Wednesday, August 31, 2011

BloggeRhythms 8/31/2011

Been powerless for the past four days, ergo no blogging. And as I sat there seething in the dark, I was planning to type thousands of words describing what out and out thieves public utilities are and how they've never given a d*** about customer inconvenience and never will.

In fact, having had the same provider, LIPA, for eons and personally gone through many previous horror shows due to their mismanagement of whatever befalls them, I could list considerable examples of their failures during disasters in the past. Be that as it may however, at around ten AM today two emergency trucks from Joplin, Missouri showed up and a half hour later I was blogging again on line. So, now that I'm feeling better I'll skip the rest of the rhetoric, because if I learned nothing else from the past, expecting competence from government, a utility or any kind of public service is so far beyond ridiculous it's not even worth typing any more words.

Then we have our leader who had to cut his vacation short due to fears that high winds and torrential rains might blow him off the Vineyard, so he came back to DC. And the most interesting thing about that was, Christie and Bloomberg among a whole host of governors and mayors from the Northeast were so quick to respond this time around that they all upstaged him to the extent that he had absolutely nothing of value to add. And I guess that only goes to further prove that worthlessness is a trait that stays with you no matter what it is you're trying to do.

And while I was contemplating the fact that we have a guy in office who has no clue as to what leadership is all about, I thought back to the last presidential campaign and George Soros. Because it became very clear once the administration funded Soros' oil venture in Brazil as to why had spent so much money buying the last election. They needed a puppet Soros could control.

But, even so. Why would they want someone in the White House who was so far off the wall that he doesn't even understand his own constituency? While pandering to unions, which only account for twelve percent of the work force, and trying to shred the business community, he's managed to alienate almost seventy percent of the voting public while the chances are that number will grow. What's more, his failed energy policies will likely lead his successor next November to cut off all foreign sources of oil ASAP and ramp up drilling here.

And so it seems Mr. Soros has really missed the boat on this one. And I can surely imagine the frustration he must feel. Because it really has to be painful when you invest the sums that he has assuming that no one could be that stupid and ineffectual only to find out millions later that they surely can.

That's it for today folks.


Saturday, August 27, 2011

BloggeRhythms 8/27/2011

Much in keeping with the poor judgement the administration consistently shows, it seems it's shot itself in the foot once again. And this time it's because it failed to heed one of the oldest, most valid parables there is: He who hesitates is lost.

By taking a vacation and ducking the huge unemployment issue and delaying unnecessarily for weeks, whatever the president's so-called solutions are will now be upstaged by the weather. Because if hurricane Irene actually does the damage projected, nobody's going to care a whit about some meaningless long-term jobs plan while their homes, jobs and worldly possessions are washing way in floods and tides. The headline stories might go on for a long time to come.

And this just goes to show that the now more frequently heard comments of the president's performance are proving out, because this time he's going to really be in over his figurative head literally as well.

That's it for today folks.


Friday, August 26, 2011

BloggeRhythms 8/26/2011

The president took significant heat from just about all sides when he decided his vacation was more important than the failing economy and the twenty or so percent of the work eligible population who need more or better jobs.

And while he says he'll present a plan some time after he returns from his R & R, there are many who think that even if he has no solution at all, in view of the economic destitution, perhaps he should have stayed at work instead of snubbing his nose at those who're broke all over the nation.

It's reached a point though, to illustrate just how badly the president's handling the matter, that of all people, even pro golfer Paul Azinger thinks he might be hitting the links a bit too hard. Zinger's an author, businessman and 12-time PGA Tour winner, and he zinged O'bama on Twitter over his frequent golf rounds while on vacation in Martha's Vineyard.

Zinger wrote: "Facts: Potus has played more golf this month than I have: I have created more jobs this month than he has."

Among other things, Azinger captained the U.S. team that defeated the European team to win the 37th Ryder Cup Championship at the Valhalla Golf Club in Louisville, Kentucky in 2008.

And for what it's worth, I've noticed recently that when discussing economic recovery, more pundits are commenting things like "When a new administration takes over, we expect..." So, it's as if they're consciously or not assuming a change is a forgone conclusion. Now, naturally all that can change before 2012, however, if things keep going as they are, the odds are they won't.

That's it for today folks.


Thursday, August 25, 2011

BloggeRhythms 8/25/2011

Many recent entries have mentioned that a significant number of today's political types seem either unaware, or simply can't grasp, that the world has changed. And while signals exist everywhere, demonstrating how out of touch with reality they are, they insist on staying on the same tired old courses regardless that it's dooming them to failure.

Just yesterday I pointed out how damaging it is to try managing situations beyond one's scope of knowledge or experience, as evidenced by how the incumbent administration has almost destroyed our nation's economy altogether, only to read that the president now plans to garner as much support as he can from union members. And here too, he's totally missed the point of what makes our country succeed and grow.

Because as candidate Mitt Romney pointed out in New Hampshire Wednesday, “Right-to-work states over the last decade added three million new jobs. Forced union states lost a million. I don't want to discriminate against right-to-work states. I like right-to-work states. I want those jobs.”

Right now, there are approximately 16.1 million union members. 36.8% of them in the public sector, 7.6% private.

So, when you look at the actual membership statistics and realize how little of the total workforce these folks represent, you can see that what really goes on here is that a relatively small percentage of all those employed make an awful lot of noise.

What that means is, once again the president's on the wrong track as far as the economy's concerned. Because, voting-wise, union folks don't have anywhere as much clout as you'd think. It's just that, quite similar to him, they think they can win by screaming and no one will notice what a lousy job they actually do when it counts.

That's it for today folks.


Wednesday, August 24, 2011

BloggeRhythms 8/24/2011

Some time ago, I had the real pleasure of being part of a group of folks who built the finest, most successful financial organization of its kind on the planet. We grew very quickly, expanded nationwide, and outperformed our competition to the extent that we had no peers. I believe our success stemmed from hard work, dedication, and especially, experienced creativity blended with a huge dose of street smarts. We could react and perform effectively almost instantaneously.

Ours was a public corporation which, because of our success, had a very high profile drawing a lot of interest and admiration. And then one fine day, one of the largest businesses in the country, a communications giant with a financial subsidiary, decided that it was easier to buy a successful entity than build one, so they wrote a check and quite soon then we belonged to them.

