Saturday, August 31, 2013

BloggeRhythms 8/31/2013

Whereas most of what I see and hear in the news indicates that most world leaders feel the incumbent is weak on foreign policy, doesn’t command their respect and is especially reluctant to engage in military conflict, it seems extremely odd that he keeps threatening some form of engagement, even limited, in Syria.
And then I read an article on Drudge today by Erik Wasson and Jeremy Herb of, that provides what very well be the answer to his unusual militaristic behavior.
Titled, “Some see Syria as edge for Obama in fiscal showdown,” the column explains that “U.S. military action in Syria could give the White House an advantage in the looming fiscal showdown with congressional Republicans, according to defense and budget experts.”
The Syria crisis could very well boost calls by the incumbent and defense hawks to “reverse the automatic spending cuts to the Pentagon known as sequestration.”
According to Steve Bell, budget expert at the Bipartisan Policy Center, “If the U.S. moves forward with military action, it will underline the arguments of those who say keeping the sequester in place impairs U.S. military readiness. I think it has the possibility of advancing fiscal talks, I really do. Launched, it will be “very, very difficult to insist” on the defense sequester. Under those circumstances, I can see a 2014 continuing resolution] that would contain full funding for defense.”
So, just like every other circumstance the incumbent faces, speeches, vacations and golf always come first on his agenda. But if it puts a few more bucks in the till, even some barely understood and likely unneeded military action can be readily contemplated. 
Then on another note, back on August 25th I wrote that according to Real Science via Drudge, “Obama says that hurricanes are getting worse, based on some research done at the Choom Climatological Institute.” 
I followed that comment up with the fact that Real Science claimed that  “As we approach the end of August, there have been no Atlantic hurricanes. By this date in the year 1886, there had already been seven hurricanes – including three major hurricanes, one of which wiped the city of Indianola, Texas off the map.” 
Now today, I read that according to Phil Klotzbach, lead author of Colorado State University’s seasonal hurricane forecasts, “Six tropical systems have formed in the Atlantic since the season began June 1 and none of them has grown to hurricane strength with winds of at least 74 miles (120 kilometers) per hour. Accumulated cyclone energy in the Atlantic, a measure of tropical power, is about 30 percent of where it normally would be.”
Mr. Klotzbach therefore concluded that, “At this point, I doubt that a super-active hurricane season will happen.” 
So, here’s another expert confirming that just about everything this administration does is biased toward its contributors, activist base and lobbyists, while very little if anything ever has anything whatsoever do with the truth or documentable facts. But, at least, it really is very consistent whereas it hasn't been correct even once in it’s entire existence.
That’s it for today folks.

Friday, August 30, 2013

BloggeRhythms 8/30/2013

I did some research a few minutes ago, to look up an old business adage “He who talks first, loses,” because I’ve seen the point proven countless numbers of times. My search, however, turned up even a better quote I’d never heard before, "Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt," attributed to Abraham Lincoln. 
I mention this because, when it comes to digging holes for one’s self verbally, I doubt there’s anyone on earth better at that than the incumbent. At present, he’s again reminding me of Jimmy Taylor, great fullback of the Green Bay Packers, who proudly claimed he’d spent four years at LSU unscathed by education, which seems to be exactly the same as how the incumbent handles his current job. 
So, today we have a guy who’s supposed to be presidential who seems to be planning a likely senseless attack against Syria, simply because of threats he made in a speech. At the moment, though, he can’t seem to find anyone else who believes it’s a good idea, especially because no one really knows who the good or bad guys are, and the majority of opinion both here and abroad right now is, it’s a very, very bad plan, strategically and otherwise.
But, the most incredible thing to me is that the only reason for still going ahead with a plan no other nation really favors, is to prove that words that should never have been said are valid. And although its also been said that you can’t teach old dogs new tricks, apparently there are some who never, ever, learn anything at all.
Along the same lines, there’s that other disaster of the era, the incumbent's new health care tax, which has now infuriated one of his longest and strongest allies, major union leaders.
Apparently, according to three of them “sent a scathing letter to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi of California," which said, “Time is running out. Congress wrote this law. We voted for you. We have a problem -- you need to fix it."
A key complaint is that “defining part-time work as less than 30 hours encourages employers to cut workers to 29 1/2 hours to avoid the requirement to provide health insurance” which is obviously a monstrously huge problem.
However, as exists with the rest of the new tax, it seems to me that there’s no easy fix to the problem because no matter how full time labor’s defined, employers are going to move as many employees as they can to less than full-time work thereby avoiding financial expense and liability.
Consequently, this issue can now be added to a whole array of others that make absolutely no economic sense, which is exactly what should be expected from legislation designed by clueless bureaucrats. 
And in the end, I don’t think it really matters how much revising the new tax gets whereas no group of politicians and union heads is ever going to outthink or outwork those who’ve built the businesses that make the nation run financially. 
And that’s because it takes some brains and ability to be successful economically which are qualities that parasites don’t have. Which is why instead of doing something on the productive side, they whine, moan, wheedle, threaten and cry, the only strategies these leeches have ever been capable of.   
That’s it for today folks.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

BloggeRhythms 8/29/2013

Several items today, starting with Syria's causing a strange set of political circumstances to take place.

Whereas the incumbent failed to take action two years ago, Syria’s now amidst a war purported to have seen the use of chemical weapons, something he said would cross a red line he imposed. 
Consequently, he must now step up and deliver on his warning, which he really doesn’t want to do, so he’s got a fleet of warships sitting and waiting for attack orders to proceed.

And then, who came along to get him off the hook? British Prime Minister David Cameron, which might be expected, but also arch enemy John Boehner, of all people. The Republican leader in the House is demanding a congressional review and vote before any military action can be taken.

So, if the incumbent uses his head in this situation, he’ll do nothing at all, his greatest strength, until Congress or some other excuse arises at which to point fingers. Which is like many winning poker players who learn that quite often it’s much better to be lucky than good.

Then there’s another item about the pervert in NYC who looks like he’s walking for mayor, because his campaign sure isn’t running.

According to, “Anthony Weiner is having such a hard time generating support for his limp campaign that he has resorted to paying a rent-a-crowd firm to provide "supporters" for his events, The Post has learned.

Some of the gung-ho Weiner crowds, including at the Aug. 11 Dominican Day Parade in Manhattan, were really actors who were paid $15 an hour by the California firm Crowds on Demand, according to a source with direct knowledge of the deal.”

I mention this because it illustrates that this guy Wiener can’t seem to get anything right, even though he purports to be a Democrat. One would think that  since he’s been involved in his party for many years now, he'd certainly understand by now that “renting” isn’t the way to succeed with constituents. Because, in order to win you have to buy them outright. 

In his own state he’s got examples like Cuomo and Schumer who give away almost everything that isn’t nailed down. But even they don’t come close to the guy at the top of the pile in DC who gave trillions of the nation’s wealth to half of the population that voted him in twice.

