Friday, June 19, 2020


Yesterday, a friend forwarded a YouTube clip in which: “These two guys do a number on the Democrats kneeling with their African scarfs. They make some good points.”

After watching, I responded to my friend. 

My response: At age 13, I started working summers in the shipping department of a family business. It was on Bruckner Boulevard & 132nd Street in the Bronx, NY. I’m not sure, but I think 150-200 were employed all told.

Employees were Black, White, Puerto Rican, a small percentage of Cubans and who knows what else. All worked at various levels of manufacturing as well as typical managerial positions, office functions and sales. Hiring decisions and job responsibilities were determined by new hire’s experience, knowledge and capabilities. Issues rarely arose due to ethnicity, others being judged as individuals. Capabilities and job performance ordinarily determined who did what without much, if any, thought as to race or religion. Most dislikes, personal issues or avoidances were exactly that, personal, having nothing whatsoever to do with whether those involved were of the same race, religion, ethnicity or any other criteria beyond whatever the specific issues themselves were.

And that’s why these clowns in government haven’t the slightest ideas of how they’re perceived by those in minorities they’re trying to convince of their solidarity. The individuals comprising various races and ethnic groups make up strata within just like Whites or any other race; good, bad, educated or non, politically motivated, perhaps not. And so on.

All of which filters down to the fact that these cowtowing outsiders in politics actually understand less than nothing about those they’re trying to bamboozle with their pandering. Leading to the logical conclusion that while making lots of noise and very big waves, the actual number of ethnic minority voters buying the moronic Democrat leadership hype probably adds up to practically nothing. While those who really are “in the know” most likely just sit back and laugh at them as does the rest of the “silent majority.”

That’s it for today folks.


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