It took almost no time for us to realize that our acquirer's had no clue as to what they'd purchased. Not a soul in their employ could begin to figure out how we ran, or really, even what we did for a living. Financial industry-wise, these folks were brain dead.

Consequently, in order to gain some understanding of our endeavors, and enable their lethargic, slow-thinking, antiquated cadre of the ineptitude to try to gain some control over what they'd purchased with no capabilities of their own whatsoever, except piles of cash, they began to slow us down. And, like a disease that creeps through one's bones, they soon began to turn this marvelous, well-oiled machine, into a plodding dinosaur that functioned just like they did. A very short time after that, they possessed an empty shell.

The reason I write this tale today is, the administration's latest grasps at what few straws may be left of the nation's economy are very remindful of what I've seen happen in the past when mis-guided zealots jump into water that's hundreds of feet over their heads. They're splashing and flailing the surface, trying to find a rope or preserver, however all those things disappeared when they themselves sunk the boat.

And the worst part of the whole horrendous situation is that when the president was asked about over-regulation on his bus tour, he responded: "Show us particular [regulations] that are getting in the way of you hiring. If red tape is not improving situations, let's figure out how to get rid of them." Yet, what his answer really demonstrates quite clearly is, he hasn't a clue as to how much damage his bureaus and agencies have already done.

So, much like my own experiences have shown, it's incredible to see how much damage can be done relatively quickly when folks with no capabilities whatsoever are empowered with control. But what's worse is, after failing results are demonstrated clearly, still allowing them to proceed at all.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

BloggeRhythms 8/23/2011

A blurb I read on Fox says, "It comes as no surprise that Obama agreed to be the headline speaker at the massive union conclave in Detroit on Labor Day. This will be part of the president’s new jobs program rollout, but it will also be his chance to remind unions what he has done for them."

And as I read the short paragraph, I too was reminded of what he's done on union members behalf, because his support has helped them immensely in their drive to disable every entity in which they've crept in. Thanks to them our school system's worthless, products and services cost more than they should, and those having them on the payroll are saddled with management problems practically impossible to resolve.

So, this is one more example of an incumbent whose view of the working world is upside down. It's as if he looks at the world of commerce as a machine that keeps producing no matter how much you do to drain it dry, and that he can keep on taking from it forever via redistribution of wealth.

The only flaw in the plan, however, is that he needs continuing cooperation from those that generate income but they've no patience left . And when all the givers are gone, no one remains but takers. So, he can go and make all the speeches he pleases to hordes of professional leeches, but just like him, their time's just about run out.

That's it for today folks.


Monday, August 22, 2011

BloggeRhythms 8/22/2011

Really good weekend all-around, Jets beat the Bengals 27-7 in their second pre-season game, but just as important for me, Freddy won at the Senior Player's Championship at Westchester Country Club in Harrison, NY. That's a place I've visited many times to watch pro tournaments, and walking it yourself proves it's a long, tough, tree-lined layout.

I've been a Couples fan since he first came on the pro tour in 1980, after graduating from University of Houston. He was a low-key, take-whatever-comes-in stride kind of guy back then and still is to this day. His status in the game, many wins, and crowd adoration hasn't changed him a whit. All he really wants to do is hit golf balls, find them and hit them again. And in between, he loves to talk about all the other sports too, because he's a fan himself. He says that recent back surgery in Germany is helping him with problems he's had for years, but he feels great right now and I sure hope he's right. Because as did Arnie, who set the standard for class and sports professionalism, then Jack, Raymond Floyd, and Hale Irwin, Freddy represents all that's good about pro golf, so I hope he's still around for a long, long time to come.

In other happenings, I heard someone suggest that there might be a push for a Perry/Giuliani ticket and that former NY Governor Pataki could also enter the presidential race. And although I'm quite certain that the next president will not be a Democrat, no matter, at least these three guys are seasoned, experienced, successful government leaders. And that's what the nation needs right now, a steady hand on the tiller, not some stereo-typical politician with little to no history of accomplishment to rely on.

And while I was typing I just had a random thought about the issue over prayer in school that could solve the problem easily. Instead of making a big deal about whether or not school prayer should be allowed, the ones who truly want to pray ought to simply stay in their seats, close their eyes, and silently pray whenever they feel the need. Because in today's educational system, almost every student, and likely most of the teachers, are dead to the world anyhow, so who would possibly notice? In fact, they could probably stay half-comatose for as long they chose, unless their cell-phones suddenly rang and woke them from their trance.

That's it for today folks.


Sunday, August 21, 2011

BloggeRhythms 8/21/2011

This week's presidential poll shows an approval rating of 39%, clearly continuing a downward trend. His response to the results was that they reflect the public's displeasure with Congress. How he concluded that one is anyone's guess, but since he continually blames the nation's worsening condition on just about all fronts on George W. Bush, I guess we have to conclude the incumbent's responsible for absolutely nothing himself.

He also says that regardless of poll results, people's true opinions will be shown next November at the polls and that's where he'll really be measured, so all that's being assumed now about his status isn't important at all but purely political noise.

I, on the other hand, think that while poll results may indeed be slanted, the top one's do indicate trends and provide some measure of insight. However, as I mentioned in yesterday's entry, the world's modernized today to the extent that there are all kinds of tools available now that offer extremely valuable information in other forms and formats.

So, I believe that every dollar not spent or invested in our economy by major businesses is a no-confidence vote in and of itself, and at the moment these businesses are spending as little as possible in the U.S. while hoarding billions. Similarly, twenty-six states are trying to escape the horrendous burdens of the recent health care law, and everyone negatively affected by the legislation is another lost vote for the administration. Then there are the border states which are increasingly burdened by the cost of all the aspects of dealing with illegal aliens and whose populations will reflect their frustration at the polls.

Then there are those involved in small business whose livelihoods are further imperiled by regulation and taxation everywhere they turn. I believe they too will let their thoughts be known in the coming election. And I don't have to mention the unemployed at all because they're front page news all over the nation.

