Thursday, October 15, 2020


Inasmuch as timing is everything, a growing question is whether recent release of evidence of abuse of power, along with disclosures of other suspicious activities, by candidate Biden are happenstance or an orchestrated scheme by Republican adversaries. Is this irreparably negative information being released this close to election day because it was just uncovered or has it been withheld until the most advantageous moment for Donald Trump?

In truth, whatever the reason may be, information now exposed openly raises significant question as to the honesty, integrity and underlying intentions of Biden himself as employment of family members for seemingly personal gain is made public. 

One of the best summaries of questionable activities comes from Dan Reynolds and Naomi Fisher in a Ventura County California’s Citizen’s Journal editorial today, October 15, 2020, who write:

Joe Biden has been in the political arena for over thirty years. He has been praised for his devotion to us, the citizens and residents of our United States. And he has consistently claimed he is “for the people”.

“However, Joe Biden’s actual attitude became public when Joe’s Son, Hunter Biden was given a half a million dollars a year income for a job in Burisma, a Ukrainian firm – a job Hunter knew nothing about and did not even speak the language. An U.S. investigation ensued.


“A BBC News video shows Vice President Biden bragging that if the prosecutor is not fired the U.S. would not give the Ukraine money. Biden’s apparent blackmail seems a serious abuse of the power of his office, thereby compromising our Government. 

in December 2013, Hunter Biden accompanied his Father on an official Government visit to China. During that visit, Hunter met with a Chinese banker. Ten days later, Hunter’s small firm, Rosemont Seneca, announced a $1.5 billion equity deal. The money came from the Chinese Government itself. (Note:  All research in the videos of Biden/China was done by author Peter Schweizer and you can find more information in his book. Article Link at the Bottom.


“Even though they flew to and from China together, Joe Biden insisted that he and Hunter never discussed business. Does that seem even remotely believable?  $1.5 Billion, and they don’t even high-five?


“Hunter Biden and his partners in Rosemont Seneca, Devon Archer and Chris Heinz (former Senator and Secretary of State, John Kerry’s stepson), used loans from the Bank of China to purchase their firm to form a Chinese equity fund to raise money from investors. The son of our Vice President was now involved in purchasing firms and making investment deals for the Communist Chinese Government and the Chinese Military! This is the country that is rapidly becoming the most serious military threat to the USA!


“Financial Times made a list of over twelve companies that Hunter and Partners own or have dealings with. This list includes China’s major Nuclear Power company, one of the world’s largest oil refiners and Gemini-Rosemont Realty that owns 135 buildings in 22 USA states. Article Link Below: Inside Hunter Biden’s Dealings With Shadowy Foreign Firms.


“Worst of all was the purchase of Henniges Automotive, a commercial and military manufacturer that made parts for our military. That purchase required approval of the highest levels of our Government which was given – even though the partner in the deal, China’s AVIC, was known for stealing U.S. military technology to build their own military jets and drones! 

Many videos are provided in support of the text, one of the best being “Riding the Dragon” the Bidens' Chinese Secrets.” Premièring back on September 4th Its had 1,184,677 views to date.

Here’s a link:

Since the preceding evidence speaks for itself,

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