And that’s why even though the results for others speak for themselves, this guy Wiener must be dumber than a stone. Because as renters have been learning for years now, it’s always better to own.

Along the same lines, speaking of stupidity, Alana Semuels  of the Los Angeles Times via Drudge, writes that “Beginning a day of protests that organizers say will spread to 50 cities and 1,000 stores across the country, a crowd of chanting workers gathered Thursday morning at a McDonald's in midtown Manhattan to call for higher wages and the chance to join a union.”

Ms. Samuels noted that “About 500 people, including workers, activists, religious leaders, news crews and local politicians, gathered outside the McDonald's on Fifth Avenue. The protesters chanted "Si Se Puede" ("Yes, We Can") and "Hey, hey, ho, ho $7.25 has got to go," holding signs saying "On Strike: Can't Survive on $7.25," referring to the federal minimum wage.”

It’s now expected that the protest will spread to other stores in New York and L.A.

However, to me it seems there’s a very good reason for the level of pay for the tasks involved. Because that’s what the productivity’s worth. And were the labor costs to rise, fewer would be hired, less outlets would be built, and worse, customers would stop buying over-priced food. But, the employee/union position is even more dire than that. 

According to the article, “The Employment Policies Institute, a Washington-based think tank, has placed a full-page ad in the Wall Street Journal with a picture of a robot making what looks like pancakes. It explains that restaurants have to reduce their costs of service to keep prices low, which might mean switching to robots if wages get too high.”

So, at the moment, wages are at a level employers can live with, but if they’re forced to capitulate, instead of paying more to people they’ll automate to preserve their margin of profit. And if employees have a problem with that, the key to more income is increasing their skill levels and business knowledge, because right now they’re already being paid more than they’re worth.

That’s it for today folks.


Wednesday, August 28, 2013

BloggeRhythms 8/28/2013

While a former street organizer from Chicago, having no shred of warfare experience whatsoever, ponders bombing Syria, crude oil prices have climbed to more than $110.00 a barrel.
Consequently, since he ignored or refused taking appropriate action in Syria more than two years ago, while continuing to pander to bird-watchers and believers in climatology that doesn’t even exist, I’m going to wind up paying two to three times what I should to gas up my car.
In the meantime, though, the incumbent’s still got his foot squarely on the neck of the Keystone pipeline, which would shut oil speculators down in a heartbeat, while moving us away from spiraling fuel prices every time some Middle-Eastern nation hiccups, self-destructs or implodes.
So, here all of us are in an economy strangled by one who’s anti-business, anti-growth and anti-success, whose idea of progress is bringing all citizens down to the lowest levels in his version of equality. All of which translates to a nation going backward in every measurement of success there is.
In that regard, I’ve seen several versions of a parody of one of JFK’s most memorable lines delivered in a speech in Berlin 50 years ago: “And so, my fellow Americans: ask not what your country can do for you—ask what you can do for your country.”
The incumbent, however, has changed that line a bit during his tenure to read: Ask not what this country can do for you, ask what can all of you do for me.
While researching today’s entry, I found a YouTube link that pretty much says it all: JFK vs. BO - Are they really the same party- - YouTube
That’s it for today folks.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

BloggeRhythms 8//27/2013

A few days ago, I wrote about some Democrat senator or other lamenting about her visits to France and Spain where they have guaranteed health care for all, yet still not completely here in the U.S.
At the time, I noted that although it’s true regarding the right to free services, I suspected that the supply and quality might be lacking because the system’s premise makes no economic sense. To me, it’s like the store that advertises free birdseed, but when a customer asks for some, they’re always out of stock.
Furthermore, in any case regarding supply and demand, quality of service or product, or any other aspect of commerce, the last person on earth to ask for help or advice would be a politician. These people’s major, and most often, only concern is the appeal of their words while promise fulfillment is a completely alien concept.
In that regard, an article today on by Jim Angle goes a long way toward proving that premise, whereas he writes that: “Some 10,000 baby boomers will retire every day for the next 19 years, including many doctors. But at the same time, more people will be looking for health providers under ObamaCare -- meaning there could be a potentially wide numbers gap between those seeking treatment and those available to provide it.”
Mr. Angle then quotes Dr. Jeff Cain, President of the American Academy of Family Physicians, who explains: "We have an increasing population, we have more Americans that are getting older that need more health care. And with the 30 million Americans that are newly insured with the affordable health care act, more people are looking for primary care."
At the same time, while medical colleges predict a huge shortage of physicians, more than 90,000 by 2020 and 130,000 or more by 2025, Cain notes that “Almost a third of family doctors in rural America are thinking about retiring in the next five years."
However, as dire as the statistics appear, there’s no doubt that the new health care tax is making the situation worse as noted by Avik Roy of the Manhattan Institute for Policy Research, who added that on top of retiring baby boomer physicians, "there are a lot of doctors who are just so frustrated; today with all the bureaucracy involved in taking care of patients that they're retiring early."
But it’s Dr. Ramin Oskoui, president of the medical staff at Sibley Hospital in Washington, who put it best by saying: "one of the great misconceptions about ObamaCare is that just because you have health insurance, you'll therefore get adequate health care and you'll have access to it. I think nothing could be further from the truth."
As for myself, while Dr. Oskoui confirmed my point perfectly, I think his comments address only part of the subject. Because although health care’s his issue, the problem goes far deeper than that.
If you take a step back and look at the overall situation, health care’s only one facet of a far greater problem. Because this is a case where a politician stepped into an issue he knows zero about, learned nothing more, bulled his way into the middle and for political purposes only, killed the finest medical system that’s ever existed.
Consequently, in order to score points with a destitute segment of his constituency, he simply created another vehicle for redistribution. And as is the case of all aspects of socialism, the concept can’t sustain in the future, never has and never will. But, as with all else done by this administration, if it gets more votes, it never matters who or what gets killed in the process.  
That’s it for today folks.