So, when all's said and done, maybe the president's right, folks will blame Congress for all the woes listed above, as well as the many more not mentioned. But, whatever happens in that regard will have no real effect on him, because whether any or all of them remain in office... he himself will be gone without doubt.

That's it for today folks.


Saturday, August 20, 2011

BloggeRhythms 8/20/2011

It appears to me that the administration is leaking bits of information here and there about the president's upcoming major thrust for increasing employment and turning the hapless economy around. This way, he can examine the feedback and use it to help package the presentation he'll make sometime after returning from his mostly taxpayer paid vacation. The only question I have in that regard is: Vacation from what?

As far as his plan itself goes, whatever it turns out to be, it's simply another political ploy. Because, as everyone knows with this guy, in the end he'll do absolutely nothing regardless, no matter what he says next month.

And that brings me to the thought I had this morning, which is simply a continuation of what I've been typing herein for months. One of the biggest faults of the incumbents is their total inability to grasp how much the world has changed and gone right by them. Because the president's strategy is to build a case wherein he presents economic solutions he expects his political enemies to reject, which will enable to say "I tried my best, but they refuse to the whole blames on them."

But, what he apparently doesn't understand is that political campaigns and rhetoric hardly matter at all any more because virtually instant communication keeps everyone who cares an iota at all plugged-in in real time 24/7/365. And that means, whether he knows about it or not, he's been closely measured continually from the git-go, so campaign hot air is absolutely valueless now and forevermore. Because all the words in the world can't overcome what people have viewed every day with their own eyes from the start. We all have his number by now and know him inside out, no matter what comes out of his ever-open mouth.

So, for his sake, I guess it would be good if he enjoys his last vacation on the arm of the tax-laden public. And while significant numbers of people are lining up for food stamps around the country, I'm sure his own meals will be better at those five star Vineyard restaurants. But, the clock's continually clicking for him and fortunately for the rest of us...his time's just about run out.

That's it for today folks.


Friday, August 19, 2011

BloggeRhythms 8/19/2011

It's remarkable that in today's technological world, the administration is totally unaware of the communication advancement that's been made. Because they're dealing with instantaneous dissemination of information around the globe as if they themselves were still in the stone age. And, in that regard they certainly are.

While folks, such as program traders, are manipulating securities markets for their own gain, thereby obsoleting previously employed strategical investment tactics, the president's reacting as if he were still a Chicago political thug organizing local wards with a baseball bat. But that's certainly understandable because he knows zero about basic economics and less than that about how business actually gets conducted.

Consequently, since he's unaware of how fast information circulates today he thinks he has a month or so to play around and scramble to devise some hare-brained new plan for jump starting a frustrated economy, when in reality his announcement of things to come circled the globe simultaneously while he was mumbling the words on TV. So, now everyone's sitting on their hands, waiting for him to return from his vacation, even though there's little hope of any kind of real solution from him.

What's really remarkable though, is that while the economy gets so much media attention, as expected when twenty percent of the work force is un or under-employed, other folks in the administration handling other issues are easily as bad, maybe worse, than the ones turning us into a third-world nation financially.

These two rocket-scientist intellects, Attorney General Eric Holder, and Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano said at the Justice Department in Washington August 3, that the O'bama administration will individually review all cases of illegal immigrants slated for deportation. This move could grant a reprieve to so-called DREAM Act beneficiaries, and thousands of others, despite the fact that the Act was never passed.

DREAM Act is a proposal in Congress to give illegal immigrants who came to the U.S. as children a chance at legal status if they complete two years of college or military service. Supporters and critics alike suggested Thursday's announcement could serve to unilaterally carry out its provisions, even though at present these illegals are breaking the law.

So, I don't really have a clue as to what the president's real goal is. Because on the surface it looks like he simply wants to destroy our civilization and nation. But, it certainly makes me curious as to why. I just wonder what we ever did to him to make us all so despicable in his eyes. Because if he isn't driven by hatred of our population, ethic and code, that leaves absence of intellect as the only other answer. And I, for one, don't think anyone could possibly be that dumb, but then again, maybe be I'm wrong.

That's it for today folks.


Thursday, August 18, 2011

BloggeRhythms 8/18/2011

A few blogs ago, I wrote that pollster Patrick Caddell's experience goes back to the Carter administration. And in a recent interview, he said he's seen some savior, not necessarily a known one, come along in woeful times to save the nation leading him to believe the country's blessed.

Well, this time around I don't think it's a person who'll rescue us all from a totally incapable leader, we're going to be pulled out of the fire by a Canadian bus.

After I posted yesterday's entry, I continued to give the bus fiasco some more thought and concluded that one couldn't find a more vivid example of absolute failure in leadership if you searched for 100 years. Because it's beyond comprehension to me that someone could go on a fact-finding tour about American unemployment while traveling around in a foreign made vehicle. That's so far beyond merely stupid, I can't think of adequate words.

And then there's the unemployment solution that the president will deliver to those who need jobs, just as soon as he gets back from a ten day, tax-payer funded vacation on Martha's Vineyard. The funny thing about that is, we'd all be far better off if he simply stayed there permanently.

But, as for fixing the unemployment problem, the administration's once again on the wrong track because what's strangling employer's is over-regulation. By the time businesses get though covering the costs of new hires, and then factoring in health care their bottom line comes out better if they fire folks, not add more.

To that extent, I read an article this morning in, Leasing News, Saratoga CA, a journal covering the industry I was in. A gentleman named, Harry ‘Pete’ Sawyer, CLP of Sun South Equipment Leasing Inc. was asked: What is one of the challenges you encounter within the industry? And here's what he answered.

"The biggest challenge I have is to try and understand what federal government regulations will do to the economy. There are thousands of rules and regulations being written by people who have not worked in the private sector and do not understand how it will affect small businesses. Small businesses are our customers and we work to consult with them and provide the best product for them. Our customers have ideas and dreams of implementing better efficiencies but are more cautious of the risks. This makes the pool of business smaller and much more difficult to uncover. In addition, many are credit scarred from the recent economic collapse which makes it more difficult to obtain credit approval."

For me, Mr. Sawyer hit the nail on the head. Because while the president's making speeches about core employment issues he clearly knows nothing about, his alphabet soup of agencies is strangling business owners every chance they get.

