Sunday, March 31, 2013

BloggeRhythms 3/31/2013

Drudge linked to an article by Graham Lloyd, environment editor of, The Australian, headed: “Twenty-year hiatus in rising temperatures has climate scientists puzzled.”

Lloyd begins by stating “But the fact that global surface temperatures have not followed the expected global warming pattern is now widely accepted.”

He goes on to report that, “Research by Ed Hawkins of University of Reading shows surface temperatures since 2005 are already at the low end of the range projections derived from 20 climate models and if they remain flat, they will fall outside the models' range within a few years.” 
He adds that: “The global temperature standstill shows that climate models are diverging from observations," says David Whitehouse of the Global Warming Policy Foundation. If we have not passed it already, we are on the threshold of global observations becoming incompatible with the consensus theory of climate change."

And then the best part: “Whitehouse argues that whatever has happened to make temperatures remain constant requires an explanation because the pause in temperature rise has occurred despite a sharp increase in global carbon emissions.”

So, as I’ve been repeating, and repeating and repeating for years now. This whole global warming scam is a crock, always was and obviously now, always will be. But, what I truly don’t understand is why folks simply sit there and let these thieves rip them off without a peep when folks like AlGore soak them like P.T. Barnum fleeced the sheep attending his shows.

Along the same lines was a short item on The Blog from the Weekly Standard, also via Drudge, which I copied in total because it’s right on the mark. (No pun Intended) 

“Bjorn Lomborg claimed on John Stossel's television show last night that money isn't being spent well to combat "global warming"

"The Germans are spending about $110 billion on subsidies for these solar panels," said Lomborg. "The net effect of all those investments will be to postpone global warming by 37 hours by the end of the century."

"All those billions, for 37 hours delay?," asked Stossel.

"Yeah," said Lomborg, "so remember them in [the year] 2100 and say, 'Wow.'"
Stossel clarified, "You believe in global warming and man-made--"

"Global warming is real," said Lomborg, "and it is we need to fix. But we should fix it smartly, and not in a very, very costly way as we're doing it now. Germany is probably spending $660 for every ton of CO2 they're cutting."

So, here again we have a case adding evidence to the incredible overreaction to natural trends that have been ebbing and flowing for countless eons. And even supposing that man’s efforts to change something as overwhelming as patterns of weather worked occasionally here and there, there are so many other uncontrollable factors involved in what causes temperature fluctuation, I doubt the most advanced computer technology in the world could figure it out.

And the only thing I know for sure is, tomorrow’s April 1st and I’m still wearing my heaviest coat to go out, cause it’s freezing cold around here.

That’s it for today folks.

Saturday, March 30, 2013

BloggeRhythms 3/30/2013

Today’s items cover several subjects illustrating how special interest groups work diligently to force their cases blatantly, defying facts and common sense.

To begin, I assume rising Republican superstar, Dr. Ben Carson, must be rattling many Dem cages, because according to Fox “Johns Hopkins students are campaigning to have [him] pulled from this year's commencement speaker line-up, in response to comments the well-known neurosurgeon, a critic of the Obama administration, made about gay marriage.”

The Dr.’s comment was: "Marriage is between a man and a woman. It's a well-established, fundamental pillar of society and no group, be they gays, be they NAMBLA, be they people who believe in bestiality -- it doesn't matter what they are, they don't get to change the definition." 

The upset students accused Dr. Carson of comparing "gay relationships with pedophilia and bestiality," which I think is a significant stretch. However, considering the deterioration of language skills among students today, perhaps their overreaction is understandable. But, I think the objection's more a grasp at straws by liberal types, who’d say anything to dis a Republican.  
In response, Carson told the Baltimore Sun that people "have completely taken the wrong meaning out of what I was saying. Now perhaps the examples were not the best choice of words, and I certainly apologize if I offended anyone. But the point that I was making was that no group of individuals, whoever they are, whatever their belief systems, gets to change traditional definitions."

Next comes an article by Fraser Nelson of London’s The Telegraph, concerning global warming.  I’ve included a link so you can read it yourself, and it’s well worth it. But the gist is that this has been a frigid winter, it hasn’t warmed yet at the start of spring and people are really freezing: It's the cold, not global warming, we should be worried about

Lastly, night before last in one of our favorite hangouts, my wife and I overheard a woman talking about health care taxation. She happened to work for one of the largest hospital entities of it’s kind, employing about 49,000 people. 

During her conversation with another person she said her organization was presently formulating a plan to self-insure, and would soon drop out of Obamacare because they can’t afford it.

We then joined her discussion and asked a few questions of our own.

I mention this today because if this woman’s correct and that actually happens, there will then be a model for many other large institutions to follow. And what that means to me is, if those who are being bled to support those who are broke decide to take another healthcare road, the whole Obamacare fraud comes apart at the seams which would be best of all.

Now, I have no idea as to whether this woman was delivering cold, hard facts or not. But, if it’s true and you add it to the international troubles the administration's created, and then the hit folks are taking from rising taxation, and then add the costs of practically everything due to incredibly excessive costs of fuel, who knows maybe the whole Dem agenda will fall apart as it should due to voter dissatisfaction. 
As for what develops in the brewing healthcare situation mentioned, I’ll keep you posted best I can.