Monday, August 26, 2013

BloggeRhythms 8/26/2013

On Saturday, a item addressed an interview with the incumbent by CNN anchor Chris Cuomo. It caught my eye because I thought it incomprehensible that a sitting president of the most powerful nation on earth gave serious consideration to the opposition of a radio talk show host, Rush Limbaugh.
However, the result of the incumbent’s obviously serious concerns  illustrated that serious-minded, well-informed, highly respected critics have an impact that even a twice-elected president finds fearful.
I mention this again, because of another article I read today about another well-known radio voice, Mark Levin, who authored a new book, "The Liberty Amendments."
According to the article, via Drudge, Levin appeared at a store, Book Revue on Long Island, NY on August 17 to a huge crowd of fans, lining up around the block.
I myself, listened to Mr. Levin every now and then a few years ago, and while agreeing with many of his positions and points, found him loud, often abrasive, and with many callers, flat-out rude. So, I most often turned him off.
While reading the column about his book today, I found reader comments following, one of which informed that the first chapter could be read on-line, so I looked it up.
What I found was that, Mr. Levin, or a ghost if he used one, used vocabulary so stilted and pedantic that I focused more on the words themselves than the subject. It seemed to me that if there was a three syllable, erudite noun or verb available instead of a simpler one, he or they used it. Consequently, I gave up and logged off.
I bring this up because, although Rush and Levin are in precisely the same business, Rush comes across as a down-to-earth, regular guy who writes much likes he speaks. And though a little long-winded, he’s most often easily understood. He's frequently quite funny too, which helps take the edge off. 
Levin, on the other hand, may be just as bright, and is certainly as well-informed as they come, but to me comes across verbally and in print as a pompous, arrogant, elitist.
In the end though, it really doesn’t matter how he sounds to me, because he has a large audience of devout followers. And, most important of all, he and Rush in particular, along with many others have built a platform for expressing important opinions having significant impact. So much so that even POTUS is obviously worried about their growing influence.
Nonetheless though, I for one think their audience could even be bigger, if Mr. Levin presented his thoughts in a way that more folks like me could not only fathom, but didn't give them a headache too. 
That’s it for today folks.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

BloggeRhythms 8/25/2013

Not much going on in the news today, except for the administration's quandary about how to fix their mistaken approach to the growing turmoil in Syria.
I think John Bolton, former UN Ambassador, put it best on Fox “America’s News Headquarters” Saturday, saying that there appears to be “amazing confusion” on the president’s part about how to handle the Syria crisis and reports of chemical weapon use. 
Last August, the incumbent stated that the U.S.position on chemical weapons was that “even chemical weapon movement would cross a red line.” 
The ambassador went on to say “I personally think having issued the red line in the first place was a mistake.”
So, at least, the administration continues to be extremely consistent because they haven’t done a thing correctly yet.
In that regard, according to Real Science via Drudge, “Obama says that hurricanes are getting worse, based on some research done at the Choom Climatological Institute.
As we approach the end of August, there have been no Atlantic hurricanes. By this date in the year 1886, there had already been seven hurricanes – including three major hurricanes, one of which wiped the city of Indianola, Texas off the map.”
After reading the preceding, I looked up the “Choom Climatological Institute,” finding nothing listed about them on the web. However, I couldn’t find anything of substance about “Real Science” either. Therefore I’m assuming that Drudge has done homework, and that both are legitimate entities. But, even if Real Science isn’t, I’ve seen the same hurricane statistics in other, trustworthy, locations.
Then there was a short article from Daniel Halper’s The Blog in The Weekly Standard noting that “DNC chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz declined to comment on Anthony Weiner's bid to become the next mayor of New York City:”
Schultz went on that “the voters would be deciding the outcome of that race, and added, We can't be weighing in on every single race in the country."
Now, I didn’t realize that she was the DNC chair, but remember her because of her whining that “prices of meals in House restaurants are getting so high that aides are being “priced out” of a good meal.“ But, other than that, I’m not aware of any other of her brilliant insights into important issues affecting the nation today.
Nonetheless though, I’m sure that if any Republican, no matter the position held, was caught in some kind of scandal, even the most trivial, this flea-brained nitwit would be all over the issue in a “New York minute.” Because that’s all that double-standard politico’s like her live for. 
I also think it’s interesting that she and the pervert served in the U.S. House of Representatives together.
Then, lastly, there’s the following about one of my favorite’s, Donald Trump.
This time, he didn’t bankrupt a company like the several others he’s tanked. Instead he’s being sued by the New York Attorney General who says Trump’s “University’s” phony.
According to Michael Gormley of myway via Drudge, “New York's attorney general sued Donald Trump for $40 million Saturday, saying the real estate mogul helped run a phony "Trump University" that promised to make students rich but instead steered them into expensive and mostly useless seminars, and even failed to deliver promised apprenticeships.”
Trump, of course, denies the allegation vehemently which is par for the course. Since I think the article’s worth reading, I’ve included a link. NY AG Sues Trump Over 'Phony' Trump University
That’s it for today folks 

Saturday, August 24, 2013

BloggeRhythms 8/24/2013

Congratulations to El Rushbo whom, according to Noah Rothman on Mediaite via Drudge, the incumbent elevated to the same level as Republican congress members and their party’s base, as follows: 
“In an exclusive interview with CNN’s Chris Cuomo on Friday, President Barack Obama said that the upcoming fight over the continuation of a resolution which will fund the government does not have to be a fight at all. He said that enough Republicans in Congress agree that seeking to defund the Affordable Care Act is a bad idea, but they are afraid of angering their base or of conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh.”
While I found it odd that a sitting president would attribute that much power to a radio talk show host, though obviously concerned about the host’s influence, I found his further comments even stranger.
He went on to say: “Congress doesn’t have a whole lot of core responsibilities. One core responsibility is passing a budget, which they have not done yet. The other core responsibility that they’ve got is to pay the bills that they’ve already accrued.”
So, from his phrasing, the incumbent spoke as if he were a third party uninvolved in any of the matters, and that the United States Congress was a group having almost nothing to do. However, the truth is the complete and unequivocal reverse.
Congress passed many budgets during the incumbents tenure to date, it’s the administration that hasn’t. And those that actually were presented were so unbalanced, generally adding significantly to the already out of control national debt, Republicans refused to support them.
Furthermore, and far more outlandish, is placing the blame for his own unbridled spending on the only group dedicatedly trying to stop him.
So, here we have nothing more than the incumbent’s continuing strategy of complete denial, coupled with either dishonesty or delusion, addressing his own considerable misjudgments as if they were done by somebody else.
And, to that extent, another example arose yesterday when, according to via Drudge: Secretary of the US Department of Health and Human Services, Kathleen Sebelius, said "Unfortunately, you can't fix -- we won't fix the immigration system, unfortunately, through the health care bill, but I think having the immigration bill that passed the Senate, pass the House, would be a huge step."
Now, I have no doubt that what the secretary said is what she truly believes, even though whether she knows it or not, the Senate-passed immigration bill would put some 11 million illegal aliens on a path to eventual citizenship, first by giving them provisional legal status.”
So, doing it her way would right off the bat add up to 11 million more folks to those the nation can’t afford to cover, healthcare-wise, now.  Which fits right in with the incumbent’s free-ride mindset, and would no doubt be blamed in his rationale on Republicans in Congress, or Rush, somehow or other.
Moving along to the end of the article, there were reader comments, one of which addressed the Democrat constituency as follows: “They vote Democrat because they believe people who can't accurately tell us if it will rain on Friday, can predict the polar ice caps will melt away in ten years if I don't start driving a Chevy Volt.”
Which leads me right into my next subject, an article by Wesley Pruden of the Washington Times that states: “President Obama tried the other day to elbow Al [Gore] aside to lead with his assertion that hurricanes are getting worse and that only he has the power to put them in their place. Hurricanes are actually getting not worse, but fewer. Only three major hurricanes have made landfall so far in Mr. Obama’s presidency. Grover Cleveland, who was president between 1885 and 1889, entertained 26 major hurricanes during his presidency, and that was before global warning was invented.
We were scheduled to see an enormous melting of polar ice by now, but even the ice won’t co-operate. The U.S. Navy forecasts twice as much mid-September ice this year as it measured in 2012.”