To emphasize the point further, this morning the Dow Jones plunged about 500 points, or about 4 percent, due to weekly jobless claims rising and more fears of a global recession. So maybe our leader ought to share one secret with the rest of us and tell us exactly what it is he smokes or shoots up. Because even though we'll all still go down the chute, maybe at least we'll be as carefree about it as he is.

That's it for today folks.


Wednesday, August 17, 2011

BloggeRhythms 8/17/2011

The president's really very concerned about unemployment. So much so that he's on a bus tour in the Midwest, supposedly meeting the grass-roots folks to learn what can be done to find people jobs and get them working again.

Now, in keeping with all of the things the administration's done since taking office, it seems somebody made a slight error in judgement. Because the specially built, Secret Service approved bus itself was built in Canada at a cost of 1.1 million dollars according to the New York Post. So, when it comes to governmental hypocrisy and ineptitude, it doesn't get more glaring than that.

Along the same lines, the Gingrich campaign announced that Newt's on the way to Hawaii to campaign. And in the scheme of electoral value, the state means nothing at all toward getting the nomination. But, as a practical matter, why waste the money given to him by sincere supporters when you can spend it just as frivolously on yourself without getting into office.

As far as the bus tour itself is concerned, the president says that unemployment's critical and something must be done ASAP. So, after gathering the information he needs he'll make a major speech sometime in September regarding his solutions. I guess that means what he's planning to say is worth wasting another month.

As far as the speech itself goes, my only question is how will everyone know which one it is? Because considering that he makes speeches three or four times every day as a rule, how will folks figure out that this one's really important?

My only personal regret is that I didn't become a politician. Because everywhere I ever worked, my employer's wanted results or else I was gone before you could blink. So, I can't even imagine the luxury of keeping a job in which I was a total failure. But then again, I also had another characteristic which made success important to me: Unlike the president, I was born with some pride.

That's it for today folks.


Tuesday, August 16, 2011

BloggeRhythms 8/16/2011

I think it's pretty obvious that when they handed out smarts, Nancy Pelosi was at the end of the line. In fact, she may have gone to some other address and missed out completely. But, since she's still in Congress, a magnificent brain-trust in itself, press folks happily report the inanities that come out of her mouth.

She recently made a speech to union workers at the MGM Grand Convention Center in Las Vegas, saying that Democrats stood in sharp contrast to what she calls the "anti-worker agenda" of the GOP. "For months in Ohio, Wisconsin, and states nationwide, Americans have seen Republican governors and legislators attack teachers and public servants. We've seen workers, union and non-union alike, inspire the nation to fight back."

Her problem is that she doesn't understand what work is all about and that these "workers" she so strongly supports don't merit the title.

If nothing else, Republicans focus on the economy, doing everything they can to insure growth and productivity. And that's where the rub comes in. Because the aim of union workers, and particularly teachers, is to be able to grab as much as they can from coffers while doing as little work-wise as they can. That's why it takes two or three protected union members, or more, to do the job of one stand-alone employee. Beyond that, unionistas want their incomes and benefits to go on into perpetuity, despite the fact that they're breaking the backs of whoever's payroll they were on.

So, Ms Pelosi ought to have someone read her a book on basic economics which explains that businesses eaten alive by non-productive costs sooner or later simply have to fold. And those having no control over sub-standard employees are doomed to failure, its only a matter of time. And if she wants glaring, banner-sized proof of the premise, all she has to look at the condition of those entities controlled by unions today, where public schools and union shops produce worthless results and protected non-performer's lack of effort on the job is draining the system dry.

That's it for today folks.


Monday, August 15, 2011

BloggeRhythms 8/15/2011

As far as politics goes, the next few months are likely to be extremely boring because the upcoming presidential race is just about over. Now that we all know who the Republican candidates are almost assuredly to be, the only thing that remains undecided is if it comes out Romney/Perry or the other way around. But either way, the guy in office now is certainly gone.

And I know she doesn't matter, but this Bachamann woman is getting on my nerves, because every time I see her I can't help but think; What if? And that would certainly be a total disaster. Because, as I keep repeating, but think it's worth some keystrokes again, I doubt there's a soul with an ounce of intelligence that doesn't understand by now how much damage an unskilled, inexperienced, unseasoned amateur can do to the nation in a very short time. And it would beyond comprehension if members of any party would willingly do it to themselves again by voting her in.

I keep projecting ahead and imagining what it would be like if by some stroke of bad luck she actually got elected. And questions keep popping up like how in the world could she ever fathom what's required to grasp data presented to her by the Joint Chiefs of Staff. And how about a meeting or two with the leadership of China, Russia or any Middle-Eastern nation. I'm sure the guy in Iran, who's names too hard to type, would be shaking in his boots. He'd probably ask her to go outside and water his camel.

And then there's Wall Street, where after three years of on the job training the current incumbent's watching the nation's assets disintegrate because he has no clue as to what our economy's all about. So, if we had an even more rank amateur at the helm she'd have to have a sign on her desk that says, "The buck stops somewhere else."

Beyond all that, what does someone with three terms in the House really know about fixing our employment problems? There's a huge task ahead that needs to be done to unwind the NLRB, neutralize the EPA, and break the stranglehold of the unions in order to revitalize grassroots businesses, the backbone of our economy. While former governors already have an understanding of those problems at the state level, we all currently see at the moment how an amateur at the helm gets eaten for lunch.

Furthermore, the banks in the nation need their confidence restored before they'll be willing to start lending again. So, which of them, who've been battered and bruised for the past seven years is going to be the first to step up and help support an unskilled beginner prime the funding pump again? Even I know the answer to that one: No one.

So, I can keep going down the list and adding more problems that the current incumbent has created for us, but I'm sure by now we all know how horrendous the situation is. And that's why I'm spending my time reiterating my feelings so often about Bachmann. Because I'll type 'til I burn out altogether trying to keep an unqualified novice wannabe who gives good microphone from doing us all in again.

That's it for today folks.


Sunday, August 14, 2011

BloggeRhythms 8/14/2011

Yesterday, I caught a few minutes of Patrick Caddell, pollster, who goes back to the Carter administration. I stayed tuned-in because he was opining on the state of politicians today, and why we are where we are.

