Friday, November 27, 2020


This morning, the president posted a comment on Facebook reflecting what this writer feels is most likely the major consensus of opinion among the vast majority of voters across the U.S: "REPORT: Biden’s Thanksgiving Day Address gets just 1000 views online, a record low. Observers say a candidate with “80,000,000” votes would get many more online viewers. Numbers don’t lie, or add up! One America News Network."

The posting spurred thoughts of a response to a friend last week regarding a clip he'd sent in which commentator Glen Beck vented almost uncontainable vexation and frustration with the possibility of a Trump election loss. Much like Beck, who publicly aired his displeasure to a wide audience, not only does this writer agree with Beck's thoughts but also believes that there are millions upon millions of citizens sharing those conclusions, as follows in the note sent:

"Joe, Beck’s tirade lines right up with a sense or feeling held for several weeks now, as the irrational possibility of a Biden presidency firms into perhaps a tangible reality. It’s also a certainty there’s never been public adoration, admiration or appreciation for the deeds and accomplishments of a chief executive as that developed between Trump and his constituents today. No president has ever consistently packed major venues with fans like a rock star, each attending by personal preference. And it’s that sense of support and togetherness that convinces me should Biden actually win, now compounded by samples of the moronic filth he deems a potential cabinet, a revolt will take place. I’ve no present idea of the revolution’s ultimate structure nor how or where it will germinate, but am also absolutely convinced of its coming arrival. And what’s powerfully important about the future revolt is that it currently comprises 73 million individuals who’ve already expressed their voting choice. Lord only knows how many more would have also voted for Trump had the media presented the truth regarding his actual poll numbers, platform or performance in office. 

"So, what looms ahead for the nation should Biden win, is the inauguration of a totally worthless party head for the Democrats, one who’ll never gain acceptance or respect from considerably more than half of the voting public (had actual vote results been disclosed in major leftist strongholds) and will never attain support, respect or agreement among them. What’s more, the entire party Biden currently heads comes under the same umbrella, having not one member equaling Trump’s true appeal. All of which brings me back to today’s prediction of a voter revolt most assuredly arising should this leftist electoral fraud actually come to pass. Which means that, as things stand now, the nation’s ultimately facing another civil war in some very tangible, disruptive form."

Now that several more days of reporting has disclosed an increasing probability of voter fraud, very likely aided and abetted by major media suppression of vote count alteration facilitated by vote switching capabilities of Dominion Equipment, the odds of some form of rebellion have likely increased.

Furthering expectations of  major refusal to accept the election results are the candidate's chosen by the left for leadership, one spending 38 years in public office achieving nothing whatsoever, the other possessing not one iota of managerial success, rising only to junior United States senator from California since 2017. That total absence of accomplishment now faces comparison to that produced by one described by Patrick Buchanan today, who wrote: "Not only is Trumpism triumphant in the GOP's ideological battles, but its victory was validated in 2020. While Trump may have narrowly lost states that gave him an electoral majority in 2016, he grew the GOP presidential vote by 10 million, held the Senate and added GOP votes in the House, an almost unprecedented feat for a defeated President.

"Trump did not establish the new relationship with Russia he had promised, nor did he end the forever wars of the Mideast.

"Yet, the U.S. is closer today to the exit ramps from Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and Yemen.

"Can anyone believe that Bush Republicans or the "Never-Trumpers" are the future of the party when one considers the massive and visceral reaction of millions of Trump voters even to the idea of conceding his defeat in this election?

"After the dust has settled from this election, Trump's achievements will begin to be recognized.

"He cut tax rates and federal regulations and produced in his fourth year the lowest unemployment rate ever among Black Americans, women and racial and ethnic minorities.

"He remade the Supreme Court, producing a 6-3 constitutionalist majority no predecessor was able to achieve.

"He crushed ISIS in Syria and eliminated the caliphate there.

"He pulled us out of the Paris climate accord, the Iranian nuclear deal and the World Health Organization.

"His Operation Warp Speed initiative helped produce two vaccines for the worst pandemic in a century within less than a year. And he brought the Dow back up to 30,000.

A not unimpressive record, though our media elite will never concede it."

And although the huge number of Trump constituents deeply appreciate the accomplishments for their intrinsic value, what they truly wish to remain in office is the individual having the unique capabilities to produce them in the first place. 

That's it for today folks.


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