Wednesday, November 18, 2020


Election results to date show that the mainstream media’s given the presidency to Biden, while 73 million Republican voters have not. Significant work now needs be done regarding hundreds of thousands of votes apparently switched from Trump to Biden via software control systems provided by Dominion Voting Systems. 

The final outcome yet to be seen, it’s vividly apparent right now that although the Democrat party in general and Biden in particular, might ultimately attain leadership status amongst their own, it’s doubtful to occur anywhere else. The dithering Biden himself appears programmed to be the weakest “chief executive” in the nation’s history, should he actually attain a win.

At the moment, all things remaining the same, the critical question is a Senate run-off in Georgia. One candidate, Republican Senator Kelly Loeffler, ”brands herself as a political outsider – “more conservative than Atilla the Hun” – in lock-step with Trump. And that’s not expected to change much.”

“During a Savannah campaign stop in August, Loeffler said she was “the only U.S. Senator that has 100% Senate voting record with our president,” and that she was out to help him “drain the swamp.”

The other Georgian is Senator David Perdue, in office since 2014, getting 90,000 more votes than his opponent. However, since the Senate is presently deadlocked at 48-48, although Republicans were leading uncalled races in Alaska and North Carolina, Georgia could prove to be the tipping point, meaning Democrats would control the House, the Senate and the presidency with two Georgia Senate wins.

Thus, what this seemingly all boils down to is that if Trump’s recounts are successful all the rest is moot. But if by some chance, Biden obtains the White House, Senate results determine the U.S. political future. Democrat control of all three government branches portends socialism in the offing, fostering national demise similar to that of major cities such as New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Detroit and Chicago. Because one of the most valid certainties extant is that leftists either cannot or will not learn from their mistakes. Virtually assuring massive administrative failure.

However, should Republicans retain a Senate majority, a Biden presidency while becoming an annoyance, forebodes little major policy harm during the four-year hiatus until Donald Trump’s electoral return.

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Sunday, November 8, 2020


This time around, an election aftermath might well be quite different and damaging than any other in history whereas things have fundamentally changed. Among the most important characteristics of Trump voters are underlying and unifying desires for recognition by leadership of their individualism, wishes for personal freedom in decision-making along with license to pursue chosen goals and objectives unencumbered by bureaucratic overburdens.

Quite unfortunately, should the Biden/Harris pairing of unqualified incompetents actually attain positions of governance, typical yearnings of Trump advocates will be lost irrevocably at the very outset of governmental transference. According to Matt ViserSeung Min Kim and Annie Linskey in The Washington Post: "While calling for unity President-elect Joe Biden is planning to quickly sign a series of executive orders after being sworn into office on Jan. 20, immediately forecasting that the country’s politics have shifted and that his presidency will be guided by radically different priorities.

“He will rejoin the Paris climate accords, according to those close to his campaign and commitments he has made in recent months, and he will reverse President Trump’s withdrawal from the World Health Organization. He will repeal the ban on almost all travel from some Muslim-majority countries, and he will reinstate the program allowing “dreamers,” who were brought to the United States illegally as children, to remain in the country, according to people familiar with his plans.

“Although transitions of power can always include abrupt changes, the shift from Trump to Biden — from one president who sought to undermine established norms and institutions to another who has vowed to restore the established order — will be among the most startling in American history.”

While presentation of intended change is one thing, implementation is quite another, particularly wherein significant portions of those affected may not be in favor of the edictal revisions at all. An especially troublesome potentiality today, where circumstances are quite different than in the past. Unlike historical administrative transitions, there are now 70 million disappointed voters whom while spread everywhere across the nation, remain instantaneously connected electronically. And if Trump proved nothing else, huge segments, if not all, of those 70 million will quite eagerly gather in pursuit and support of their own agendas.