The entire article’s well worth reading, so I’ve included a link.
That's it for today folks. 

Friday, August 23, 2013

BloggeRhythms 8/23/2012

Motor-mouth was avoiding his job again, touring on a bus instead, promoting his plan for a new government rating system for colleges and universities tying the rankings to billions of dollars in federal student aid.
And perhaps the reason he didn’t want to be around the place he was supposed to be, the White House, can be found in article by Jeffrey H. Anderson of The Weekly Standard via Drudge.
It seems that, during the incumbent’s economic recovery, ”typical American household income has not only dropped—it has dropped more than twice as much as it did during the recession.
New estimates from the Census Bureau's Current Population Survey by Sentier Research indicate that the real (inflation-adjusted) median annual household income in America has fallen by 4.4 percent during the "recovery," after having fallen by 1.8 during the recession.
During the recession, the median American household income fell by $1,002 (from $55,480 to $54,478). During the recovery—that is, from the officially defined end of the recession (in June 2009) to the most recent month for which figures are available (June 2013)—the median American household income has fallen by $2,380 (from $54,478 to $52,098).”
That means typical American households make almost $2,400 less per year than four years ago, when the incumbent’s "recovery" began.
But, then it gets worse because at the same time, according to John Merline, of Investor’s Business Daily “The average employer-provided family health insurance premiums have climbed $2,976 since 2009, according to an annual Kaiser Family Foundation survey released this week. They're up $3,671 compared with the year before President Obama took office. That's despite Obama's repeated promises that the health care reform law he championed would cut premiums by $2,500 in his first term.”
Statistics also show that annual premium increases have actually moderated over the past two years, but that’s due to trends in the insurance market largely unrelated to ObamaCare. And, the new health care tax could, unfortunately, reverse that trend as well.
Because of the sluggish economy, Joseph Antos, a health care expert at the American Enterprise Institute says that “The failure of the economy to bounce back as quickly as it has after past recessions has prolonged [a] dampening effect on health spending." There has also been a broader shift underway for years toward higher-deductible plans that provide consumers with a stronger incentive to economize on health spending.
So, if the economy was better, and people weren’t so budget conscious, they’d have spent more on health care which, in turn, would cause all the costs to rise.
Consequently, I guess you could then make the point that killing the economy is justifiable and actually good for the population. Because since folks have less in their pockets, they’re spending less on health care then they would have, making the numbers look far better than they really are.
Which means that once again, to get to the truth you have to obtain and study all the data carefully. Because if you don’t, folks like those in the administration will bury you in misinformation and distorted facts. All of which can be very confusing to those who don’t know for sure which corners the mirrors are in.  
That’s it for today folks.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

BloggeRhythms 8/22/2013

Samantha Power, replaced Susan Rice as ambassador to the United Nations. Rice is the one who spent a Sunday on news and talk shows, denying that the raid on our Benghazi diplomatic mission was a planned terrorist attack, an absolute and utter falsehood without question.
In Ms. Powers case, confirmation for her new post raised some questions about her personal beliefs, such as a 2003 article for The New Republic in which she wrote that the U.S. needs to make "a historical reckoning with crimes committed, sponsored, or permitted by the United States."
Nonetheless, she was confirmed for the new post and, according to “During her hearing, she testified that the failure of the Security Council to act on Syria is a "disgrace that history will judge harshly."
Then, “She tackled Syria again during an online Twitter town hall she hosted last week. She said helping Syrian refugees is a priority. "Need peace so Syrians can lives safe at home," she tweeted.”
And after that, “She tweeted about the latest allegations on Wednesday, writing: "Yesterday:  Reports devastating: 100s dead in streets, including kids killed by chem weapons. UN must get there fast & if true, perps must face justice."
However, for Ms. Powers, much like everyone else in the current administration, realities seem to consistently differ from just about everything she says, purports or promises. 
In her case, despite all her deep concerns about Syria, she “skipped a major Security Council meeting Wednesday on the alleged chemical weapons attack in Syria, a move that drew sharp criticism considering her past comments denouncing the council's inaction on the violence.” She sent an underling instead.
But, despite all of the growing evidence of the administration and its members incompetence, its proving to be the most consistent groups of individuals I’ve ever encountered. Because in the almost five years of their existence, they’ve not made even one good decision, which has to be some kind of record.
Further along on the subject of consistency, AlGore once again surfaced, discussing his favorite topic, “global warming” with Ezra Klein in his Wonkblog column in The Washington Post.
Mr. Klein requested, “Give me the optimistic scenario on what happens next. If all goes well, what do the next few years look like on this issue?”
AlGore responded: “Well, I think the most important part of it is winning the conversation. I remember as a boy when the conversation on civil rights was won in the South. I remember a time when one of my friends made a racist joke and another said, hey man, we don’t go for that anymore. The same thing happened on apartheid. The same thing happened on the nuclear arms race with the freeze movement. The same thing happened in an earlier era with abolition. A few months ago, I saw an article about two gay men standing in line for pizza and some homophobe made an ugly comment about them holding hands and everyone else in line told them to shut up. We’re winning that conversation.”
In this case, AlGore’s reply was beyond doubt correct, regarding the subjects he mentioned. Attitudes toward civil rights, racism, nuclear arms, apartheid, and acceptance of sexual preference have indeed all changed for the better, in much, if not most of the free world.
But the major difference between those issues and his climate change gibberish is, those issues actually existed while global warming does not. Overall temperatures haven’t changed in the past 15 years.
Then again, though, if I were taking in hundreds of millions a year on that farce like he is, maybe I’d sell out my principles too, and lie for the money. Just like he, and any other hooker, does every day.
That's it for today folks.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