According to him, the country's been blessed throughout its past because in every critical situation, until now, someone equal to the task has stepped up, taken command, and led the nation through its woes and ills. At the moment, however, he sees no one on either side of the aisle who can fulfill that role.

In the same vein, he mentioned that there's an additional problem when leadership is weak or absent, because that opens the door to the serious danger of the wrong people creeping into the void and making matters far worse because there's no one there to stop them. And that comment's what caught my eye.

Because I couldn't agree more with Caddell's premise and am absolutely convinced that leadership-wise, the country's in dire straights. Consequently, his idea that in such situations; opportunists, frauds, self-serving incompetents and just plain worthless zeroes are free to step in makes perfect sense to me. Because that would explain how a loser like Trump gets his fifteen minutes, an amateur like Bachmann can win a straw hat or whatever in fly-over country, and Gingrich gets a chance to make another speech. It also explains how a totally inept windbag can become president of the United States.

So, I feel a little better now thanks to Mr. Caddell, because his premise truly enlightened me. However, I certainly hope the guy on the white horse that he expects will show up pretty soon, while we've still got some of the country left.

That's it for today folks.


Saturday, August 13, 2011

BloggeRhythms 8/13/2011

Sometimes I'm slow, but sooner or later I can usually figure things out. And this morning I finally understood why the press is giving so much attention to Bachmann.

They all know that their pet in the White House is by far the worst performer the presidency's ever seen, including Carter and Johnson. And that each day that goes by, the nation gets closer to total ruin. They also know that almost any Republican with any kind of record at all will win the next election by a huge margin.

So, for the press Bachmann's a blessing. Because, hayseed straw poll vote wins or not, she hasn't a prayer in a national election and even the incompetent incumbent would beat her hands down. And that means, their man would keep his job.

Because I truly believe that even the densest citizen of the U.S. who votes understands at this point that the Ship of State doesn't come with training wheels.

That's it for today folks.


Friday, August 12, 2011

BloggeRhythms 8/12/2011

Not all that long ago, a former friend and I used to meet for beers in the afternoon and discuss all kinds of topics, from current events to local news and, naturally, politics and happenings regarding the current administration. Since we both tried to stay abreast of events and were reasonably intelligent, many of our conversations led to conclusions accurately predicting what lay ahead in any number of situations. That happened often enough to where we’d sometimes look around from our stools and wonder if our discussions were being tapped.

The reason I mention the forgoing today is that last night I saw a man named Mark Cuban interviewed on Fox by Neil Cavuto. Cuban seemed extremely bright, was very likable and especially open and down to earth. So, this morning I looked him up. According to Wikipedia., he’s an American entrepreneur owns the NBA’s Dallas Mavericks, Landmark Theatres, Magnolia Pictures, and is chairman of the HDTV cable network HDNet. He’s also a part-time shark on the Shark Tank TV series. As of 2011, Cuban is No.459 on Forbes' "World's Richest People" list, with a net worth of $2.5 billion having sold a business to Yahoo in 1999. The Guinness Book of Records credits him with the "largest single e-commerce transaction," paying $40 million for his Gulfstream V jet in October 1999.

Now, during the interview Cuban was asked how he’s dealing with the mercurial up’s and down in the securities markets, and how he’s handling his investments. And Cuban’s answer was almost a carbon copy of my entry in yesterday’s blog, and that programmed transactions, day trading and automation have changed the game completely and as a result, he’s not invested very much at all due to the turmoil.

He also stated that all the long range planning by the administration and Congress doesn’t make much sense to him, because all his active business plans never extended beyond a year since there’s no way to predict even that long accurately in our rapidly changing world. He also believes that sticking to losing premises due to principles isn’t very clever because no one can be right all the time and the object is to succeed and prosper, not go up in ideological flames. Consequently you have to learn from others, and apply ideas that work even if they came from the other side.

In talking about individuals his comments were complimentary, no negatives mentioned including the president, congress folks and even Trump, who he says is a good friend. And that’s when I realized that Cuban’s a politician himself and that no one would ever know what he truly felt.

So, my concluding question for today is, since so much of what I’ve written over the past in my blogs keeps getting proven out, how come I’m sitting here typing by myself and my bank accounts considerably short of two and a half billion dollars.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

BloggeRhythms 8/11/2011

There's another huge upward swing in the stock markets today, after yesterday's monster plunge. And ordinarily, these movements would depend on breaking news regarding major economic and political announcements such as employment reports, business performance, international happenings and wars. However, with the advent of today's trading techniques and automation enhancements, the triggers for securities buying and selling has dramatically changed.

For example, the unemployment data released this morning showed that 375,000 folks filed for the first time last week, slightly lower but certainly not an indicator of a meaningful turn around. At the same time some encouraging news was released regarding solutions to European debt. And although both of these items have significant meaning, neither should impact markets that much.

So, what's likely going on now is that major buy/sell securities programs that have been installed are automatically reacting when certain things occur, which means that trading doesn't even involve spur of the moment analysis or thought...the programs institute orders themselves. Beyond that there are significant day traders whose business involves immediate up or down changes, and these types have no bearing on real market trends at all.

Now, what all this means in the long run is anyone's guess, but it seems more and more apparent that the securities markets are no longer the benchmarks of the nation's actual economic status that they once were.

Then, as I mentioned yesterday, the Republican's first debate is tonight and I still can't figure out why I should watch it. Because I know right now that if Michelle Bachmann, for example, gave the performance of her life she's still absolutely and unequivocally unqualified to be president of the U.S., and Pawlenty might be the most boring dude that ever drew breath but governed well just the same, which is all that counts.

I also recall, although I've never tuned in, that our current leader is supposedly one for the best debaters that ever drew breath. So, if this guy's a good example of what superior debaters are all about, obviously that particular talent has no value at all in running a nation. And, what's more, as I type, talking heads are starting to use the "C" word in comparisons when discussing the current president...and in my lifetime I've never heard of any leader anywhere worse than Carter.

So, in closing, I really don't care about what any of these folks have to say tonight and instead as usual will watch re-runs of shows that I like.

