Saturday, June 13, 2020


Yesterday, Nicki received a letter from the President of her Alma Mater, Arcadia University formerly Beaver College in Glenside, PA. Reading the text myself, finding the apologetic drivel and acquiescence fundamentally moronic, I asked her permission to submit a reply on her behalf, to which she agreed. 

A link to the President's writing follows, not requiring full reading to grasp the context. A random scan will suffice. What's most frightening about the matter, however, is that if is truly representative of what higher academics has become and the education of today's students are in the hands of sniveling, spineless cowards like these, the future of our nation is well on it's way to total subversion of it's original founding and purpose, individual freedom and opportunity.

My response follows the link.

Dear President,

It is a curiosity as to what the background, history and education is of one writing this pathetic condemnation of the greatest nation on Earth. Nowhere on this planet does a more free, open society exist, providing opportunity of all and any type that any individual elects to seek.

For those wishing entrance legally, willing to properly attain citizenship as did millions and millions of others respecting the nation in which they wish to reside, the doors have been open wide for generations. Regardless of color, creed, ethnicity, religious belief or any other significant criteria. Despite what untruths any fact-altering subversives may attempt to purvey.    

However, what is most incredible is that when a hostile foreign government brought this nation to its knees by inflicting man-made disease, permitting subversive groups advantage at attempting overthrow, gullible fools in responsible governmental positions predominately at state levels, immediately acceded all responsibility.

Business builders, owners, employees and their customer bases, those who built this nation were abandoned to rock-throwing, fire-starting, thieving, worthless thugs bulwarked by funds from subversive’s intent on destroying what’s been built for years. The singular goal of these anarchists consistently being mass destruction of the freest society extant.

The only question remaining then, if the end goal is submission and abandonment of any kind of free American dreams requiring true competition, why is any type of education needed at all?

Monica Berke

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