That's it for today folks.


Friday, March 29, 2013

BloggeRhythms 3/29/2013

Not much in the news today, except for North Korea’s plan to blow us out of existence. So, I was really scraping the barrel, looking for something of interest. And that’s when I tripped over a short column by Paul Bedard headed “Washington Secrets,” in The Washington Examiner via Drudge.
His topic today concerned one of my recent key issues, wasteful government spending, while touching on another subject of mine by reporting that “Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's farewell online town hall, complete with live audiences and interactive connections around the globe, cost taxpayers $85,000, according to federal contract documents.”
My queries as far as Ms. Clinton’s concerned are the same as I’d asked a few times before, wondering if anyone knew of anything productive she’d done for the past four years. Because, aside from ducking Willy by staying out of The U.S. as far as possible, to my knowledge she’d done nada, zero, nothing, zip to help the nation whatsoever.
According to Mr. Bedard, the State Department said: “Due to the unexpected and unforeseen cancellation of several foreign policy trips scheduled to further diplomacy abroad with key global partners as well as international audiences in key regions of the world, and due to the fact that significant time was lost, it was imperative to carry forward the foreign policy messages by connecting Sec State with as many audiences as possible. Timing was of essence as this was a matter of days before Sec State's departure."
Although it wasn’t mentioned, I suppose the trips were cancelled due to Hillary’s Benghazi boo-boo, when she tripped and fell on her head, consequently rendering her unable to testify clearly on her role in that loss of four American lives for no reason other than dereliction of her duty, along with many other administration stooges.  
In the meanwhile though, had she been well and flown to the places she couldn’t, she’d probably have visited our friends in Australia, Britain, Colombia, Japan, India and Nigeria, "to engage the secretary directly with the international and domestic publics on foreign policy issues and allow the audiences to have their questions answered directly by the secretary on current foreign policy 'hot button' issues."
I found that itinerary interesting too, because as far as I know, the places our nation really has problems are mostly in the Middle-East, along with Korea, the Mexican border, Venezuela's recent governmental upheaval and Canadian efforts to start shipping us oil, none of which were on her schedule at all.
So, in conclusion, I guess the best measure of other’s value is the opinion one gains from observing their performance and noting its worth. And in that regard, I guess hers is just about zero. Because after reading today’s article by Mr. Bedard, I realized I’d  forgotten completely about her existence. 
That’s it for today folks.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

BloggeRhythms 3/28/2013

An article by Martin Crutsinger, Economics Writer for the Associated Press via Drudge, comes right on the heels of yesterday’s subject which concerned making every attempt to discern hard facts while others may attempt to disguise truths with camouflaging rhetoric. 
In today’s case, I don’t really know if it’s my own misunderstanding of what was written, or if I truly grasped the author’s gist. Because to me it seemed as if he was quite high on the nation’s economic outlook, bolstered by many positive facts, although his opening line read: “The U.S. economy grew at a slightly faster but still anemic rate at the end of last year.”

Then, after presenting several reasons for why the economic outlook should look good he wrote that: “The 0.4 percent growth rate for the gross domestic product, the economy's total output of goods and services, was the weakest quarterly performance in almost two years and followed a much faster 3.1 percent increase in the third quarter. The fourth quarter was hurt by the sharpest fall in defense spending in 40 years.”

So, here again is another case where we’re being told that everything really looks fine economically, except for the data that says its not.

As for me, I surely don’t know what Mr. Crutsinger’s trying to prove with his logic, and frankly don’t really care a lot. However, just so that you can make up your own minds, I’ve included a link to his story: ANEMIC- GROWTH AT 0.4%

And after you read it, my guess is you’ll conclude as I did that the  numbers say that the future’s quite bright, except for the facts indicating its dim. 

That’s it for today folks.


Wednesday, March 27, 2013

BloggeRhythms 3/27/2013

Early on in my business career, a kindly seasoned professional whom enjoyed providing help to juniors suggested I be acutely aware of my surroundings each and every time I visited a location other than my own, or met with others anywhere at all.
He also advised that I pay precise attention to even the slightest details. Because, he said, observing how people act, speak, dress, maintain their space, and deal with others, provides significant insight to actual tendencies, preferences and instincts, regardless of any image they might try to project.
So, bringing the preceding into perspective, regardless of what's reported daily in the mainstream press, what I see taking place nationally is a gradual, but rapidly increasing, trend toward public dissatisfaction with government, taxation and over-regulation which is finally above the surface although I believe a mirror economy is also likely functioning underground.
Examples we see are the departure of high-earners in California, the business population shifts to tax-friendly states like Texas, growth of the Internet for commerce, and public displeasure with excessive governmental expenses especially on things like executive travel, leisure and benefits while a spending sequester’s been invoked for the public.
And in today’s case, according to Fox “Hunters across the country are boycotting Colorado because of recent legislation meant to curtail gun violence.” 
The article reports that: “The state is known to be home to some of the best elk hunting in the country. But after its governor, John Hickenlooper, signed controversial bills this month banning ammunition magazines that hold more than 15 rounds, and require background checks for private and online gun sales, some out-of-state hunters say they'll take their business elsewhere.
Hunting outfitters say people began canceling trips after the legislation passed, the Colorado Springs Gazette reported. The numbers are few, but growing.”
So, in closing, while each of the mentioned issues may range in size from large to small, when you put them together a steadily increasing undercurrent of displeasure with governmental regulation is especially very clear. 
Which is why, as I’ve been suggesting for quite some time now, I fully expect some kind of larger citizen’s revolt. And although I doubt it will take the form of the last one vs. the redcoats, my bet is the revolutionary’s will win the next one too.
That’s it for today folks.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