That's it for today folks.


Wednesday, August 10, 2011

BloggeRhythms 8/10/2011

I have a vague recollection of the end of Saddam's regime. There was this guy being interviewed every day on CNN who was the public relations spokesman for Hussein's party. And this guy would tell the TV interviewers that this war was just about won by them, and it was only a matter of time until the allied forces gave up and left Iraq altogether, because they couldn't possibly win.

And then one day, on which I happened to be watching, the guy went on as he usually did assuring all the Iraqis that Saddam was winning the war, when an assault team of American forces walked onto the set, picked the guy up, and carried him out the door. And what was the most incredible part of the whole thing, was that while this guy was being stuffed into the back of a truck to be driven off to wherever, he didn't stop talking but kept trying to tell his audience that Saddam's forces were still in control.

The reason I mention this anecdote today is that yesterday our president did almost exactly the same thing. Because he decided to make one of his speeches, which is something he does several times every day, and this one focused on the stock market which was then in decline and seemingly headed for a huge loss. However, what he had to say didn't make much sense to investors, traders or brokers and while he rambled on,the market continued to drop like a rock, ultimately winding up at a 600 point loss for the day.

Now, as similar as these situations are, I doubt they'll find the president hiding in the desert under a rock like Saddam did, but whether he decides to hide or not doesn't really matter. Because as regimes go, whatever he does, this ones' decidedly over.

That's it fot today folks.


Tuesday, August 9, 2011

BloggeRhythms 8/9/2011

Flipping channels yesterday afternoon, I came across this guy Bob Beckel being interviewed on a news station. I Googled him just now and found out he’s a political commentator and analyst on the Fox News Channel as well as a columnist for USA Today. Earlier in his career he joined the U.S. Department of State and became the youngest Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for the Carter administration. He was also campaign manager for Walter Mondale's 1984 presidential campaign, becoming known for using Wendy's slogan "Where's the Beef?" against Mondale's opponent Gary Hart.

The reason I mention him is because he was stuttering, dodging and weaving when trying to defend the president’s miserable job as a leader. And then he was asked how he thought the incumbent would do in the upcoming election, especially since many polls show him losing to unnamed Republican candidates. Beckel replied that regardless of what those polls show, he believed the president would do quite well versus a “specific” opponent, such as Romney, Pawlenty, Huntsman, Paul or anyone else because he performs so well in debates and would strongly outshine them, helping insure almost certain re-election.

And that’s when I sat back and wondered what this guy was talking about. Because, as for me, I’ve never watched a presidential debate, or any other kind for that matter. And I can’t imagine what they possibly prove except that one guy may be better at BS than somebody else. But, the president’s job is to run the nation, not talk about whatever debate subjects are. Beyond that, all of these candidates have proven track records, so we all know what they’ve done and how they’ve performed in the past. And that performance is what counts, not a barrage of meaningless words.

What was most amusing about the whole thing was that right about then the stock market was tanking in spades and had lost about two hundred points. And that’s when the president decided to make another speech, in which he said absolutely nothing having any import at all. So, over the next half hour or so, the market doubled the loss, sinking four hundred points more, suggesting to me that he might be better off by just shutting up instead of turning bad into worst.

Consequently, I think this Beckel guy better reevaluate the current situation before continuing to assume the voting public’s made up of morons. In case he didn’t notice, the House has already turned over and it’s almost a certainty the other two government branches will follow suit in 2012. But regardless of the actual outcome, which obviously remains to be seen, the guy currently in the White House has absolutely nothing of interest to debate about, because everyone knows what horrendous damage he's already done in the real world.

That’s it for today folks.


Monday, August 8, 2011

BloggeRhythms 8/8/2011

It didn't take long, about a month or so actually, for Steve Williams the caddy to help his new boss, Adam Scott, put together an important PGA Tour win. The reason I thought Scott's victory at the WGC-Bridgestone Invitational had real meaning for Williams is, he was recently fired by another, far better known pro...Tiger Woods. Woods by the way finished tied for 37th place, exactly 18 strokes behind Scott. So I guess in the world of headlines, where big names get all the press, I thought it might be nice if some credit was given to those who are pro's in their own right, such as caddy's, especially when they've proven themselves to be the best.

What was especially interesting to me was how Williams "handled" Scott during the tournament's last round. Because Scott had won seven times before on the tour and is no slouch, but was another one who experts claim never reached his "potential." And that's pretty common in pro golf. Because all these guys can really play, and have tremendous skills, that's how they got to the tour in the first place, but there's an extra "something" that's needed to win the big ones.

So, as I watched Williams work with Scott, I noticed how he kept him calm and focused. There were also times where he made suggestions, and was listened to, regarding club selection and on many holes helped his pro line up to aim his shots. And in pro golf, like everything else, it's often the little things and basics that count. And that's why I wanted to mention Steve Williams, who's proven time and again during his career on the tour, that he's just as much a pro at what he does as the guys who swing the club.

And in the meantime, while the pro's were out playing golf the amateurs in the administration were watching the U.S. credit rating get cut. At the moment. no one really knows what the bottom line affect will be, it could even turn out that the
downgrade has little to no real impact on our finances at all. Nonetheless, however, this is the first time in our history where such a thing has happened and is a result of inexperience, arrogance and mismanagement of the highest order. And as a result has turned the most powerful nation on earth's leaders into unlaughable jokes.

That's it for today folks.


Sunday, August 7, 2011

BloggeRhythms 8/7/2011

The markets may plunge further tomorrow due to S&P downgrading the creditworthiness of the U.S., and perhaps they won't. We'll all know soon enough. But that's only one more symptom, although a huge one, of the real impact of what's actually happened to our economy.

As I've mentioned before, in many entries, what we're finally really seeing here is the disclosure of the failings of a political belief and system that cannot possibly work. And it really shouldn't have taken the near destruction of the strongest economy ever known to man to prove it. But, for some reason or other it has. Because you'd think that even the most naive, unschooled child could figure out that when only twenty or so percent of a population carries the other 80% on their back, sooner or later that back has got to break.