BloggeRhythms 8/21/2013

A headline went by this morning on Fox News, saying 75% of high school students were not capable of college entry reading levels, according to new, more accurate, qualification tests.
Since no more was discussed about the subject on the show, and this is one of my pet topics, I scanned the web for the data, but found nothing current. However, I did find data posted from last year.  
According to Kelsey Sheehy of US News on-line: “Nearly 1.7 million high school graduates took the ACT college entrance exam in 2012, testing their knowledge of four core subjects—English, math, science, and reading. But most of those students are not prepped for success in college or the workforce, according to a report released today by ACT, Inc.
More than a quarter of 2012 graduates fell short of college readiness benchmarks that ACT sets for all four subjects, and 60 percent of students tested missed the mark in at least two of the four subjects, the report states.
So, even last year, the results were somewhat the same, bringing an idea to mind which might very well solve a major part of problems in the nation’s entire education system today, especially in public schools.
It seems to me that every time the continuing decline in education is mentioned, those most responsible, administrators, teachers, and especially union reps, quickly and loudly proclaim funding lacks are the primary cause. In the meantime, however, budgets and expenses continually go up.
However, what the statistics indicate clearly is that for about 60%, maybe even 75, high school graduates the quality of education had really no practical value at all. Therefore, the students involved might as well have been in teacherless rooms, or perhaps, even stayed home.
So, since those teachers obviously wouldn’t be missed, why not terminate the lot and save billions of bucks in salary, benefits and whatever other expenses are involved, immediately solving the budgeting problems. 
And, there’s one thing I know. If the education were run like any real business is supposed to be managed, my scenario is exactly what would happen.
Moving on to another item, I’ve always ignored practically all of what anyone tells me, regardless of the subject, and depended instead on what real results actually indicate.
In that regard, some news today may foretell some problems ahead for the Democrat party. Because, no matter all their hype and smoke, it just could be that many of their constituents are getting fed up.
An article from via Drudge reports that: “The RNC also has significantly more cash on hand than the Democratic National Committee. It had $12.3 million in cash on hand and no debt at the end of July, while the DNC had $4.1 million in cash on hand and nearly $18.5 million in debt — an increase from the end of June.
The RNC reported raising about $5.9 million and spending $6.3 million last month, while the DNC raised $3.9 million and spent $5.4 million. 
The RNC has outraised its Democratic counterpart every month this year, despite President Obama's involvement in fundraising for the Democratic party and campaign committees.”
So, while I surely don’t know what this portends for the upcoming elections, if I had to guess, I’d say that if Republicans don’t make any huge waves or shoot themselves politically in the foot, right now they certainly seem to have the edge, supportwise.
That’s it for today folks.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

BloggeRhythms 8/20/2013

Just returned from voting on a local issue and had some thoughts about voter ID. Because I simply don’t understand how any caring citizen can have a problem with being required to prove who they are when voting.

The right to vote itself, though not specifically addressed in the Constitution, is the only real chance most citizen’s have to participate in the electoral process. And considering the impact electees’ have on voter’s lives, votes themselves are often critical. 
Consequently, if ID is required to drive a vehicle, take out a library book, or even to cash a check, in today’s day and age requiring voters to simply confirm who they are is so obviously the right thing to do, I can’t understand how anyone can honestly find fault with the premise.

Then there was this article on, among many others from various sources, stating that “Kuwait extended a $4 billion aid package to Egypt, adding to the $8 billion from Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates pledged yesterday. 
Kuwait will deposit $2 billion with the Egyptian central bank, give a $1 billion grant and offer $1 billion worth of oil and oil products, state-run Kuna said in a text message today.”

As far as Egypt itself is concerned, “Egypt’s reserves declined $1.1 billion in June to $14.9 billion, largely due to the annual re-evaluation of the country’s gold holdings, according to central bank data.”

So, as I’ve been mentioning fairly frequently lately, here’s another $12 billion dollars donated by neighbors to a nation that already has almost $15 billion of its own. And where did that money come from? 
Most of it came from a country that may have as much, if not more, oil resources of its own, but can’t use them because environmentalists are worried about climate changes that don’t exist, while others fear the red-billed, plaid-beaked wartmonger’s nests might be imperiled. 
That nation also has a president determined to pay back for campaign support, even though half the population needs welfare assistance, employment's moving to part-time jobs and many others are forced to choose between purchasing food or fuel. And if that doesn’t verge on abuse of power and gross malfeasance, I don’t know what does.

Which segways right into the next item, by Geoff Earle of The New York Post who writes that; “Bill Clinton’s foundation has spent more than $50 million on travel expenses since 2003, an analysis of the non-profit’s tax forms reveal.

The web of foundations run by the former president spent an eye-opening $12.1 million on travel in 2011 alone, according to an internal audit conducted by foundation accountants. That’s enough to buy 12,000 air tickets costing $1,000 each, or 33 air tickets each day of the year.”

That overall figure includes travel costs for the William J. Clinton Foundation (to which Hillary and Chelsea are now attached) of $4.2 million on travel in 2011, the most recent year where figures are available.

Additionally, “The Clinton Global Health Initiative spent another $730,000 on travel, while the Clinton Health Action Initiative (CHAI) spent $7.2 million on travel. CHAI also spent $2.9 million on meetings and training, according to the report, conducted by the Little Rock, Ark. Accounting firm BDK CPA’s and Advisors. All three entities have global reach, while CHAI has the most staff.”

However, what was most intriguing is that while all that money was spent on travel, “Wealthy businessman John Catsimatitis has lent aircraft to Clinton and to the foundation multiple times for travel, including Clinton’s recent trip to Africa along with daughter, Chelsea.

Clinton sometimes uses Catsimatitis’ Boeing 727, opting on other flights to use a smaller Gulfstream jet.”

Therefore, my question for today is: If Willy flies for free so often, and then does other things like spending considerable time on the ground, where did that $16 million in air travel cost really go?

And lastly. Yesterday I mentioned Louisiana’s Democrat Senator, Mary Landrieu, who's “embarrassed" by France and Spain where workers "all manage to have health insurance that can’t be taken away."

While addressing only the dreadful conditions of those nation's economies both of which are in serious decline, I overlooked the question of the quality of their socialistic health care programs. Because if there's one thing I'm sure of, it's illogical to assume that the quality can be any good whereas first class medical care is extremely costly.

So, my guess is those systems work much like Canada where, according to Merk Steyn's quip in America Alone, their system of socialized medicine has a ten month waiting list for maternity beds. Or perhaps, its like Venezuela where its president, Hugo Chavez, went to Cuba instead for cancer treatment several times. Which as I recall, didn't exactly work out too well for him. 

That's it for today folks.


