastime, up until this very season, I played about a gazillion rounds of golf all told.

So, because of my own interest in these activities, professionals were very important, because they set examples and illustrated the finer points of the games. Beyond that, they demonstrated the epitome of professionalism on the field (this was before the press began disclosing the other aspects of pro's lives.) And then, it seems, one by one, my illusions began blowing up.

The first to go was basketball, which was horrible for me because of my passion for the Knicks. But my heroes were long gone by the time Dennis Rodman showed up in her wedding dress with more tatoo's than skin. And I don't know why they called Jordan "Air" because he "walked" an awful lot more than he flew. Then, of course, there was Barkley a totally uncoordinated sack of blob who possessed a 5000 watt mouth. Putting it all together, those clowns and their disciples killed a wonderful sport.

As I recall, though its fuzzy because it was a while ago, the last baseball game I watched (for only about two minutes) was when the Boston Red Sox showed up with most of the (guys?) having longer hair than my daughter. I stayed tuned for a couple of minutes because I thought they were showing the line-up for the Miss America contest. But no, when it turned out that these ladies were really the Red Sox, I changed the channel and haven't gone back to baseball since.

So, one by one, between agents, sponsors and uncaring players themselves grabbing for every nickel with both hands, each of the professional sports is slowly eroding their fan base and drifting closer and closer to non-existence. And, I can certainly see that happening.

Because, for the reasons listed, I was really upset when I could no longer stomach these poor excuses for athletes ruin great sports. And I couldn't imagine getting along without them, even though I couldn't stand the participants. Yet, now it's quite a few years later and I not only don't miss them, I'll never go back because, except for the memories, they're completely out of my life.

But, there's one memory that stands out that I think illustrates how the great ones used to be. Many, many years ago there was this baseball player who had a TV show on NBC in New York. I got tickets and was in the audience one Saturday afternoon watching that show: Joe DiMaggio's Dugout. His guest that day was Dick Kazmaeir, Princeton quarterback who'd just won the Heisman trophy.

I had a huge autograph collection at the time, so when the show was over I hung around for a few minutes. And, lo and behold, Joltin' Joe and his guest stayed on the stage, sitting and talking together. I politely approached and asked Mr. D for his autograph to which he smiled and instantly agreed. Then I sheepishly told him I'd accidentally left my stuff at home in the excitement to get to the show, so I had no pen. He pulled one out of his jacket pocket.

When I further explained that I had no paper either, he calmly reached for an empty Wheaties box, the sponsor, and tore off the top. After he signed the box top and handed it to me, I gratefully thanked him and turned away, about to leave. That's when he stopped me and asked "What about him?" nodding at his guest. "What about him?" I asked him back. Mr. DiMaggio replied that he thought I'd want Mr. Kazmier's autograph too, and asked for the box top back, then gave it to the quarterback to sign.

Obviously, I never forgot that experience and its impact, despite how many years have gone by. The class, humanity and kindness displayed by an all-time legend make quite an impression. And perhaps, that's one of the things that set the true athletes apart. Because today I not only don't remember anything good any athletes done (except Arnold Palmer, Chad Pennington and Dick Lynch) I don't even remember to watch any of their games.

That's it for today folks.


Wednesday, September 1, 2010

BloggeRhythms 9/1/2010

TNBNT -but the president did deliver a speech last night, about the troop withdrawal from Iraq. And it must have been really important, because I had to search through a whole day's worth of other stories to find out about it. Seemed to me, nobody cared much about what he had to say on the subject, thus it wasn't given much attention or space in the news.

What's most interesting though is, that 50,000 U.S. troops will remain in Iraq in a so-called "advisory" capacity, which means they're relieved from the shooting war. And, I suppose, if you buy that rhetoric, our guys will just be hanging around, helping the Iraqis run their country.

But, I find that hard to believe. Because it seems that the withdrawal's simply the fulfillment of a campaign promise to have our troops out by the end of August 2010 (except for the 50,000 advisors left behind.) And, should the situation heat up again over there, I think we'll be right back in the middle of the warfare loop in a heartbeat. Of course, there's also the droves of mercenaries, CIA folks and Haliburton people who don't get mentioned at all.

Which leads me to ask, if Haliburton was the Devil incarnate, and ripping off U.S. funds in carloads as the president insisted during the last campaign -how come they're still there with larger contracts than ever from the Pentagon? Could it be, as the last president said, they're the only people on Earth who know how to do what they do?

But, now that our war mongering is over, and we're done in Iraq, I guess we can concentrate on the anti-war president's pet project. Leveling Afghanistan. Because as anyone can plainly see, an uprising anti-American like Saddam was never a threat, regardless of what was learned about him. But, those guys living in holes in Afghanistan, who'd never be able to organize themselves into any kind of real threat because they don't even get along with each other, are worth the billions we're using against them.

And, speaking of funds, the president mournfully mentioned the huge expense of the Iraq war due to the insistence of the last administration to enter that fray. But if he'd have done his homework he'd have found that the costs of Iraq were minimal as incursions like that usually go, and aren't a drop in the bucket compared to the financial holocaust caused by his own party's destruction of the world-wide real estate business, stock exchanges, banking system, automobile debacle, insurance industry and greater and greater daily reliance on foreign oil.

So, I guess as I've typed here before, it only matters what corners they put the mirrors in when politicians want to make a point. But, that's how they exist, and all they know how to do, and so be it. The real crime though is, listening to them, or worse..keeping them in office.

That's it for today folks.