Beyond that fact however, is that when a government stifles every attempt made by those who still want to try to succeed financially and causes total stagnation, you'd also think they'd examine their failures and try to correct them. But that's not what's happening in this case. Because instead of incenting businesses, the providers of nation's lifeblood, to accelerate and produce needed funds, leadership has decided to pile debt upon debt instead, almost insuring recovery cannot occur.

Although the miserable job done by the Democrat party was more or less predictable, because they've never understood how our economy works, this time around they had major compounding problems. And those woes weren't completely due simply to ideology. Because a lot of it had to with accidents of birth. And if nothing else has been proven by the total debacle made of the nation, it's now crystal clear that just about everyone at the top of the Democrat party is intellectually dense.

To prove the point, you can go down the list yourself, but I doubt you'll find anyone dumber than Reid, Pelosi, Schumer, Frank, Dodd, and on and on right up to the Taxer-in-Chief at the top. So, in summary, I guess you can't really blame them for their failures because they unknowingly walked into a battle of wits unarmed, which means that in addition to having low IQ's, they probably attended either public or Ivy league schools, or maybe both.

That's it for today folks.


Saturday, August 6, 2011

BloggeRhythms 8/6/2011

In an amazing feat of political suicide, it took only four years or so for the Democrat party to ruin the financial standing of the strongest national economy the world has ever seen. Because, as I'm sure everyone out there knows by now, S&P has downgraded the credit rating of the United States. The AAA rating itself had been held since the year it was first earned, 1917.

What the results and costs of the downgrade will be, nobody knows for sure, but one thing is certain. The failed economic policies and financial mismanagement of the current administration is not news. In fact, I've been highlighting the ineptitude myself in these entries for almost two years, and I'm just a guy sitting here alone, typing my opinions from only the input I see in the media.

While I have no doubt that our fiscal problems are basically due to the president's belief in an economic system that cannot possibly work, I think there's far more to the situation. Because the basis for our incredible losses isn't really simply financial, it's actually political. And the goal from the get-go has been to break the nation's fiscal back and reducing it to third-world status because, in the president's eyes, our huge success was unfair to all the other nations around the globe.

It's also now obvious to me that while the debt crisis was surely worth everyone's attention, because so much was at stake, it was also a diversion. Because it took most folks eye off the ball. And that allowed another, perhaps larger issue, to drop from view for a while although it insidiously keeps undermining our whole economic system. And that issue is: our growing dependence on foreign oil.

It's been proven many times in our history that the nation can grow its way out of almost any financial calamity. The best illustration of that premise is the Reagan era which drove the economy for twenty-six years. And I'm sure if Reagan was at the helm right now we'd be drilling everywhere in the U.S. that you could set up a rig and the price of gas at the pump would reduce to where it should be, about two bucks or less per gallon.

But, as for us right now, we're sending money to the Middle-East hand over fist so folks over there can buy more goats and camels while they bleed us to death. And about half of our own population can't spend a cent to help our own economy grow because every time fill up, they're leaving a hundred bucks or so at the pump for export.

So, with un and under-employment stifling about 20% of our work force, and then exporting most of whatever meager funds they have left, the president's just about totally succeeded in his goal. Financial ruination of the U.S.

That's it for today folks.


Friday, August 5, 2011

BloggeRhythms 8/5/2011

This morning's jobs report for July showed an upswing of 117,000 added, an improvement but nowhere enough to demonstrate the corner's been turned. So the markets, desperate for any good news after yesterday's blowout, upticked on the news...but then came right back down again.

Naturally all the talking heads had all kinds of explanations, predictions and comments about the job results, most of them saying they were somewhat relieved that there was some hiring going on. Nonetheless, many stated that the economic problems in Europe, especially Italy, were dragging things down and negatively affecting things here. Others added that globalization has naturally changed financial strategy's for large, multi-national American businesses, worrying investors here about problems overseas. But there was only one guy that I saw directly address the crux of the problem on CNBC, and I didn't catch his name.

This guy, however, thinks that globalization may indeed be problematic for some and may be causing them to re-think financial strategies and I agree with his conclusion. But, we both think that most U.S. businesses that drive our economy are small ones, many of whose owners may not even know where Europe is. But what they all do know is, that the morning after the debt deal was done the president made a speech in which he said that now additional revenues are needed and indicated redistribution will continue. And in plain English, what "revenue" means is taxes.

So, having just dodged a major economic bullet, instead of trying to set the stage for growth the Taxer-in Chief is back to the same old, same old and petrifying business owners again. And unfortunately not only for businesses, but everyone else included, when it comes to growing our economy he hasn't a clue. Beyond that, instead of looking for ways to get both political parties on the same financial page, he chose to go right back to instilling fear and employing verbal abuse.

What all this means, I believe, is what I've been typing about for the last few months. There's a major stumbling block that will continue to stifle our economy's growth and that won't change until it's gone altogether. And the rock that's tied to our financial heels is the president and his failed idealism. So, in the meantime, smart businesspeople will continue to do what they're doing now, and keep waiting him out. Because as each day goes by, I get more confident that he's a one-term disaster whose fifteen minutes is just about over.

That's it for today folks.


Thursday, August 4, 2011

BloggeRhythms 8/4/2011

Now that all the arms have been twisted, the threats and the name-calling has ceased in Congress and the administration has gotten its wish, Wall Street and the public are telling the White House what they think of raising the debt limit. Because the stock markets are rapidly going through the floor. As I type, the Dow's down over two hundred points and the S&P and NASDAQ are tanking too.

So I think Willie Nelson pretty much summed it up for the president when he sang Turn Out the Lights, The Party's Over. And now that I read back my words, maybe the Republicans ought to make that their theme song for the 2012 campaign.

What's the worst for the Dem's, however, is that they not only have no way to fix their woes because many of them refuse to believe what their biggest one is, many, more of them truly don't understand what's going on around them at all. But in a nutshell, they're hamstrung by a continually weakening economy and can't turn it around because their leader is an inexperienced amateur who hasn't the appropriate skills and whose approach is more or less like the band on the Titanic that continued to play as the ship disappeared under the water. The only difference is, he's making speeches instead of music.

