Wednesday, June 10, 2020


Yesterday, a concerned friend sent a link to an article by talk show host Dennis Prager, establishing four reasons that American civilization is doomed to destruction, it's simply a matter of time till the end. After finishing a reply, the result seemed worth the posting.   

Prager writes:

"It takes a lot to build a civilization, and though it is much easier to destroy a civilization, it takes a lot to do that, too.

"But now we have four roots of evil that are guaranteed to do so.

"No. 1: Victimhood.

"The first is victimhood. The more people who regard themselves as victims — as individuals or as a group — the more likely they are to commit evil. People who think of themselves as victims feel that, having been victimized, they are no longer bound by normal moral conventions — especially the moral conventions of their alleged or real oppressors.

"No. 2: Demonization.

"The second of the four ingredients of this civilization-destroying witches’ brew is demonization — demonizing a group as inherently evil.

"That is being done now with regard to the white people of America. All — again, all — whites are declared racist. The only difference among them is that some admit it and some deny it. The notion that whites are inherently evil has long been associated with Louis Farrakhan. But it has apparently migrated out from his relatively small following to many blacks, even those who might consider Farrakhan a kook. Former President Barack Obama, hardly a Farrakhan follower, described America as having racism in its DNA. That is as close to inherently and irredeemably evil as it gets; you cannot change your DNA.

"No. 3: A Cause To Believe In.

"People need something to believe in. The need for meaning is the greatest human need after the need for food. Leftism, with all its offshoots — feminism, environmentalism, Black Lives Matter, antifa — has filled that vacuum. In Europe, communism, fascism and Nazism filled the hole left by the demise of nationalism and Christianity. Here it is leftism and its offshoots.

"No. 4: Lies.

"The fourth and most important ingredient necessary for evil is lies. Lies are the root of evil. Ironically, slavery itself was made possible only because of the lie that the black was inferior to the white. Nazism was made possible thanks to the lie that Jews were not fully human. And communism was built on lies. Lenin, the father of Soviet Communism, named the Soviet communist newspaper “Truth” (“Pravda”) because truth was what the Communist Party said it was.

"The New York Times, CNN and the rest of the mainstream “news” media are becoming our version of Pravda.

"Objective truth doesn’t exist on the left. The universities have already declared “objective truth” as essentially an expression of “white privilege.” See what happens to a student who says in class, for example, that “men cannot give birth.”

"The public self-debasement demanded of anyone who differs with the left — like New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees just did when he said not standing for the national anthem desecrated the flag and those who have died for it — happens almost daily. The only difference between this and what dissidents underwent during Mao’s Cultural Revolution is that the self-debasement here is voluntary — thus far.

"Last week, when this Jew saw a store in Santa Monica with a sign reading “black-owned business” so as to avoid being destroyed, it evoked chilling memories.

"That’s how bad it is in America today."

The reply to my friend follows:

Prager’s point makes sense, but I think he’s a few days late and a couple of dollars short. The uprisings, riots, shootings and the like are all reflective of a population locked in their homes with no firm idea of when, if ever, they’d get out and return to earning incomes and living their lives as usual. But as of today, 73% of those that were in isolation are now out.

Most importantly regarding the general public, as reflected by the Dow Jones and Nasdaq, Trump the magician has unexpectedly already begun turning the country around. And as said by Clinton’s guy Carville in 1992, “It’s the economy, stupid." 

So, if anything is irreparably lost, it’s going to be the likes of New York, Los Angeles, Detroit and Chicago along with considerable numbers of other leftist strongholds that have gone the chute and very well might stay there. While damage to them all has been incredible, huge numbers of middle-class taxpayers have already left.

So, not only is Prager likely wrong about any kind of national destruction, its’ going to be the Democrat party, or what’s left of it, that will be shredded because most of the membership including Blacks and Hispanics will be too busy working again to listen to Soros’s thugs, Pelosi, Schumer and whatever’s left of Biden.

That's it for today folks.


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