Monday, August 19, 2013

BloggeRhythms 8/19/2013

Reading Chris Stirewalt’s column on Fox News First just now, one of the items jumped off the page, setting me off to do some research.
Mr. Stirewalt quoted Louisiana’s Democrat Senator, Mary Landrieu, who told a luncheon audience that, “It’s embarrassing to me to go to places like France and Spain ... and their workers all manage to have health insurance that can’t be taken away.” 
Immediately Googling France’s economy, the first article of my search results was titled, "Bonjour Tristesse: The Economic and Political Decline of France,"
Written by Mathieu von Rohr of Spiegel on-line, here are two paragraphs.
“Fran├žois Hollande never intended to become a king, but rather a "normal president," as he put it, and now he has to play one nonetheless. He occasionally seems like an actor who has somehow ended up in the wrong play.
Outside, throughout the country, unemployment reaches new highs each month, factories are shut down daily, hundreds of thousands take to the streets to protest gay marriage, and the French are increasingly outraged over a barrage of new political scandals as the country hovers on the cusp of waning global relevance. Yet this roar of dissatisfaction doesn't permeate the walls of Hollande's world. Here, it is quiet, very quiet.”
Next, I looked up Spain, finding that, according to The Globe and Mail via Reuters: “Spain’s reform progress and a correction in its fiscal and external imbalances are helping it to stabilize its economy, but urgent action is needed to create jobs and stimulate growth, the International Monetary Fund said.
The IMF, in a yearly assessment of Spain’s economy, on Friday projected a slow and difficult turnaround from eight straight quarters of contraction and said unemployment, which stood at 26.3 per cent in the second quarter, was too high.”
So, here we have this Louisiana ditz-head senator, bemoaning the fact that U.S. workers don’t have irrevocable health care and using two destitute nations to support her point.
Or perhaps, that’s what she wants. Because its well known that France's Hollande is a hard core socialist, sending the nation’s economy into decline immediately after his election.
According to Mark Deen of Bloomberg on-line on June 24 of this year, “About 31 percent of voters have a “good opinion” of the Socialist president, down from 61 percent just after his election a year ago and from 35 percent in May, BVA said in a survey for L’Express magazine and Radio France
The decline comes as France’s economy remains stuck in recession and jobless claims are at their highest on record. None of Hollande’s predecessors showed such low ratings just one-year into their terms.”
And as far as Spain goes, I think an unemployment rate of more than 26% speaks for itself.
Consequently, it never ceases to amaze me that hard core leftists never seem to figure out that nations run on their economies first and foremost. They further don’t ever seem to grasp the point that in order to finance all their programs, the money has to come from somewhere beside the presses of the Federal Reserve. 
But, unfortunately for the rest of us, most Democrats, and especially the hard core left, don’t even know that there’s a course they can take called Economics 101, which will explain in the simplest terms about how income producers are always the only one's that pay the bills.
That’s it for today folks.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

BloggeRhythms 8/18/2013

Sometimes, I’m a little slow on the uptake. But fortunately, I most often wake up. Which is why I’m going back to a subject of the past few days: The New York Times finding fault with Bill Clinton’s foundation.
Originally, on Wednesday, when a lengthy Times article dug deeply into the foundation’s financial practices, questioning them in detail, I concluded that the staunchly left-leaning newspaper had decided to finally face facts, admitting a favorite son might indeed have some significant flaws. 
I further took that as a sign that Hillary too might have some problems in her upcoming presidential run, if this bastion of support was no longer a reliable aide-de-camp.
Then yesterday, on his organization’s website, Bill posted his lengthy explanation of how foundation accounting rules work. Justifying what might appear to be misappropriation or misuse of funds as simply effects of legitimate financial practice which will prove itself out in the end. And in that way, not only firmly asserting nothing illegal had been done, but highlighting again many of the foundation’s successful efforts on behalf of its various beneficiaries.
And, that’s when a light went on in my, brain, an alarm rang and I woke up. Because it finally occurred to me, although I haven’t a shred of proof, that this whole scenario might be an orchestrated set-up from the start.
By getting any potentially troublesome aspects of the foundation, or its financial matters, into the open now, three years ahead of the next presidential election, and putting the issue behind them, the Clinton’s have one less hurdle to deal with down the road. And what better ally could they choose to help them but the revered New York Times
So, although its still quite early in the game regarding the next election campaign, as a strategy for dealing with potential problems it certainly seems clever to me. And despite the fact that once in office, neither Clinton ever accomplishes much, if anything, as pure politicians they’re as slick as they come.        
And, speaking of pure politics, another item got my attention today. notes that: “The Obama administration is announcing the release of $67 million in federal funds for individuals and groups such as Planned Parenthood to help Americans navigate ObamaCare.”
On Thursday, Kathleen Sebelius, Health and Human Services Secretary stated that $13 million more than an amount originally set aside, “will go to so-called “navigators” to help people “make sense” of coverage options and "go shopping" for coverage plans under the president’s new heath care law.”
Fox further reported that: “The money is going to 105 grantees in the 34 states that will have federally funded market places in which Americans can buy insurance starting Oct. 1”
So, here we are in a nation that’s broke, almost $17 trillion in debt, and the administration takes another $67 million of tax-payer’s bucks to sign them up for an ill-conceived program that doesn’t work now and never will. 
However, what’s even worse is that so few in the population even know that this abomination of legislation even exists. And that to me demonstrates clearly that it’s likely there isn’t any hope of undoing this new tax. Because the opposition holding offices are apparently just like the incumbent, doing nothing but talk, and talk and talk, and talk, while the new health care tax just moves on. 
That’s it for today folks.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

BloggeRhythms 8/17/2013

A few disparate items today in the absence of major news.

On Wednesday, I wrote about a New York Times article detailing problems with Bill Clinton’s organization’s finances and management.   

Today, Clinton posted a lengthy open letter on the Clinton Foundation’s website, defending the foundation itself, detailing problems with the organization’s finances and management and stating: “I am immensely proud of what we've accomplished in the last 12 years.”

I mention this because I not only don’t know what else anyone would expect him to write, I’m quite sure most folks would go into some kind of paralytic shock if he admitted guilt and said something like, ‘Yeah it’s all true. You caught me.”

On another subject, in Peggy Noonan’s column in the Wall Street Journal she asks: “What is privacy? Why should we want to hold onto it? Why is it important, necessary, precious? Is it just some prissy relic of the pretechnological past?”

Her main concerns were Edward Snowden, the National Security Agency revelations, and what she refers to as “new fears that we are operating, all of us, within what has become or is becoming a massive surveillance state.”

She goes on to report that “They log your calls here, they can listen in, they can read your emails. They keep the data in mammoth machines that contain a huge collection of information about you and yours. This of course is in pursuit of a laudable goal, security in the age of terror.” 
Asking, “Is it excessive?” Ms. Noonan opines that “ It certainly appears to be. Does that matter? Yes. Among other reasons: The end of the expectation that citizens' communications are and will remain private will probably change us as a people, and a country.”
I mention this because I have a very high regard for Ms. Noonan who writes brilliantly, most often agreeing with her completely. But in this case, I think she’s going somewhat overboard.

In fact, she herself encapsulated the issue perfectly when noting that the expectation of privacy in communication is probably changing. Because not only has our nation’s technological capability advanced to where electronic eavesdropping is easily employed, it’s certain that others, such as our enemy's, are developing or already using the same techniques.