BloggeRhythms 3/26/2013

Over the recent past, I’ve often mentioned faulty premises of legislation, such as the sequester, for dealing with the nation’s debt. And that’s because I’ve always believed that it’s governmental fiscal mismanagement, especially among Democrats, that's caused the financial crisis we’re in while the private sector is stuck with the costs of their irrational spending and total ignorance of budgeted money-management.
Similarly, I’ve also brought up the exodus of earners bearing the costs of California’s upside-down economic schemes, and my expectation that the state will soon contain nothing but hand-out recipients and a very confused governor, unable to figure out where the money went and why there’s none left to pay for his ridiculous commitments.
I’ve found numerous items and articles to support my case, and today another link on Drudge adds more evidence. According to an SFGate report:  A county administrator to earn $423,664 a year -- for the rest of her life!
After reading the story, it didn’t take a lot of imagination to realize that this lady’s just one of what has to be thousands of municipal employees in the same, or similar, positions throughout the state. And even if their individual compensation amounts to less than hers, the retirement total’s still got to be in the billions.
Consequently, as a place to start recapturing needed funds, I think socialists in general should closely examine the huge outgo they create via their unaffordable expenditures, and once they truly trim that, I think they’ll be quite surprised to find that far less income from taxpayers will suffice in the future.
Along the same lines of blind governmental misspending without thought or caring, is the following segment of an item in the Blog, from the Weekly Standard.
“After two items last week on the cost of lodging for Vice President Joe Biden's early February trip to Europe, other news organizations began to investigate further. Wolf Blitzer's show The Situation Room on CNN uncovered a contract apparently also related to the same visit to Paris: “Also on the receipt was $321,665 for a limousine company.”
So, here we have these government elitists instituting sequesters and cutting back on things like public access to tours of the White House, while a worthless slug like Joe Biden blows a third of a million to park his tail in the back of a limo driving around on a taxpayer-paid trip to Paris.
To me, this is just about the same as taxpayers renting a mansion for Zippy the Chimp.
That’s it for today folks.

Monday, March 25, 2013

BloggeRhythms 3/25/2013

Just about every day I’m reminded about why the world works as it does, and as a practical matter, why folks do what they do without a lot of surprises. I mention this because of an article today by Elizabeth Harrington of via Drudge.
In this case, her column demonstrates clearly why most actors select that career path. Because much like occupations such as politics (using the term “occupations” loosely, whereas politicians don’t do any work whatsoever) acting's a pastime that requires no intellect at all nor any productive characteristic other than looking right for the part.
As a practical matter, actor’s words are provided by writers, designers select and supply their attire, directors tell them how, when, where and perhaps even why to perform. Agents take care of their contracts and finances, trainers keep them fit and help of all other sorts feeds and bathes them, seeing to most of their personal needs while nannies and governesses and private schooling raises their children. And certainly, most retain full-time bodyguard protection. 
Now, considering that due to the preceding description it should be no surprise that when folks who either can’t -or purposefully choose not to- think for themselves, do make a statement, the odds are that their premise is wrong, misguided or all-out moronic. And words from actor Jim Carrey on Saturday clearly proved that point when he stated that: “Anyone who has bought an “assault rifle” since the mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School retain little that is “worth protecting.”
Similarly, he’s also quoted as writing: “[Anyone] who would run out to buy an assault rifle after the Newtown massacre has very little left in their body or soul worth protecting,” on Twitter, Feb. 2.
Now, what I’d really like to learn is that since Mr. Carrey seems to have full knowledge of all other’s weaponry needs; Where did he get the information regarding precisely why those purchases were made? And how does he know the purchasers don’t have valid, proven and absolutely legal reasons for buying them. Furthermore, where does he get the insight as to what goes on in those folks body’s or souls in order to determine their worth’s?
Beyond those few basic questions, I wonder if he’s also aware that just about half of the householder’s in the nation already possess guns, but to to count the lunatics misusing them in mass shootouts you don’t even need both hands. 
Consequently, the next time this clown wants to spout about what others should do who feel they need self and/or family protection, he ought to go out and buy an assault weapon himself. And if he's really that upset about what others do, he can bring it home, load it fully, turn it around and pull the trigger.
That’s it for today folks.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

