Wednesday, November 18, 2020


Election results to date show that the mainstream media’s given the presidency to Biden, while 73 million Republican voters have not. Significant work now needs be done regarding hundreds of thousands of votes apparently switched from Trump to Biden via software control systems provided by Dominion Voting Systems. 

The final outcome yet to be seen, it’s vividly apparent right now that although the Democrat party in general and Biden in particular, might ultimately attain leadership status amongst their own, it’s doubtful to occur anywhere else. The dithering Biden himself appears programmed to be the weakest “chief executive” in the nation’s history, should he actually attain a win.

At the moment, all things remaining the same, the critical question is a Senate run-off in Georgia. One candidate, Republican Senator Kelly Loeffler, ”brands herself as a political outsider – “more conservative than Atilla the Hun” – in lock-step with Trump. And that’s not expected to change much.”

“During a Savannah campaign stop in August, Loeffler said she was “the only U.S. Senator that has 100% Senate voting record with our president,” and that she was out to help him “drain the swamp.”

The other Georgian is Senator David Perdue, in office since 2014, getting 90,000 more votes than his opponent. However, since the Senate is presently deadlocked at 48-48, although Republicans were leading uncalled races in Alaska and North Carolina, Georgia could prove to be the tipping point, meaning Democrats would control the House, the Senate and the presidency with two Georgia Senate wins.

Thus, what this seemingly all boils down to is that if Trump’s recounts are successful all the rest is moot. But if by some chance, Biden obtains the White House, Senate results determine the U.S. political future. Democrat control of all three government branches portends socialism in the offing, fostering national demise similar to that of major cities such as New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Detroit and Chicago. Because one of the most valid certainties extant is that leftists either cannot or will not learn from their mistakes. Virtually assuring massive administrative failure.

However, should Republicans retain a Senate majority, a Biden presidency while becoming an annoyance, forebodes little major policy harm during the four-year hiatus until Donald Trump’s electoral return.

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