Therefore, it’s suggested here that Biden et al be quite careful in how quickly, if at all, current policy and direction are reprioritized whereas while the methodologies to be employed remain unknown, 70 million disappointed voters present a quite formidable mass of foes to be reckoned with. Especially if they decide to act like Democrats and begin physically tearing down targeted possessions of adversaries.

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Wednesday, November 4, 2020


Although the presidential race still hangs in the balance, current results glaringly highlight a significant segment of voters deserving of their own classification of stupid. In fact, it’s quite difficult to come up with a word that properly captures the enormity of these individual’s dim-wittedness. The collection of vacuum-heads in question are the relocating leftists.

As vote tallies came in last night, particular areas gained attention in states such as Texas, Arizona, Colorado, and Florida where transplanted leftists now reside. And although relocation has always been quite common in the U.S., a somewhat different causation now exists, economic prohibition stemming from political ideology. This phenomenon occurs when costs of living rise to the extent that citizens can no longer afford residence, forcing departure. The circumstance most often arises in and around major city’s occupied by leftists with continually growing demands for government expansion, along with free, government-subsidized or lowest cost services which in turn drive taxation of all types to their maximums whereas program-financing must derive from someplace beyond government.

Typically, lower than market living costs are borne by taxation of those earning reasonable livings along with private-sector businesses and service providers. Until the point is reached where taxes themselves become unaffordable or reduce incomes and/or profits below a viability threshold, forcing departures or closures to the extent that insufficient revenue can be attained by government. That Catch-22 occurs when reductions in the qualities of life, along with prohibitive taxation compel citizens across economic strata to seek residence elsewhere.  

While the framework of the economics is very easily understandable, governments cannot possibly sustain rising costs without similarly increased revenue, it is the inability or unwillingness of leftists to grasp that basic concept that creates the ideological conundrum. Because, in keeping with today’s opening premise, any individual forced into relocation by self-caused unaffordability who upon arriving elsewhere immediately works to recreate the same governmental structure as the one just abandoned has to be at a level of stupidity that’s simply indescribable. 

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Tuesday, October 27, 2020


A week to go until the presidential election, the feeling is much like déjà vu all over again. At this time back in 2016, while Bill Clinton’s wife was a slam-dunk shoo-in for the White House throughout the mainstream media, the premise was never accepted here. Daily posting’s contained facts and data showing clearly that that woman’s arrival in the Oval Office couldn’t be good in any way for the general public. In the end, logic and common sense won out as Trump prevailed in the Electoral College 304 votes to 227.

Since the mainstream medias become the public communication arm of the Democrat party, gathering data in any way negative toward Biden/Harris is extremely difficult. Much like last time around in supporting a belief regarding Trump’s reelection, pieces of today’s entry are patched and glued from several sources.    

According to Pew Research Center on October 21, 2020: “Around a third of registered voters in the U.S. (34%) identify as independents, while 33% identify as Democrats and 29% identify as Republicans, according to a Center analysis of Americans’ partisan identification based on surveys of more than 12,000 registered voters in 2018 and 2019.

“Party identification among registered voters hasn’t changed dramatically over the past 25 years, but there have been some modest shifts. One such shift is that the Democratic Party’s advantage over the Republican Party in party identification has become smaller since 2017. Of course, just because a registered voter identifies with or leans toward a particular party does not necessarily mean they will vote for a candidate of that party (or vote at all). In a study of validated voters in 2016, 5% of Democrats and Democratic leaners reported voting for Trump, and 4% of Republicans and GOP leaners reported voting for Hillary Clinton.”

Predicated on these statistics alone, Democrats obtaining a simple majority seems highly unlikely. Beyond that, Trump’s done an outstanding job in office if the unbiased truth be told which should bring him all Republican votes by default. But let’s say 10% go the other way, that still gives him 19% of the total. While 34% identify as Democrats, the party’s been hijacked by the radical left, making it quite likely there’ll be a reasonable amount of traditionalists jumping ship. Although that number may well be significantly more, let’s call it 5% bringing Trump’s total to 24%. Then comes the all-important 34% of independents and the impact of the Biden/Harris platform.