BloggeRhythms 3/24/2013

With all the sequester mirrors and smoke coming out of the White House, along with mournful hand-wringing because so many needed programs will suffer, I found a link to an interesting double-standard story by Keith Koffler of White House Dossier via Drudge.
It seems that  Vice President Biden flies home to Wilmington, Delaware most weekends although he has an exclusive government-provided residence in Washington.
He “acknowledged the flights during recent remarks to the National Association of Attorneys General, noting that the sequester would force him to temporarily alter his expensive habit and use the train instead.” 
According to reports, “he generally uses Air Force Two to get to Wilmington, a military version of the Boeing 757-200, costing about $8,800 per hour to fly.”
The distance is only about a hundred miles, “but it’s safe to assume that between flying time and the time spent on the takeoff would amount to a round-trip cost to taxpayers of about $13,200 each time."
The article concludes as follows: “Biden has family in Delaware and reportedly also likes to golf at an exclusive club there. But in an era of soaring debt, he had been making a choice to spend thousands of taxpayers dollars to accommodate a personal predilection.”
I mention this subject because it comes right on the heels of yesterday’s complaints by Debbie Wasserman Schultz that the “Sequester’s nearly starving staffers.”
Now, when I read this stuff and think back to the concept of government as applied by the nation’s founders, I find it very hard to grasp how incredibly abusive of tax-paying citizens today’s politicians are. Because in the beginning, national governance was taken on as an unpaid personal responsibility and honor, and all of the founders had other businesses or endeavors from which they earned all their income, covering the costs of office-holding themselves.
But, to me, what’s far worse is that these folks in and around public-office today are not only abusively costly, the vast, vast majority of them do incredibly horrible jobs to boot. However, they’re almost impossible to terminate or dislodge regardless after election or appointment.
So, I think the time’s certainly come where if the costs these people generate are so dramatically different than what was originally planned, the process of job-performance evaluation should be adjusted too. And in that way, folks like Biden and Wasserman Schultz who completely disregard fiscal prudence, can be relieved of duty at once due to misappropriation of taxpayer’s funds which in time will greatly help to get budgets back to where they should be.
That’s it for today folks.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

BloggeRhythms 3/23/2013

An article headline by Cheryl K. Chumley of The Washington Times, is headlined: “Debbie Wasserman Schultz: Sequester nearly starving staffers
At a recent House Legislative Branch Appropriations Subcommittee hearing, Schultz said “Automatic federal cuts are bringing staffers to the brink of starvation.”
She complained to Fox News that, “Restaurants on the House side of Congress are increasing in cost so much that aides are being “priced out” of a good meal.” Her comments came by way of a discussion about the impacts of the sequester on lawmakers’ office budgets. When Rep. Jim Moran said “he may be forced to lay off a staffer — Ms.. Wasserman Schultz weighed in with her tale of hard times.”
Now, as regular readers know I’ve spent most of my career in the finance business and over that time I’ve been through many good economic cycles and bad, and if nothing else, as a lender I’ve learned how income, expenses and debt really work under varying circumstances. 
And in that regard, to stay in business, do you have to know something about finance in order to make sound lending decisions? Yes, certainly. Do you also have to know how debt and repayment  really work in order to determine actual financial risk? Of course. And lastly: Is the most important aspect of deciding on lending risk too complex for most folks to grasp? Absolutely and unequivocally not.
In fact, the most important aspect of lending and debt is so basic that almost anyone with an ounce of common sense can grasp the idea in less than a minute. Because the first, foremost and most critical question to a borrower is: Can you afford to pay the debt back? And if the answer is yes, then show me how you’re going to do it. Because if you can’t, and I lend you funds, we’re both going to go broke.
So, in the government's case, be it local, state or federal, the current problems are pretty much the same: Spending far outweighs income. But it seems that politicians either have a hard time coming to grips with the financial disasters they’ve caused at almost all levels, or simply don’t care and want to keep going down the same nonsensical fiscal path.
Consequently, in order to deal with rising cots and reducing income what Ms. Schultz really ought to be doing is trying to figure out how to operate more effectively within her means instead of crying about the cost of eating increasingly expensive meals. But even more than that, lay some folks off like a business would be forced to.
However, the worst part of it all, which is something I frequently mention, is that these folks in politics tend to be ill-informed, undereducated, poorly prepared for their posts, maximally selfish  and/or flat-out stupid. And what that means is, everybody else pays the price of their misguidance, greed and ineptitude.
That’s it for today folks.

