Thursday, September 26, 2019


Yesterday’s entry sought to memorialize a significant, if not terminal, step by the Democrat party toward it’s self-destruction. Although the entry described the circumstances involved in the party’s demise, it stopped short of presenting the reasons for its current case of dissociative panic. Thus, it seems that some explanations ought be helpful. 

Mr. Goodwin touched on the subject yesterday, writing: “In short, Pelosi just changed everything. The next election is now about impeachment.” The purpose was to present only the circumstance, not necessarily the discussion of the underlying cause. However, while the cause is actually quite simple it goes beyond today’s Democrat panic and applies to many, if not the majority, of Republicans as well.

Because, what the POTUS has made crystal clear from the start is the tremendous chasm between politicking and real-world performance. 

For today’s politicians, particularly those on the left, it matters not whether campaign promises can ever be fulfilled. The sound of the magnitude of the benefits overrides any and all practical realities. For those on the left, rarely if ever has a promise been kept. Nonetheless, an occasional fiasco such as Obamacare does take shape, providing evidence that politics and reality are generally diametrically opposed. 

Trump, on the other hand comes from a world where if one’s promises go unfulfilled the loss is immediate, perhaps professionally terminal and most often quickly satisfied by an alternative provider. Therefore, Trump and most other typical business types don’t waste their time, or that of others, rambling on about pie in the sky. Presenting instead solutions that they can readily deliver. 

And that’s where the left is stymied whereas for them, campaigning is comprised of out-promising one another without an iota of consideration or care of eventual fulfillment.      

While establishing a different point yesterday, Rush once again provided the wherewithal for the premise as he said: “[The left] can take out any Republican they want any day they choose to. But they haven’t been able to even dent Trump. Now, they’ve been able to put roadblocks in the way of his agenda, but he still gets up every day and he’s still tweeting and he’s still taking on the media and he’s not affected by what they’re doing. Most Republicans cower in fear and resign and beg to be ignored, promise to never do it again. Trump just keeps hitting back. They are literally stymied by their failure to get rid of the guy.

“They can’t believe that he won. They can’t believe that Hillary lost. They can’t believe that Mueller didn’t find something. They can’t believe they couldn’t prove collusion. They can’t believe Kavanaugh got confirmed. They can’t believe the unemployment numbers are as good as they are. They can’t believe the economy is roaring the way it is. They can’t believe that everything they are proposing is bombing. They cannot believe they haven’t been able to take out Trump.”

Bringing us back to today’s observation. While the left, and most other politicians, deploy all their efforts in seeking the verbiage that will insure their opponents demise a business-oriented producer like Trump simply dwells on continued deliverance of customer satisfaction.

That’s it for today folks.


Wednesday, September 25, 2019


Yesterday, Michael Goodwin once again has taken blockbuster news and put it into rational perspective in his article titled: “Pelosi’s impeachment flip-flop changes everything.”

The article focuses on the facts in the case, explaining potential ramifications for both sides involved. Yet, it occurred to this writer that there may be another objective altogether for Pelosi’s actions. Because it seems quite possible that she may now see an opportunity to quell, control or perhaps even eliminate the disastrous far left segment of her party. 

Mr. Goodwin believes that “Because of what (Pelosi) she said and did, if the House doesn’t go all the way, it will be a political disaster. Either failing to take a vote on articles of impeachment, or failing to get enough votes among her majority to pass any articles, would be seen as a political exoneration for Trump, likely leading to his re-election.”

Furthermore, according to Mr. Goodwin: “they could win the battle and lose the war,“ because “no matter what the House does, there is a next-to-zero chance the GOP controlled Senate would convict the president absent clear and convincing “high crimes and misdemeanors.”

“Pelosi knew all that since January, when she became Speaker, which is why she kept resisting the impeachers. But her surrender proved again that her party can’t quit 2016. Like generals fighting the last war, she and they are now committed to taking their sore-loser grievances to 2020 voters. Yet she did something else, too, something far more monumental: She effectively committed House Dems to impeaching President Trump.

“Pelosi may think she went only halfway Tuesday and could eventually back down on impeachment if the Ukraine issue fizzles, but that’s wishful thinking. Anything less than a public flogging of Trump will not satisfy the far left of her own party, including the 150 or so House members who already demanded impeachment before the Ukraine issue appeared.”

Thus, Mr. Goodwin now believes: “In short, Pelosi just changed everything. The next election is now about impeachment.”

From there, Mr. Goodwin goes on to surmise the possibility that not only might the POTUS very well gain from the situation Pelosi created, but that: “Ironically, a full examination of the facts could make Biden the first casualty of the impeachment jihad. He is already a weak front-runner and even if he did nothing legally wrong in dealing with Ukraine, the fact that his son was enriching himself by free-riding on the coattails of his father’s job won’t sit well with progressive voters, many of whom already dislike and distrust Biden.” 

“Trump admits he asked Zelensky to investigate Joe Biden and his son, Hunter, over whether the then-vice president took any action to protect his son from a corruption probe.

“Hunter Biden was being paid $50,000 a month by an energy company that was at one time the focus of a corruption inquiry. Reports have said Biden used his VP position to demand that the inquiry be dropped and the prosecutor involved fired, or America would withhold aid.

“Put it this way: Would Hunter Biden have gotten that job if his father were not vice president? Ditto for a sweetheart investment deal Hunter Biden got from the Chinese government. On at least one occasion, he reportedly flew with his father on Air Force Two to China to seal a lucrative agreement there.

“That doesn’t pass the smell test and Biden could get knocked down and even out as events unfold.

“Count that possibility as another sign that, based on what we know, Pelosi is making a high-risk, low-reward bet.”

Which brings us back to this writer’s quite strong suspicion that Pelosi, a consummate, seasoned well-attuned politician might very well see the opportunity to kill two birds with one stone. First by “assisting” in the hard-core left faction of her party’s being weakened, discredited and defanged once again by the POTUS as she simultaneously stands by as a hapless front-runner (Biden) self destructs. 

That’s it for today folks.