Saturday, October 3, 2020


A friend sent a disquieting email yesterday, explaining his dislike, repulsion and distrust of Trump. In fact, his disappointment was so great with both presidential candidates he'd decided not to vote at all this November. 

Reviewing my reply to him suggested turning it into a post that may be useful to others, as follows: 

"I certainly can’t disagree with your conclusion that Trump may be dishonest. It’s also quite likely that all politicians are criminal to some degree, most of them worthless parasites as well. However, in a presidential election we only get two real choices, one of which will wind up effectively heading the country. And this time around there’s far more at stake than which crook attains the White House, the nation’s political philosophy’s in play as well.

"Should the Democrats somehow win, the door’s wide open to socialism, wealth redistribution, reparations, economy strangling tax reform, rejoining the ridiculous and unaffordable Paris climate accord, resurrecting Iran as a super power, isolating Israel once more, shutting off U.S. oil production along with a return to dependence on Middle-Eastern providers doubling or tripling costs of fuel, packing the Supreme Court to prevent conservative justices forevermore, along with elimination of the Electoral College insuring that major Democrat sanctuary states/cities such as New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Boston, Baltimore, Detroit et al take electoral control well into the foreseeable future.

"Additionally, open borders will permit all who choose unbridled entrance while all illegal aliens will be granted free health care, education, decriminalization of border crossings, moratoriums on deportations to pressure Congress to act on immigration legislation and the elimination of expedited removal proceedings.

"While these are highlights to considerably more removal of the vestiges of capitalism, another personal suspicion exists whereas its very likely that considerable numbers of personal income-producing voters are presently unaware of the span of leftist ideology and its true impact on their after-tax earnings. Which means that when they find out the ultimate personal costs while observing government ridiculously redistribute their hard earned incomes, the very strong possibility of some kind of nation-destroying civil war truly exists.

"As a result I strongly suggest, that considering what very well may happen should the Democrats win, you find a way to temporarily ignore Trump’s personal traits as you enter the voting booth, pull the Republican levers and do what’s best for your country and certainly yourself under the current circumstances."


That's it for today folks.


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