Friday, March 22, 2013

BloggeRhythms 3/22/2013

Here’s another example of what happens when inexperienced, wrong-minded, ill-educated people are given responsibility for things they know absolutely nothing about. 
Part of the ill-conceived Obamacare bill contains a new 2.3 percent tax on medical devices with the goal of raising nearly $30 billion over the next decade. And I’m sure that what the bill drafters focused on was the additional tax revenue, giving little or no thought to the damage they’d do to the whole medical device manufacturing industry, something they likely don’t understand anyway.
But as is now proving out, the legislation is so onerous and misguided that, according to Fox “The Senate gave sweeping bipartisan approval Thursday to a proposal by Orrin Hatch, R-Utah, and Amy Klobuchar, D-Minn., to put senators on record in favor of repealing a tax on medical devices – a key part of President Obama’s controversial health care law.”
Orin Hatch said, “the tax is a drain on innovation, on job creation and on our ability to provide ground breaking medical technologies to patients."
Now, although I mention the tax because it presents a vivid example of how short-sighted and misguided most Democrats are regarding anything related to how income, expenditure and money-management works, the administration's response to a tax repeal is so incorrect and little thought out, it’s flat-out embarrassing. 
What the administration said was, “companies actually stand to benefit from the law. Though the 2.3 percent tax hits the industry, the department argues that the millions of new health care customers insured as a result of the law will increase the demand in hospitals to order more equipment -- in turn boosting medical device companies' profits.”
And as far as boosting medical equipment and device sales due to new health care customers being insured is concerned, that’s likely correct. And so will there probably be an increase in demand from hospitals for more equipment as well. But what these dunces in office either don’t get, or simply left out of their response was, that all that equipment will now be built overseas because of the additional tax burden here. 
So, while the old saying about penny-wise and pound foolish surely applies here, there’s another example of horrendous money mismanagement in today’s news, this one from the Weekly Standard via Drudge: 
“Vice President Biden and his entourage spent a little time in London in early February during his first foreign trip of the second term of the Obama administration.  A document released today revealed that the cost of lodging in London alone was close to half a million dollars. The contract was awarded on January 30, 2013 to the Hyatt Regency London for a total of $459,388.65.”
Thus, what today’s subjects illustrate again quite clearly is that this nation probably has no real economic problems at all. And if left alone there’d likely be no unsolvable fiscal issues that couldn't be fixed. But, when you add government to the mix, you wind up with myriads of additional costs, wasted funds in the trillions and fiscal policy's that make absolutely no monetary common sense. 
And I suppose some of these aspects of financial mismanagement are to be expected in a nation as large as ours is, because there really are so many issues involved. However, management problems due to magnitude are one thing, and as troubling as they are, they surely arise. 
But sheer ignorance and refusal to listen or learn are quite other things altogether, and that’s what most Dem’s are guilty of. And I’m one of those folks who has no problem, in paying for my own mistakes became I deserve the consequences of my own ignorance and errors. But I’m very GD sick and tired of paying for theirs. 
That’s it for today folks.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

BloggeRhythms 3/21/2012

I thought today’s entry was going to be quite short, however I found more fodder for thought than I expected about global warming.
According to Doyle Rice, of USA TODAY via Drudge, Louis Uccellini, the National Weather Service director says: “Wild weather in recent years -- from Hurricane Sandy and deadly tornado outbreaks to extremes of drought and floods -- likely can be traced, in part, to climate change.”
To which he added: “The extreme weather, surprisingly, may even include winter storms, such as the ones that have hammered the Northeast Coast this winter. We have observed more snowstorms and heavy rain events that have been extreme." 
He then said “”Due to the fact that a warming atmosphere can "hold more water vapor that can increase the intensity of storms."
Now, I’m certainly no meteorologist by any stretch and know zip, zero, nada about the technicalities of the atmosphere and climate fluctuation, but I do know enough to ask this simple question: If it’s snowing, doesn’t it have to be cold?
Along those same lines, in an article today by Alex Sosnowski, Expert Senior Meteorologist of, also from Drudge: “Another major storm has begun to cross the nation with areas of heavy snow, flooding rain and severe thunderstorms. The worst conditions with the storm may center over the Palm Sunday weekend.
Like many storms during the second half of the winter, this first major storm of the spring could threaten lives and property, bring significant travel disruptions and foil outdoor plans.
The storm will drive cold air southward over the Rockies and part of the Great Basin.”
So, maybe it’s just me that doesn’t get it about global warming, and that’s only because the facts don’t seem to fit the gibberish. But I have to assume that there are a few other folks who think their might be a glitch in the theory when they’re shoveling their cars out on Palm Sunday. 
And speaking of double-talk, I then found an item by Robert Tait, of the U.K.’s Telegraph who was in Jerusalem and wrote that: ”Mr. Obama walked a thin diplomatic line during [his] speech, urging Israelis to accept Palestinians' right to self-determination, but also insisting it is time for the Arab world to "take steps toward normalizing relations" with the Jewish state. 
"Israelis must recognize that continued settlement activity is counterproductive to the cause of peace, and that an independent Palestine must be viable, that real borders will have to be drawn," Mr. Obama said. 
He also insisted: "Palestinians must recognize that Israel will be a Jewish state, and that Israelis have the right to insist upon their security."
in other words, both sides are right according to him and he can add nothing to the solution.
So, maybe the incumbent could get a job as a weatherman after leaving the White House. Because there seems to be an exact parallel here between experts who know nothing about what the weather will be tomorrow, yet speak emphatically as oracles. Just like politicians do about subjects that are over their heads.
That’s it for today folks.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

BloggeRhythms 3/20/2013

I sometimes wonder how politicians can walk at all. Because most often, they’ve got one foot in their mouths while their heads are up their tails.
And perhaps it’s their head’s location that prohibits them from thinking things through before they speak. But more likely it’s simply the constant urge to talk, and talk, and talk, and talk regardless that their blabber makes no sense.
In that regard though, I’ve never seen a political hack more intellectually dense than Harry Reid. He has equals of course, like Pelosi, Boxer, Schumer, the incumbent and such, but nobody’s lower on the IQ pole than he is, for sure.
So I guess it’s no surprise that immediately after the tragic training deaths yesterday, Reid jumped on the issue first chance he got to take political advantage of the horrible event by stating that: "It's just not appropriate, Mr. President, that our military can't train and do the maintenance necessary. These men and women, our Marines, were training there in Hawthorne and with the sequester it's going to cut this stuff back, and I just hope everyone understands sacrifices made by our military, they are significant."
However, as despicable as his employing this situation for political purposes is, he once again began yammering without considering what actually took place.
Because as I interpret his words, what he’s implying is that military leaders will deploy trainees, or troops themselves, whether they’re properly prepared or not. And that means it’s the leaders who will be at fault by sending untrained personnel into situations beyond their abilities, which has nothing whatsoever to do with available funds, it has to do with resource allocation.
Consequently, what Reid likely should have said in trying to make a point beyond his personal acuity was that there will be fewer troops that can be properly trained due to sequestration and budget cuts resulting in a smaller military, not less training funds to be spread across a larger group.
Therefore when it’s all said and done, perhaps Mr. Reid can help himself by considering the point I tried to make today. And since I think that would probably be a good thing, I hope he can find someone to read it to him and explain the big words as well.
That’s it for today folks.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

