Thursday, October 22, 2020


The plan for today was to once again explain that this writer has no intention of watching tonight’s presidential debate. Several factors contribute to that decision.

The candidate’s positions on significant issues well understood from the outset of both major campaigns, along with constant attention from every type of  media, make it  hard to fathom that anyone actually intending to vote still remains undecided. It also seems highly unlikely that uncertain voters, if any exist, can possibly be significantly numerous or remain isolated from exposure to perpetual promotion by party members, representatives and/or the candidates themselves.

With vast amounts of information and propaganda readily available to voters, decision-making this year could not be simpler. Trump’s held presidential office for more than three-and-a-half years, during which time people were either pleased with his performance or they weren’t. As for Biden, absolutely nothing can be directly credited as legislation due to his efforts in Congress for his 36 years of service as Delaware Senator, or the eight more spent as Obama’s Vice president.

In fact, the only factor proven to date regarding qualities undoubtedly possessed by Biden is an ingrained problem conveying the truth. That particular flaw creates another difficulty in viewing presidential debates, whereas there is no way to determine whether Biden is being honest or not. So here again, audiences already possess everything they need to know about Trump from their own observation, while Biden has virtually nothing to offer except myriad promises that may or may not be implemented as presented, if at all.

Bringing us back to today’s original premise that questions the value of debates in the first place. And questions of value most certainly exist when debates are between an unequivocally successful performer going head to head with a congenital, conscience free liar.

That’s it for today folks.


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