There are many who think the president made a mistake by immediately leaving for Chicago to celebrate his birthday and fund-raise as soon as he signed the debt limit increase into law. They think he should have stayed in DC to head a campaign focused on fixing the unemployment debacle. However, to me that would be like putting Jesse James in charge of a program for stopping thieves from robbing banks. James could never be the solution whereas he was the cause.

So I guess the president can go wherever he wants and make speeches about whatever he chooses. Because the solution to the nation's economic situation doesn't rest with him. In about a year and a half the public's going to fix the problem themselves in voting booths all over the nation by making absolutely sure he doesn't win.

That's it for today folks.


Wednesday, August 3, 2011

BloggeRhythms 8/3/2011

I think the reactions to the debt ceiling negotiations provided an excellent example of the differences in American major political ideology. Republicans kept pushing for cutting the nation’s debt, capping further government spending and above all, requiring a balanced budget. Beyond that, they wanted to curtail governmental interference in the business community, clearing the way for folks to get back to work. And in that way, through increased production, the budget deficit would routinely reduce as a result of economic success.

Democrats, conversely, were up in arms because they feared the government would no longer be able to afford to dole out money hand over fist to anyone claiming they needed it, and that social programs would lack future funding and expansion. Their mindset focused on further taxing the “rich,” so that more of producer’s income could be redistributed among those dependent on other folk's funds. What they never addressed, however, was the eventual demise of the whole system once they’d bled the golden goose to death.

So then, I guess we have to wonder why in the year 2011, after more than 200 years of economic success, there are still citizens who haven’t a clue as to how and why capitalism works. Yet, it’s the very system that affords them the welfare they depend on for sustenance, while they simultaneously loudly claim to despise and resent those who support them financially.

Their attitude reminds me of the dialogue in A Few Good Men, when Jack Nicholson, as Colonel Nathan Jessup, on the witness stand tells Tom Cruise, who’s playing Attorney Daniel Kaffee, that he resents being questioned about the methods he uses to insure freedom for the U.S. because he’s been charged with the responsibility of protecting the nation and has a much deeper understanding of what’s required than any D.C. lawyer in a “girly white uniform.”

I see a very strong similarity here to the Republican’s view of the nation’s economy. Because they understand what’s needed to succeed in the marketplace while a huge percentage of leftists neither produce nor earn a farthing, but instead walk with their hand out ready to take whatever’s not nailed down by producers. So, in that regard I agree with the gist of Colonel Jessup’s position: Leftists should either get jobs and produce for themselves, or keep on collecting welfare. Either way I don’t give a damn what they do either, so long as they leave me alone, get out of my way, and stop calling me names while they’re stealing my money.

That's it for today folks.


Tuesday, August 2, 2011

BloggeRhythms 7/2/2011

Looks like the debt deal will be approved in the Senate, which is no surprise, and then it'll be rubber stamped in the White House. And then it'll be back to business as usual in DC. Except, as I've been predicting lately, after the strictly partisan way the administration disregarded the needs of the nation during the debt wrangle, they've turned their leader into a lame duck. And his chances of reelection are now somewhere around zero.

Proof of the administration's inexperience and poor judgement can be seen in just about every issue they've addressed, and their ineptitude's long been a matter of record. And, today, you can add one more to the heap. Because the Justice Department has just filed a lawsuit against Alabama's new controversial immigration law. The Fed's position is essentially the same as in Arizona, whereas in both cases they claim the states are overstepping their authority by getting into something that is a strictly federal responsibility: immigration enforcement.

However, the reason both states have taken matters into their own hands is an attempt to control illegal immigration themselves because the Fed's won't. And by doing nothing to help various states out, because aiding illegals leads to more votes for the Dem's, they burden states financially, increase crime rates, and weaken local economies with no regard whatsoever for legal citizenry.

So, this is just one more example of where the administration either has no clue as to the needs and wants of the public or simply couldn't care less, chasing unrealistic reform where it makes no sense instead. Yet, as I've mentioned many, many times in the past...there are presently unquestionable legal ways to enter the nation, so it's an enigma as to why the administration chooses not to abide by or enforce immigration laws already on the books.

As an aside to this issue, I came across another item in the same regard that also confuses me. It seems that, The American Civil Liberties Union, applauded the Fed's lawsuit, calling Alabama's immigrant law "draconian" and "anti-immigrant." And their comment made we wonder once again why the association's name includes the word American. Because if these subversives are on our side, I dread to learn how much our enemies really hate us.

That's it for today folks.


Monday, August 1, 2011

BloggeRhythms 8/1/2011

Republicans got a huge win yesterday, and not simply because of their efforts regarding the debt deal. Because a group amounting to only one half of the two houses of Congress, and having to battle with the uncooperative president to boot, changed the way legislation will be negotiated in the future. And although faced with huge opposition every step of the way, they made themselves heard and for once, actually carried out what their constituents put them in office to do.

The debt deal, however, is only a small indication of what's been taking place over the past few months in particular and has been brewing for over two years, because what's actually quite evident now is that the Democrat party is on its way out altogether. And their self-serving actions, putting themselves above the needs of the nation, has angered a significant part of the voting population.

So, it really doesn't matter that the Dem's achieved their main goal of having the next debt negotiation put off til' after the upcoming election, because folks aren't going to forget how selfish the Dem's were, and thus won't be voting for them next time around.

Beyond that, voters also know that although the president grabbed the headline to announce that a deal had been reached, he took no part in the successful negotiation except to keep changing the rules every time a deal was close, and kept unsuccessfully trying to insure tax hikes on the "rich."

But now that the default threat is apparently over, it's time to get back to the other critical matters affecting the nation. And, debt deal or not, those won't change a bit. Because small businesses are still being choked by the inability to borrow funds, big business still won't risk a quarter until the present incumbent is gone, and unemployment will either stay the same or increase because the administration is still anti-business and perpetuating governmental growth.

Consequently, all the Republicans have to do now is let the smoke settle down and move ahead toward the upcoming election. And if they're smart, they won't let non-business ideology take their eye off the ball. Because all the country really wants is to stop hearing about philosophical nonsense that politicians have somehow added to their platforms, and finally be able to get back to economic growth. And at the moment, about 75% of likely voters believe Democrats can't help them do that.

That's it for today folks.