BloggeRhythms 3/19/2013

Slow news day, but found an interesting parallel to what's happening to California's economy and will likely happen across the U.S. unless the Dem’s wake up and realize their fiscal ideas don’t work now and never will.

Cyprus is on the brink of financial collapse. As a result, the government wants to tax every citizen with a bank account and is going to start seizing capital assets. 
According to Michele Kambas and Matt Robinson of Reuters on-line, Cyprus’ “Parliament began debating the hit on deposits and unless it votes for it EU countries say they will withhold a bailout, plunging one of the smallest European states closer to financial oblivion.”

Hearing the news, “Russia's envoy to the EU, Vladimir Chizov, likened the levy to a ‘forceful expropriation’ that could wreck Cyprus's financial system. When the banks open, people will rush to withdraw their deposits - that's another threat - and then the whole banking system can collapse." 

Now, since this sounds pretty similar to what’s happening in California to me, I can’t understand why Dem’s keep doing the same thing over and over again and never learn from their errors. 

Because although I can surely see that their intentions are to bleed whoever has a quarter, take twenty thee cents for themselves and then redistribute the remaining two cents to the indigent, why do they keep trying to bite off the hands that feed them? To me it would seem far wiser to try to find a sensible middle economic ground whereas left alone to grow the productive types would have more to give them and be far more willing to do that. 
But then again, if these politicos had any brains they’d be out working productively themselves instead of stealing nickels and dimes from the public and behaving like the low-rent hookers they are. 

At the same time, while socialists scramble to find cash to steal from those who earned it, I found an article by Penny Starr of who writes that “The Department of the Interior’s Fish and Wildlife Service has awarded $3.8 million in 2011 and 2012 for a “African Elephant Conservation” grant that, in part, aims to “decrease human-elephant conflict.”

The grant award for 2013 is estimated at $1.5 million to continue efforts to protect African elephants and their habitat, according to

The funds will go to “any African government agency responsible for African elephant conservation and protection and any other organization or individual with demonstrated experience in African elephant conservation,” the grant description states.

The description also notes that no documentation or credentials are required to apply for the grant.”

So, I guess when the nation’s in debt up to its eyeballs and the incumbent whines and moans about budget cuts he doesn’t think should be enacted, it’s good to find out how wisely the government spends what it takes in now. 
And I’m pretty sure that those on food stamps because they can't find jobs, nor afford fuel for their cars, are really thrilled to know that African elephants have $3.8 million of taxpayer’s funds being spent to ensure they get along with the two or three humans they meet once in a while on their protected veldt.

That’s it for today folks.


Monday, March 18, 2013

BloggeRhythms 3/18/2013

It’s simply amazing how fast the most bleeding-hearted liberals change when hit in the pocketbook. And the one eating his words today is none other than HBO “Real Time” host Bill Maher.
Now, I’ve never seen him, know less than nothing about him or his show but have heard his name loudly proffered whenever liberal causes need undying support. Except, I guess if he’s asked to chip in to help cover the costs.
At this point I could continue my own dialogue on the subject, but after re-reading the comments he made during a panel discussion of current Capitol Hill budget policy, I think it’s best just to leave them as is from the show.
The panel included MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow, who blasted Representative Paul Ryan’s budget proposal “as beneficial to the rich.”
She then said that, “The Ryan budget is a document that says the big problems in American right now are that rich people do not have enough money. They need relief from confiscatory tax rates.” 
Mr. Maher answered: “You know what? Rich people — I’m sure you’d agree with this — actually do pay the freight in this country.”
Mr. Maher then cited statistics that California millionaires pay nearly 40 percent to the federal government and another near 15 percent to the state.
“I just want to say liberals — you could actually lose me. It’s outrageous what we’re paying — over 50 percent. I’m willing to pay my share, but yeah, it’s ridiculous.”
So, there we have it, another ticked-off limousine liberal finally coming out of the closet and stating that he’s tired of carrying deadbeat’s freight, although not in those exact words. And to boot, it’s another Californian who’s had enough taxation which adds to the high-profilers already leaving in droves. 
And as for me I can’t wait for the day when Jerry Brown and his minions of losers are standing there in the sun all alone, scratching their heads and saying, “We’re hungry. Who’s going to feed us now that everyone else has left town?”
That’s it for today folks.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