Furthermore, I’d assume that what’s being found out now about governmental intrusion, is likely only the tip of the iceberg. Therefore, there are probably things being done that would be far more upsetting and distrustful regarding personal privacy if they were to be disclosed.
So, my advice to Ms. Noonan is to accept the fact that the world has changed technologically indeed and will continue to advance. Therefore, to be safe when communicating electronically at all, simply be sure to keep plans for anarchy, rebellion, government overthrow, subversion or any other kind of illegalities out of the text. Which will make her arrest or internment highly unlikely.
And finally, an item I completely agree with.
According to the via Drudge, “The Republican National Committee voted unanimously Friday to pull the group’s partnership with NBC and CNN for the 2016 GOP presidential primary debates unless the networks kill their planned films on Hillary Clinton.”
In this case, though, I think this is only one issue among countless others. Because it’s certainly no secret that the "mainstream” media's been a staunch supporter of the left for many years, using its forum to promote and defend liberal and socialist causes, while defiling and degrading Republicans, particularly the Conservative wing, in any way they can.
So, while this is a step in the “right” direction, the RNC should take a firmer stance versus all those so-called unbiased reporting outlets. And this would be a good time to do that because they’re currently all losing readership in droves.
That’s it for today folks.

Friday, August 16, 2013

BloggeRhythms 8/16/2013

Been around for quite a while now, and one of the things that works best for me is not getting involved in others people’s issues or problems. And certainly not in their disputes. 
In fact, so long as things don’t involve me specifically, I really couldn’t care less about what other folks do. There are simply too many people around, too many opinions and for the most part, I’m not qualified to form a valid opinion anyway.
On the other hand though, there are those who take it upon themselves to get embroiled in others issues, whether their presence is desired or not. Generally presenting themselves as experts, though they may not be qualified as such, they frequently do far more damage than good. 
However knowledge deficiencies or absence of expertise doesn’t stop them from meddling because they perceive themselves as having a higher goal, anointing themselves as holier than those they choose to defeat, diminish or renounce. 
And whereas one of the most visible self-proclaimed groups of knights in armor is the ACLU, today’s item demonstrates that this organization is not only no better than most of those they pursue, but basically quite hypocritical too.
According to “The American Civil Liberties Union, which touts itself as a fierce defender of fair labor standards, is in a contractual dispute with an unforeseen group: its own workers.”
Last month, members of the legal staff, administrative assistants, and other support staff, “rallied outside the ACLU’s national headquarters in New York City, protesting the nonprofit’s new contract for unionized staff and accusing the organization of violating its own employees’ rights.”
In the ongoing dispute, contentious new issues include, smaller wage increases and the demand that workers pay for their own health care benefits. 
Fox further reports that, “in the latest demonstration by its unionized workers outside Manhattan headquarters, employees held signs that read "Practice What You Preach!" and "ACLU: Be Fair!"
In conclusion, Fox provided the following background: “Since its inception in 1920, the ACLU’s stated mission has been to “defend and preserve the individual rights and liberties guaranteed to every person in this country by the Constitution and laws of the United States.”
So, here we have another proof of one of my strongest ongoing beliefs; It really doesn't matter much what’s presented by others. All that actually counts is what they ultimately do. 
And that’s why when an organization such as this one, that persists in demanding others measure to standards as they perceive them, proves to be no different than those they pursue, I’m very pleased that the information was reported. Because if there’s one thing I truly despise, its hypocrisy from meddling, self-appointed, phonies such as the ACLU.
That’s it for today folks.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

BloggeRhythms 8/15/2013

Lot’s of folks, and especially Rush, are excited about Ashton Kutcher’s inspirational acceptance speech for the Ultimate Choice Award received at the Teen Choice Awards ceremony Sunday. Their consensus was, Kutcher’s atypical of today’s youth, most of whom are lazy and ambitionless, the actor coming across as one to be admired for his work ethic and competitive attitude. 
Kutcher’s major point was that hard work, ambition, desire to learn and appreciation of those hiring him have been cornerstones of his professional achievement from the start, at age thirteen, and no easy way to success exists.
This registered with me because I began working at the same age, during summers in a factory, trying my best to fulfill my responsibilities. And even way back then, the vast majority of productivity derived from a small segment of all those employed, which management certainly noticed. That not only helped me attain goals much sooner than others, but corner-stoned further success throughout my career, eventually taking me to the top of my profession.
I mention this now because there were times in my sales career where the winning of orders was only a question of whether or not I chose to compete. Because, if I arrived, very few if any competitors, had a prayer of contract closure. 
The secret to success wasn’t due to any special skills or powers on my part, however. Because, although knowledge and abilities gained from my dedication to professional self-improvement often gave me an edge, the real benefit to me was that almost all others did such terrible jobs themselves. Laziness, tardiness, ignorance or carelessness about details made them look like the slackers they were.
Consequently, when it came to buying decisions, most smart prospects chose the one they thought made the best impression. And, to make matters even better for me, I always, without equivocation, absolutely made sure to deliver whatever I promised.
So, in the end, superior achievement is most often far simpler to accomplish than it appears, ordinarily requiring hard work and effort much more than any kind of special skill or talent. Which is why, I guess that Woody Allen said way back in 1977 that “Eighty percent of success is showing up.”
Then, on the other hand we have those who make no effort at all, sitting idly by, trying to prevail on just talk while delivering absolutely nothing of value to anyone, any where. And, as usual, the administration’s the best example of that category of lazy, incapable slackers. 
Jennifer Rubin of The Washington Post, wrote an article today headed, “Obama golfs, Kerry lectures, Egyptians die in droves.”
She began by stating, “Put it this way: President Obama’s Egypt policy is about as effective as his Syria policy. And for the first time Wednesday, with the number of dead and injured mounting, one could almost envision Egypt’s descent into out-and-out civil war.”
She goes on to report that. “Obama was briefed, said nothing and went back to golf. Secretary of State John Kerry took a break from his fruitless obsession with the nonexistent “peace process” to condemn the violence, but took no questions and had no policy announcement. This, in a nutshell, is the White House’s approach to the Middle East — the absence of any policy and a lot of empty words.”
Ms. Rubin’s conclusion is that the incumbent “might as well play golf. He’s dropped the ball on Egypt and the entire region, leaving the United States with few options and the Egyptian people to a bloody future in the short run and a repressive authoritarian junta in the longer run. This is a policy failure of the highest order.” And that, “Syria, Iran and Hezbollah must be gleeful to see the United States so weakened and insignificant.”
So, to me there couldn’t be better proof of today’s theme that hard work and real dedication are basic to success and accomplishment, while talk by itself is practically valueless. Another example of which appeared in the August 7-11 Gallup poll where the incumbent’s approval rating on work and education is now 35%, down seven percentage points. His ratings on taxes and the federal budget deficit are each down five points. During the same period, his overall approval rating is down three points.
Therefore, as I’ve been repeating more and more often lately, while talk is cheap and always was, today’s items demonstrate clearly the value of hard work and effort. And how much easier it becomes to overcome completion when all you’re really battling is a motor-mouth in an empty suit.
That’s it for today folks.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