Unaffiliated voters would have to be attracted to rejoining the Paris Climate Accord that Trump withdrew from. Additionally, back in June 2019, Biden released a proposal to spend $1.7 trillion on green energy technologies over the next 10 years, with the ultimate goal of putting the US on track to eliminate net greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.

And then, according to Scott Walker of the Washington Times on Thursday, August 13, 2020, there are other considerations as follows:


·      The cost of the so-called Medicare for All exceeds $32 trillion when the national debt has grown to more than $26 trillion. To pay for their plan, Mr. Biden and Ms. Harris will raise your taxes. Their support of repealing the Trump tax cuts will lead to a tax increase for nearly every hard-working taxpayer across the nation.


·       Ms. Harris‘ ideas will also cost us jobs. She is a co-sponsor of the radical Green New Deal that would lead to a loss of manufacturing and agricultural jobs in states like Wisconsin, Iowa, Michigan, Ohio and Pennsylvania.

She also supports sanctuary cities and open borders and abortion on demand. "And she even said she would have a “conversation” about whether felons should be allowed to vote from prison.”

As a simple practical matter then, it would seem quite unlikely that any voter without a definitive party affiliation purpose would do themselves the kind of damage the Democrat platform portends. But let’s say only 80% of independents use their heads and vote for Trump, that gives him 27% of the total. Adding that to the 24% (19% Republican, 5% Democrat) from the major party count amounts to 51% in all.


In summation, while the reasons are quite different, the Democrat party appears to be in precisely the same position as last time around with Bill Clinton’s wife for a candidate. Yet, the details really won’t matter to Trump who’s going to remain in the White House.


That’s it for today folks.



Friday, October 23, 2020


As noted yesterday, didn’t watch the debate primarily because no reason was seen for wasting the time. And now that it’s over, the decision was justified because nothing’s changed in the presidential race whatsoever. Trump remains the most successful effective and dynamic chief executive since Lincoln and Biden’s still a worthless no-account, stumbling, bumbling socialist, soon to be criminally prosecuted for abuse of power.

As far as self-enrichment’s concerned, little doubt exists that Hunter Biden traded on his name for many years while much of the family also cashed in substantially on the senior's public office. However, it’s believed here that the stimulus for the extortion arose from the opposite direction than that presently assumed by most others. Hunter long suffered from drug problems, ending a brief attempt at a military career in his 40sHe was discharged from the Navy Reserve in February 2014 after testing positive for cocaine. Marrying Kathleen Buhle in 1993, the two divorced in 2017 after a 22-year marriage. According to the New York Post: “In divorce papers, Kathleen accused her ex of blowing family funds on drugs and prostitutes.

Although the following’s complete speculation, Hunter’s background just doesn’t sound like that of one who goes on to discover, negotiate, structure and close multi-billion dollar deals with leaders of powerful foreign nations, regardless of whatever his last name may be. It’s likely much more probable that the deals were derived and developed by the Dad who because of the office held, Vice President of the United Sates of America, needed a bagman to handle extorted cash. And who could be more trustworthy than a ne’er-do-well son with no other viable job alternatives at a level that would make him a wealthy, international executive such as board member of a corrupt Ukrainian company in an industry in which he had no prior experience?

Thus, the thought presently held is that further research by the few in media pursuing the truth will continue uncovering proof’s that the totally incompetent Biden son, like Sergeant Schultz on Hogan’s Hero’s “knew nothing,” and his VP dad orchestrated and implemented the entire extortion racket.

That’s it for today folks.


Thursday, October 22, 2020


The plan for today was to once again explain that this writer has no intention of watching tonight’s presidential debate. Several factors contribute to that decision.