BloggeRhythms 3/17/2013

The subject of gun control arose again today. Gregory Gwyn-Williams, Jr. of via Drudge, writes that “On March 12 and 14, the Senate Judiciary Committee passed both Sen. Charles Schumer's (D-NY) "Fix Gun Checks Act," which would criminalize all private firearm sales and Sen. Dianne Feinstein's (D-CA) "Assault Weapons Ban."
However, the article continues that, “These bills have a long way to go before they become law - if they ever do - but states across the nation are introducing their own legislation to preemptively defeat any new federal gun laws.”
There’s a long list of states taking individual action so I’ve attached  a link to be used if you want to read the data yourself: Growing Number of States Introduce Bills to Defy Federal Gun Laws
I mention the subject because I’ve brought it up before and still cannot understand why these folks in Congress have nothing better to do with their time than dream up unenforceable, meaningless legislation. And worse than that, why do their constituents let them?
I also can’t figure out why these two legislators think weapons are the cause of whatever malice I assume they’re trying to prevent. Because there are no laws in the world that will keep those who wish to do harm from completing their goals, they’ll simply be forced to find another method.
And I guess here we have a basic commonality that just popped into my mind which demonstrates that those using guns to do harm and those trying to stop them via legislation are precisely the same in mind set. 
Because those using the weapons are going to keep on doing the same thing over and over because it’s highly unlikely that they can be stopped from fulfilling a goal derived from serious mental instability. And, at the same time, this bunch of Congressional boobs is afflicted with intelligentsia absentia that forces them to continually pursue unattainable objectives for personal gain and photo ops. 
So, what it boils down to is one side using guns and the other meaningless drivel in their causes, which means if they ever face off for real, I’m pretty sure I know who I’d bet on to win.
That’s it for today folks.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

BloggeRhythms 3/16/2013

On Thursday  I mentioned that the incumbent said, “he would have “probably objected” over the White House’s handling of this issue (usage of drones)  if he were still a senator. But his viewpoint changed now that he occupies the Oval Office — not a room in a Senate office building.
Now this morning, according to CNBC on-line, “U.S. Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel announced plans on Friday to bolster U.S. missile defenses in response to "irresponsible and reckless provocations" by North Korea, which threatened a preemptive nuclear strike against the United States last week. 
The addition of another 14 interceptors amounts to a reversal of an Obama administration decision in 2010 to stop expansion of the missile interceptor system at 30. The Bush administration had planned to deploy a total of 44.”
So, here we have another case where the POTUS realizes he made another mistake by pandering to his political base instead of originally trying to grasp his responsibilities as Commander in Chief.
This to me is quite a significant step because perhaps it indicates that the incumbent can actually think if he has to. And who knows, maybe as more folks go broke buying gas or suffering the damages of his inane health care bill, perhaps he might even try to fix those too. But, frankly, I wouldn’t get my hopes up to high because that’s a little much to ask.
On another subject, there’s this guy who went to preach Christianity in Iran and was arrested in January and sentenced to eight years in prison, accused of evangelizing and threatening national security.    
According to Fox News on-line, the man’s wife, Naghmeh Abedini, testified Friday on Capitol Hill and said, "I must say I'm disappointed with our government. I'm disappointed that our president and our State Department has not fully engaged in this case. I'm disappointed that this great country is not doing more to free my husband -- a U.S. citizen. I expect more from our government." 
As far as the situation itself goes, “The Iranian government does not recognize his American citizenship, though it had enabled him to travel freely between both countries until this past summer, when he was pulled off a bus and placed under house arrest, according to his supporters. Abedini has been held in Iran's brutal Evin prison since September of last year and was sentenced to eight years in prison.”
Now, while I certainly see why this woman's upset, the part I don’t understand is why she believes our government's responsible for getting her husband freed. Unless I missed something, he went there by choice, knew the risks and yet preached religious beliefs anti to the nation’s laws. And regardless of how restrictive Iranian laws may be, going against them doesn’t seem like something very wise to do by oneself. 
So, perhaps the lesson to be learned here is that before taking on the risks of evangelizing in a hostile nation, it’s probably best to check with our government first to see what they think before you go overseas by yourself. Unless of course you’re attached to the CIA or something like that. But that couldn’t possibly be true here could it? 
That’s it for today folks.

Friday, March 15, 2013

BloggeRhythms 3/15/2013

According to, Economic Policy via Drudge: “Chelsea Clinton is buying a $10.5 million spread right across the street from Madison Square Park, reports NyPo. The apartment is 5,000 square feet and is located in the Whitman.”
When I read the blurb, countless thoughts flashed through my head about where the money could possibly have come from. Thoughts about kickbacks, extortion, bribes, theft, phony book sales and just about anything else you can dream of likely done by her parents. Because there's no way on earth the bucks’ll come from Chelsea herself who I don’t think is even employed.
But while I was considering just how much of the old Clinton stuff to dig up to make my point, I found the following entry at the end of the article by a reader,1amspartacus, who put the hypocrisy perfectly in a reply.  
“Ahhh yes, a mere $2100 per square foot - two times the annual income in:

Burkina Faso
Central African Republic
Congo, Dem. Rep.
Gambia, The
Korea, Dem Rep.
Kyrgyz Republic
Sierra Leone
Sleep well my children...”
That’s it for today folks.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