BloggeRhythms 8/14/2013

Today’s first item jumped off of the page, not only because of the subject, but especially due to the source. An article by Nicholas Confessore and Amy Chozick in The New York Times Politics section is headlined: “Unease at Clinton Foundation Over Finances and Ambitions”
The reporters state that, “For all of its successes, the Clinton Foundation had become a sprawling concern, supervised by a rotating board of old Clinton hands, vulnerable to distraction and threatened by conflicts of interest. It ran multimillion-dollar deficits for several years, despite vast amounts of money flowing in.”
Reading through the well-researched verbiage, several things stood out which prove to me that the old adage about leopards never changing their spots is absolutely true. For instance “Concern was rising inside and outside the organization about Douglas J. Band, a onetime personal assistant to Mr. Clinton who had started a lucrative corporate consulting firm — which Mr. Clinton joined as a paid adviser — while overseeing the Clinton Global Initiative, the foundation’s glitzy annual gathering of chief executives, heads of state, and celebrities.”
So, here we have an inside deal through a third-party, Mr. Band, who’s overseeing a major function of the foundation and hiring Willy back as a paid consultant. And while I have no evidence whatsoever, to me it sounds like money-laundering 101.   
And then it was reported that this fall, “Mrs. Clinton and her staff will move into offices at the foundation’s new headquarters in Midtown Manhattan, occupying two floors of the Time-Life Building. Amid speculation about her 2016 plans, Mrs. Clinton is adding major new initiatives on women, children and jobs to what has been renamed the Bill, Hillary & Chelsea Clinton Foundation.”
And although “today, big-name companies vie to buy sponsorships at prices of $250,000 and up, money that has helped subsidize the foundation’s annual operating costs," and last year, "the foundation and two subsidiaries had revenues of more than $214 million," the foundation’s expansion has "also been accompanied by financial problems. In 2007 and 2008.”

It seems that “the foundation also found itself competing against Mrs. Clinton’s presidential campaign for donors amid a recession. Millions of dollars in contributions intended to seed an endowment were diverted to other programs, creating tension between Mr. [Ira] Magaziner and Mr. Band. The foundation piled up a $40 million deficit during those two years, according to tax returns. Last year, it ran more than $8 million in the red.” And I just have to wonder where all that money went.

So it seems that just like all the things that happened in Arkansas that couldn’t be explained, and then Willy’s lying under oath, if the Clinton’s are involved the odds are extremely strong that something's either illegal or at least very wrong.

But the most important part to me is that this is August of 2013, with three years to go until the next presidential election. And if the New York Times, staunchest supporter imaginable of Democrat candidates is finding fault with the Clinton’s now, who knows how bad it can get for Hillary when things heat up down the line? 

Then there was more bad news for Dem’s, in this case the incumbent as usual. 

According to therightscoop via Drudge, “NBC News contacted around 20 small businesses and other entities for this report and found that employee hours are being cut to 29 hours because of Obamacare, despite the delay of the employer mandate.”

The White House, however “says that there is no systematic evidence that this is because of Obamacare and dismisses the report as anecdotal.”

So, here we have total denial again, despite mounting evidence everywhere that the new healthcare tax is coming apart at the seams. The only real question I have left, is exactly how are they going to blame “W” Bush for this fiasco which has been the administration's standard excuse for each and every mistake they’ve ever made.

And finally, I couldn’t resist adding another item on one of my very favorite subjects.

The Washington Free Beacon Staff reports that “Not a single person showed up at the Georgetown waterfront Tuesday for a climate change agenda event put on by Organizing for Action, the shadowy nonprofit advocacy group born out of President Obama’s 2012 campaign.”

To me, that’s a perfect paragraph that needs no further comment whatsoever.

In conclusion, I guess that this wasn’t a very good day for Democrats at all. But, as I keep repeating over and over, people may not make lot’s of noise about their unhappiness or displeasure, but that doesn’t mean they’re not doing anything about it.

So, I’m just sitting here making my comments and patiently waiting. Because I have a sense that this administration’s going to implode like a building with dynamite charges blown in its corners. Especially since the situation gets worse for the incumbent each and every time he so frequently opens his mouth.

That’s it for today folks.


Tuesday, August 13, 2013

BloggeRhythms 8/13/2013

Today’s subjects regard an ongoing tragedy: Obamacare.

According to, ”The Obama administration has quietly delayed another major provision of the federal health care overhaul, pushing off until 2015 a mandatory cap on out-of-pocket costs for individuals.”

Apparently, there are problems in coordinating the data needed to implement the cap on costs among insurers, so additional time’s needed for programming their systems.   

As I read the story, the thought ran through my mind that if anyone, anywhere needed to create or build any kind of smooth-running system for any purpose imaginable, would they ever even dream of asking a governmental agency to do it? We all know the answer’s, “Absolutely not.” And especially the current administration, which continually botches up everything it touches. 
In that regard, the incumbent defended the law, and its implementation, during a press conference last Friday. 
Fox said he “blasted Republicans for their sustained campaign against the law,” saying “There's not even a pretense now that they're going to replace it with something better." 

He went on to add: “It's just become an ideological fixation.There is no doubt that in implementing the Affordable Care Act, a program of this significance, there are going to be some glitches. ... That's true, by the way, of a car company rolling out a new car. It's true of Apple rolling out the new iPad."

I still find it amazing that this guy still goes on ranting and raving in defense of a poorly conceived, badly drafted, unimplementable tax scheme, and then blames his opposition for continuing to try to undo the horrendous damage it’s now causing.

But, what’s even more ridiculous is that in defending his devastation of the nation’s medical system he used classic examples of free enterprise, and obviously doesn’t even know it.

Because whoever  a marketeer is, and no matter the service or product, in a free market system it’s the buyers that determine success or failure. So, when automobiles are introduced that the public dislikes or ignores, they simply don’t buy them and either find another supplier or not purchase at all. For an example, look up the Edsel fiasco which severely damaged Ford. 

Moving on to Apple’s case, now that Steve Jobs is gone and the mobile phone markets become saturated, there’s much concern that the company may not continue its stellar track record. Especially since no one’s required by law to purchase phones, whether they need them or not.

So, we have a huge discrepancy here between free enterprise and government mandate. The major difference being that the businesses mentioned are run by brilliant marketeers and industry leaders, staying ahead by creatively and competitively meeting market needs. 
On the other hand we have government usurping provision of one of the nation’s most important services and functions, and slowly but surely proving as each day goes by that they have no idea whatsoever of what they're doing. And the biggest proof of their incapability is, that even though it’s illegal, folks are still avoiding using the government's health tax requirement because it's so badly devised and, apparently, un-administrable as well.

That’s it for today folks.