Wednesday, October 21, 2020


Nearing the end of this term of office, no doubts exist about passions president Trump spurs in people, adored or hated ardently with virtually no middle ground whatsoever. Yet, whatever’s felt toward the man himself, his approach to presidential tasks has introduced an altogether different, and provenly far better, path to successful goal completion.

Most importantly, every governmental action involving presidential budgeting or financing participation requires commensurate acumen for creation, analysis and/or evaluation. Meaning that appropriate capabilities must exist in whoever holds the office to properly assess any finance-related consideration. Expertise among cabinet position holders, staff members, advisors or consultants is helpful, but not enough because without appropriate knowledge themselves, there is no way for any chief officer to truly assess the value of what others may offer or suggest.

It’s the area of financial problem-solving where Trump has proven that a “business approach” generally succeeds far better than purely political decision-making or simply attempting to please the majority, regardless of which side of an issue that majority may be on. The points been made and reinforced any number of times by Trump to date through the administration’s handling of the Covid virus, border control, trade agreements such as USMCA with Canada and Mexico, China trade and now, between the United States and Brazil. Overall tax decreases along with massive removal of regulations contributed to successes as well. All of which goes to substantiate that political knowledge and experience alone cannot satisfy need for business managerial skills where the nation’s economy's involved, and certainly not enough for the presidential post. 

In effect, what the analysis establishes is that decisions made where skills are absent produce poor to totally incorrect conclusions, which could not be more damaging or potentially dangerous than at the nation’s presidential level. A skill-lacking condition is most often established when “pure” politicians rise to administratively responsible positions and/or decision-making authority by way of election to posts. One only has to think back to Iraq in foreign policy or health care under Obama, for justification of the point that where an executive decision-maker lacks appropriate evaluation capability, the odds against successful outcomes sink to virtually lowest levels.

Difficulties compound for leaders when voter bases dislike appropriate approaches or solutions to arising challenges, ordinarily refusing to support those types of offerings. Quite often, if not most, it's voter displeasure that's satisfied by pure politicians while underlying causes themselves are avoided or ignored without required attention. That circumstance is worsened when, for whatever reason, typical constituents lack required intellect, knowledge or education for proper grasp of problematical situations. Which brings us back to Mr. Trump.

Presently, the nation’s chief executive is by nature, exposure, intellect and education, perfectly attuned to addressing multi-billion-dollar transactions in every day life. As a result, appropriately analyzing costs, contractual legalities and expedience comprising bills, agreements and legislation comes as second-nature to one possessing Trump’s particular skills. But more than that, the nation’s having those capabilities in its top decision-maker now establishes just as clearly that their absence is an unquestionably disqualifying factor for holding presidential office in the future.

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