BloggeRhythms 3/14/2013

Josh Gerstein and Manu Raju of Politico on-line, “President Barack Obama’s defense to Democratic senators complaining about how little his administration has told Congress about the legal justifications for his drone policy: Dick Cheney was worse.
Now, to me, that answer’s completely child-like and far beneath someone holding the office of POTUS. However, it’s certainly consistent with everything else the guy does.
But, reading further I found out that “While Obama defended his handling of the issue, he told his former Senate colleagues he understood their concerns about being left out of the loop on such sensitive decisions and noted that he would have “probably objected” over the White House’s handling of this issue if he were still a senator. But his viewpoint changed now that he occupies the Oval Office — not a room in a Senate office building.”
I mention this because although its quite rare for me to agree with just about anything the POTUS says, thinks, or does, in this case I believe he’s absolutely correct. He was elected to do a job, take reasonability, and lead the nation which to my way of thinking should provide him some latitude when important matters must be handled expediently and individually.
But now, having said that, and accepting his new-found knowledge that sometimes working outside the lines thought proper by his constituents because of his belief that some things need be done differently in the nation’s best interest, why doesn’t he do that in many places where his party’s beliefs are totally wrong?
Why does he sit there and watch gas prices rise for no other reason that his party’s inane environmental concerns? Why does he not do a thing to stimulate economic growth but instead let strangling health care legislation and tax increases inhibit business expansion? Why does he let unions put cities like Detroit in financial ruin? Why does he let foreign policy evaporate and leave our allies standing alone? Why doesn’t he let them turn the switch on the Keystone pipeline which by itself would stimulate the economy and create countless jobs?
So, I guess today’s conclusion is that the POTUS is actually aware of his responsibilities, though he hides that factor really well. And although not his intention to prove the following point in his answer to inquiring colleagues about his employment of executive powers: He knows full and well how much damage he’s already done to this nation himself. All of which goes to prove then, that’s obviously exactly what he wanted to happen to it all along.
That’s it for today folks.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

BloggeRhythms 3/13/2013

According to Andrew Grossman, of The Wall Street Journal on-line via Drudge: “The Bloomberg administration filed plans Tuesday to appeal a judge's decision to strike down a ban on the sale of large sugary drinks in New York, setting up what is likely to be a lengthy legal fight that could outlast the mayor's term in office and affect the balance of power at City Hall.”
After the ruling, Mayor Bloomberg visited a restaurant and said, "In the end, our customers that live longer are going to be happier customers, and they're certainly going to be with us a lot longer.”
On the other side, Matthew Geller, who represents a group of theater owners who challenged the ban said  "This decision is not about soda, nor about obesity. It is about power. The decision illustrates that the mayor and the Department of Health exceeded their authority as the legislative branch, and violated the separation of powers."
Now, as for me, I think the mayor’s absolutely and unequivocally wrong in taking up this issue to begin with, and moving on to an appeal is such an incredible waste of time and funds it’s absolutely incomprehensible. However, the attorney for the other side came close but missed the basic point himself.
The way I see this issue, if there even is one, is that it stems from behavioral patterns in people’s lives that can’t simply be changed by laws at all. Because obesity isn’t caused or continued by the size of a soda container, it goes much deeper than that. And the only thing this dumb legislation will do is force sugar-craving addicts to either buy more smaller drinks or ingest the calories some other way.
So, if the mayor really wants to cure obesity, let him donate his billions for shrinks who can then go out and seek the individual causes of excessive sugar ingestion within the population whereas it’s highly likely that personal root causes are quite specific to each and every one who overindulges.
However, that likely won’t happen because that solution makes too much sense. But worse than that, it might actually do some good which is the absolute reverse of what.politicians of every stripe are known for. And heaven knows, they can't let something good ruin their reputations as card-carrying, headline seeking, worthless dolts. 
That’s it for today folks.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

BloggeRhythms 3/12/2013

I must admit that there are lot’s of things that go on in the world that I simply don’t understand, many of them concerning politics, how and why people vote, and particularly the damage voters often do to themselves.
For example, I’m sure that anyone able to comprehend at the most basic of levels knew precisely who did the damage to this nation over the last six years. Four of them directly the fault of the incumbent and the preceding two by Democrats in Congress able to undermine Republican efforts regarding the economy, foreign affairs and immigration in particular. And yet, the incumbent was reelected anyway.
And now today I read the results of a recent McClatchy-Marist poll showing “Obama tumbling in voters eyes” according to Steven Thomma of McClatchy Newspapers on-line via Drudge.
The article begins, “If President Barack Obama had piled up political capital with his impressive re-election, it’s largely gone.
His approval rating has dropped to the lowest level in more than a year, with more voters now turning thumbs down on his performance than thumbs up, according to a new McClatchy-Marist poll. The measure of how much people like him also has dropped.”
I’ve included a link so you  can read the details yourself. SHOCK POLL- More Prefer Congressional Republicans Over Obama On budget
So, here we are three months into a second term where the winner is performing just as badly as in his first, people are unhappy and complaining about it, but my question is: Since there are no surprises here and the consistency of ineptitude is perfect, what exactly did these ignoramuses expect?  
Along those lines  I recently wrote an entry in which asked, tongue in cheek, how many Democrats it takes to screw in a lightbulb. But after reading today’s poll results and voters reactions, I’m now sure a couple of thousand of those airheads won’t be enough to figure it out.
That’s it for today folks.