Wednesday, November 4, 2020


Although the presidential race still hangs in the balance, current results glaringly highlight a significant segment of voters deserving of their own classification of stupid. In fact, it’s quite difficult to come up with a word that properly captures the enormity of these individual’s dim-wittedness. The collection of vacuum-heads in question are the relocating leftists.

As vote tallies came in last night, particular areas gained attention in states such as Texas, Arizona, Colorado, and Florida where transplanted leftists now reside. And although relocation has always been quite common in the U.S., a somewhat different causation now exists, economic prohibition stemming from political ideology. This phenomenon occurs when costs of living rise to the extent that citizens can no longer afford residence, forcing departure. The circumstance most often arises in and around major city’s occupied by leftists with continually growing demands for government expansion, along with free, government-subsidized or lowest cost services which in turn drive taxation of all types to their maximums whereas program-financing must derive from someplace beyond government.

Typically, lower than market living costs are borne by taxation of those earning reasonable livings along with private-sector businesses and service providers. Until the point is reached where taxes themselves become unaffordable or reduce incomes and/or profits below a viability threshold, forcing departures or closures to the extent that insufficient revenue can be attained by government. That Catch-22 occurs when reductions in the qualities of life, along with prohibitive taxation compel citizens across economic strata to seek residence elsewhere.  

While the framework of the economics is very easily understandable, governments cannot possibly sustain rising costs without similarly increased revenue, it is the inability or unwillingness of leftists to grasp that basic concept that creates the ideological conundrum. Because, in keeping with today’s opening premise, any individual forced into relocation by self-caused unaffordability who upon arriving elsewhere immediately works to recreate the same governmental structure as the one just abandoned has to be at a level of stupidity that’s simply indescribable. 

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