The candidate’s positions on significant issues well understood from the outset of both major campaigns, along with constant attention from every type of  media, make it  hard to fathom that anyone actually intending to vote still remains undecided. It also seems highly unlikely that uncertain voters, if any exist, can possibly be significantly numerous or remain isolated from exposure to perpetual promotion by party members, representatives and/or the candidates themselves.

With vast amounts of information and propaganda readily available to voters, decision-making this year could not be simpler. Trump’s held presidential office for more than three-and-a-half years, during which time people were either pleased with his performance or they weren’t. As for Biden, absolutely nothing can be directly credited as legislation due to his efforts in Congress for his 36 years of service as Delaware Senator, or the eight more spent as Obama’s Vice president.

In fact, the only factor proven to date regarding qualities undoubtedly possessed by Biden is an ingrained problem conveying the truth. That particular flaw creates another difficulty in viewing presidential debates, whereas there is no way to determine whether Biden is being honest or not. So here again, audiences already possess everything they need to know about Trump from their own observation, while Biden has virtually nothing to offer except myriad promises that may or may not be implemented as presented, if at all.

Bringing us back to today’s original premise that questions the value of debates in the first place. And questions of value most certainly exist when debates are between an unequivocally successful performer going head to head with a congenital, conscience free liar.

That’s it for today folks.


Wednesday, October 21, 2020


Nearing the end of this term of office, no doubts exist about passions president Trump spurs in people, adored or hated ardently with virtually no middle ground whatsoever. Yet, whatever’s felt toward the man himself, his approach to presidential tasks has introduced an altogether different, and provenly far better, path to successful goal completion.

Most importantly, every governmental action involving presidential budgeting or financing participation requires commensurate acumen for creation, analysis and/or evaluation. Meaning that appropriate capabilities must exist in whoever holds the office to properly assess any finance-related consideration. Expertise among cabinet position holders, staff members, advisors or consultants is helpful, but not enough because without appropriate knowledge themselves, there is no way for any chief officer to truly assess the value of what others may offer or suggest.

It’s the area of financial problem-solving where Trump has proven that a “business approach” generally succeeds far better than purely political decision-making or simply attempting to please the majority, regardless of which side of an issue that majority may be on. The points been made and reinforced any number of times by Trump to date through the administration’s handling of the Covid virus, border control, trade agreements such as USMCA with Canada and Mexico, China trade and now, between the United States and Brazil. Overall tax decreases along with massive removal of regulations contributed to successes as well. All of which goes to substantiate that political knowledge and experience alone cannot satisfy need for business managerial skills where the nation’s economy's involved, and certainly not enough for the presidential post. 

In effect, what the analysis establishes is that decisions made where skills are absent produce poor to totally incorrect conclusions, which could not be more damaging or potentially dangerous than at the nation’s presidential level. A skill-lacking condition is most often established when “pure” politicians rise to administratively responsible positions and/or decision-making authority by way of election to posts. One only has to think back to Iraq in foreign policy or health care under Obama, for justification of the point that where an executive decision-maker lacks appropriate evaluation capability, the odds against successful outcomes sink to virtually lowest levels.

Difficulties compound for leaders when voter bases dislike appropriate approaches or solutions to arising challenges, ordinarily refusing to support those types of offerings. Quite often, if not most, it's voter displeasure that's satisfied by pure politicians while underlying causes themselves are avoided or ignored without required attention. That circumstance is worsened when, for whatever reason, typical constituents lack required intellect, knowledge or education for proper grasp of problematical situations. Which brings us back to Mr. Trump.

Presently, the nation’s chief executive is by nature, exposure, intellect and education, perfectly attuned to addressing multi-billion-dollar transactions in every day life. As a result, appropriately analyzing costs, contractual legalities and expedience comprising bills, agreements and legislation comes as second-nature to one possessing Trump’s particular skills. But more than that, the nation’s having those capabilities in its top decision-maker now establishes just as clearly that their absence is an unquestionably disqualifying factor for holding presidential office in the future.

That’s it for today folks.